Alecia Stringer

Alecia Stringer
Alecia Stringer

Who is Alecia Stringer?

A dedicated Christian, mother, piano and voice teacher, Kindermusik Educator, Internet marketing pro, SEO Video Mastermind and network marketing coach. Yes! She multi-tasks!

Alecia was born in Austin, Texas and raised in Houston, Texas to parents that gave the best to her. As a young girl of 8, she began her studying in piano inspired from one of the local mall players. Throughout her studies in high school, and in college, she focused on her music education and followed her passion of music with getting a B.A. in Music Education from Western Kentucky University.

It was when she moved to a small town in Georgia and the market crashed that found her first struggle in finding piano students that followed her passion with music. So she ventured off with her new daughter to learn Kindermusik and found the same struggle. Staying at home with her daughter brought her to search on the computer for solutions. Keeping the lifestyle of staying at home with her daughter, she looked into creating an income online and found a vehicle that allows that lifestyle in any location.

Alecia Stringer found that this industry provides so many ways to use the resources of the skills gained to help so many with the life experiences of struggles and resources to get others to success dreams. With the patience and persistence skills she gained as a musician, she learned that you can do this no matter what your passion is in life. Why success dreams? To find a way for people to truly be who they want to be and live the lifestyle they dream of with a simple vehicle, tools, and mentor-ship to accomplish what you deserve.

Alecia Stringer

Alecia Stringer is known as a Internet marketing pro, SEO Video Mastermind, A dedicated Christian, mother, piano and voice teacher, Kindermusik Educator, and network marketing coach. Yes! She's a master multi-tasker! See more of her story on her blog HERE. See how you too can create your Success Dreams HERE.

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