What To Study In College: What Zombies Can Teach You

What can zombies teach you about what to study in college? Plenty. If you think about the behavior, physical characteristics and overall appeal of a zombie, it's pretty clear that a majority of the population (save for some hardcore fans) would NOT want to become one.

Zombies are soulless, brainless, drones who wander about, ever searching for food. They are physically unattractive and very unhealthy. They have no other interests or pursuits. Sound familiar? Does it sound like someone in your life, or someone you know? The question is, do you want to maintain an exhausted, shuffling existence; your mind infected by one thought or goal – to earn money at all costs.

Don't be the person who got sucked into the college because of the way Hollywood made it glamorous and fun.  There are Reasons To Go To College and there are ways to go to waste your time and money.

If it is – cool. Maybe you will love your job so much, you will find yourself energized or satisfied after each shift, instead of exhausted and worn down. Some people, like nurses, LOVE their jobs. They have to work double shifts, weekends, holidays or even being *gasp* on call. Nurses are dedicated people whom we love because they are awesome.

However, if you are going into nursing just for the money, pick something else [Tweet This] The long hours and extra stress will not be worth any monetary value to you in the long run. Don't want to be a zombie? When picking a career, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.


They are dead, inside and out.


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