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10409957_10202788079516085_641802104_nBrian is a Web Application Developer, a Computer Science Engineer turned Internet Marketer. He earned his degree from Birla Institute of Technology in the year 2012. Wasn’t quite easy to multi-task but he managed.

Unlike most profiles, Brian was born and raised in the Middle East (Oman) to parents who immigrated from Kerala, India in hopes of a better lifestyle and with a plan set for 5 years of work, but the reality of expat life stretched the 5 year plan to a 20+ years of being Just-Over-Broke.

At a very young age he found his passion towards technology. Although he is definitely obsessed with technology, he wasn’t someone to be considered as a nerd. He also liked sports and was part of his High School Cricket team. Naming him as “Geek” is something that he wouldn’t mind because of his insane obsession to programming. He lives the quote, “Never Give Up”.

In 2008, he joined Waljat College of Applied Science which is affiliated with Birla Institute of Technology in India. Life took its turn to whole new dimension, of solitude resulting from personal issues. It was not easy for him, to push on with life with loneliness and being poor, amidst of seeing others have all what they wanted in life.

He realized that he didn’t have anything and he knew that he had to do something about it to get what he wanted in life. He searched for opportunities to make money online and as he was a tech-savvy he luckily didn’t give up on the scams that existed back then. His search for making money online actually landed him to an opportunity to learn, PHP the web scripting language and he mastered it.

Life was giving him a new path which lead to something really great and he just trusted that the dots would meet at some point. He built his own applications and delivered many freelance web designing and web application gigs along with his engineering. He had a passion for it and he pushed on and finally as his final year project he made his own intranet search engine, which is pretty good for a guy who learned the craft on his own and for someone who is from a third world.

Years went by, in 2012 he graduated and right off the bat got placed into an IT firm in Oman. After a couple of months, he didn’t quite feel that he was doing the right thing. He hated being bossed around by someone who didn’t know his skillset and was often embarrassed infront of his colleagues.

In July 2013, he gave up his job and searched for how to gain financial freedom which is when he learned the true formula of being rich and infact staying rich by passive income, from the book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T Kiyosaki. He again searched for opportunities to make money online but this time he found a mentor and became a student of marketing which paid off on the long run.

Today he is an internet marketer working with his team mates and educating people the online success code and pressing forward to become a better entrepreneur each day.

Brian Babu

Brian is a technology freak and enjoys teaching people how to build their business FAST on the internet using internet marketing strategies as he finds 3-way calls, conducting home meetings & pitching friends and family, a weird way of marketing.

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