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Ipas2 – What is it?



Before We Start – iPas2 Testimonials

Cause if it doesn't work… why read on right?

Updated 9/13/14

*income disclaimer – results are not typical and a representation of what is possible





Will iPas2 Help Upgrade Your Current Empower Team?




Here are my screen shots 9/12/14


Another September 11, 2014 Screen Shot


*income disclaimer – results are not typical and a representation of what is possible

Want To See The System First Hand?


Ipas2 System is broken down to the Internet Prospect Acceleration System

In looking at a full review of what the Ipas2 system funnel is about, let’s talk briefly on the history, the founders, and what it takes in putting the online marketing system together.

The creators, Chris Jones and Chris Campbell have been putting this marketing system since before April 2011, and have worked together to make the best streamline system and training for the new to the advanced online marketer.


Chris Jones ipas2

*iPas2 Black Card

This Video Will Be Taken Down Without Notice

Watch it NOW

While this was originally offered to the Prosperity Team, it is now for any team member and anyone that wants to use the system.

You can use the iPas2 system and promote any business, yet the exclusive back end product is Empower Network. This collection of tools has been tested and masterminded.

IPas2 system has been in testing since before January 2014 and now is able to get into a fully launch by September 2014.

The system is built upon 3 principles that every business vitally needs:

  1. System
  2. Leverage
  3. Automation

Once you see this mapped out fully, you’ll see how crafted these marketers are in introducing new people that have no prior knowledge to marketing.


Ipas2 Features and Benefits

See some of the features and benefits of this Internet Prospect Acceleration System, which is what Ipas stand for.

  • Creating success to the masses and train to become master marketers.
  • Ability to create multiple streams of income on complete autopilot that is laid out systematically.
  • High Volume traffic resources that brings more leads and sales.
  • High quality training and professional trained business coaches and assistants to upsell your prospects without taking a percentage of the sale
  • Real time campaign tracking to avoid loosing and wasting money on what is not working
  • Daily live marketing training so you know what to do inside your business.
  • Weekly live new member training that will create a culture that your team will feel a sense of belonging-ness.
  • Customize a team resource page, so they know who their sponsor is and someone to contact in setting up their business.
  • Huge Community of Support
  • Available to the masses!
  • The latest cutting edge technology to create a winning funnel formula for the new marketer to the advance making high converting funnels online.

Chris jones explain


iPas2 Dashboard and Backoffice

ipas2 dashboard

Ipas2 Inside Demonstration – What's inside

The Ipas2 front end offer starts with a $7 offer, the tripwire.

This trial is for 7 days. After the trial, starts the residual payments to auto re-bill $47. The up-sell is after the trial.

Testing the funnel of the front end is just to cut even and profit so more people can see the back end.

The coaches are ready for you to help you with the back end. If it works with cold traffic that have never seen this will work for warm traffic that know a little more about you and what you are doing.

There are many parts that go into the system to best get the best conversions for buyers.

The Ipas2 system is focused to get 5-10% more buyers than more leads. That’s more of the focus of what you will see in the lead capture page.

When you take them to a different page, it decreases conversions. So they enter your email list and go through the buying process in one page. It is optimized is to get the most buyers.

Most times, online marketing systems will send out the same emails over and over, that you get a lead list to a buyer list.

When you take the Ipas2 system trial, you already get to segment that trial buyer's list.

This will allow you can create an account in the multi-step form.

The first 5 min. video will intro to the $47 system. Success formula training and system of how everything works. The purpose of the training is to tell them about Empower Network with Increase Profit Maximizers with the different levels of products inside of Empower Network.

ipas2 now

You can customize your team with how they can reach out to you. Fill out the questions and do coaching with. Goals, dreams and you know what you need to know about them to close them to a higher priced product of education.

Fill out the coaching information with a customized bio. The chat system works like Facebook and you can chat with them on the site. You can higher volume of people. The chat feature will elimate time and reach out to them. They will see that in their process. They have someone there to help them along the way.

You can do it or have their coaches do it for you. To have that option, you have to be a black member. Which means you must own all core products inside of Empower Network. These core products are the Viral Blogging System for $25 and the Inner Circle Audios for $100 a month. Then the one time purchase of the Costa Rica Intensive at $500, the 15K Formula at $1,000 and the Masters Course at $3,500. Then it is $97 a month to have access to the coaches ready to do it for you.

Twenty coaches are trained currently and ready to help the system. When you handle high volume this can be helpful, as you outsource and scale up your business.


There are Two ways to get started with Ipas2 System

Use the system and make money without the Empower product. The other option is to get the bundled together when it is offered. The first call to action is to get the starter kit. A physical product is also in their hands, and both residual components to the system.

ipas2 funnel


Learn More About iPas2 Here

The residual components of Empower is the Blogging system that pays you $25/month (minus merchant and holdback fees) and the Audio training Inner Circle for $100/month (minus merchant/holdback fees). Both of these will pay you every month your customers stay on board. THIS Is the foundation of your income – the “residual income”.

Choose your auto-responder, as Empower has the options as GetResponse and Aweber.  Ipas2 is only using GetResponse and be connected to people and move them around easier with different web forms, etc.

Multiple funnels are set up from lead list and buyers list and you do not have to change each email manually. If you do need help with the set up process, there is a $50 set up process fee you can get it done for you.

30% for silver members, 50% commissions for Gold members, Black members make 70% in iPas2 system.

The system is right in alignment with what Empower Network which pays through the Ewallet.

Learn how to set up their tax info for their business as well.

There is a specific step to set up your coaching or use their coaches.

You can also show when you are available and they can select those times to contact you.


iPas2 Membership Breakdown

ipas2 membership levels



With the Ipas2 Black card, you can put your GetResponse affiliate link and make profits with that affiliate tool when you own all the products.

It will show you how to launch the business.

Email, text messages, status updates is inside the free training.

The paid resource inside the Ipas2 online marketing system is the Traffic Broker and they source all the traffic for the system for sales. They have to make sure they see the best publishers, etc. They are going to get the best traffic to get sales.

You can come in here get trial sales and make money from what they are purchasing and track their purchases.

The basic training is involved on paid traffic. Contact and hustle to get sales. More training on story marketing is needed as all the marketing training is inside of Empower.

The marketing system is where you will find your links to promote and traffic codes and pixel tracking so they can see how many sales from each traffic source.


Ipas2 with Empower Network

A huge benefit from lead to sale inside of Empower which is an Added benefit with custom sales pages inside of Empower.

It's another added benefit to help increase conversions and allow you to learn different styles of selling as hopefully.. and eventually…

Get YOU to focus on building your own capture pages, sales pages, bridge pages…

all pointing to different offers like -> ipas2, empower, and any affiliate offer you chose.

You can see what products your teams have as well (with the integration of API). They know what products came from a certain campaign.

Then you can see the total amount of money made in the campaign. So you can see where the campaigns are profitable.

Inside you can do your own coaching, and you can see your sponsors information and also leave notes on the system and pull up your team's game plan. Type an intro message when they come in as well to their chat system.

You can see the commissions come in for clean screen shots as well for social proof.

You will see an activity feed of new messages, commissions, etc. Inside there is also a section for activity on the conversations and updates with the system, like hangouts, etc.

There is also a way to see your stats by income from product and broken down in time as well. See it in a glance in one view.


Empower Network + iPas2 System = Accredited




iPas2 and Empower Network (If You Are A Member Of Both) – Lawrence Tam

So one of the cool things about this system is that it is NOT there to “cross recruit” other members of empower network.

Not even there to be a system to “trade money around” and encourage others to go attack your downlines just to make a buck.

And here is why.

iPas2 uses the Empower API if you are in empower network.


Example: So what happens is if you decide to join iPas2 System later on and say 200 of your direct members joined before you…

You don't miss out completely.

Once you join iPas2 and plug in your API…

The magic of iPas2 kicks in… It Automatically starts to pull your teams BACK to the main EN organizational team tree.

So then those 200 will then be BACK tied to you and the continuity and products tied to you again.

This is HUGE….

This prevents cross recruiting as members (can make initial sales from others…)

But if you just sign up… and say your team uses OTHER people's link to iPas2…

You STILL get the commissions and sales because you have an account..

It ALL comes down to … make sure you take an account with iPas2 here…. then

If you are in Empower Network… regardless if your team uses your link or someone elses's….

as long as you have an account.. the system will check the EN API team structure and pay out

ACCORDING to the EN team structure.

NO chance of cross recruiting (as long as your EN sponsor has their EN active account and API plugged in)

and so you can feel at ease and be able to HELP

-other cross line member

-orphans with no sponsors

-members with no teams

-new member with sponsors who are not helping

You can plug them into a system that allows them to get trainings, custom funnels…

and you are actually HELPING their sponsor with upsells in empower, and

if their sponsor joins iPas2 you can be at ease you did it to HELP them both..

not just a quick commission check.

Because… look… iPas2 system has yet ANOTHER residual income stream…

PEOPLE might go crazy and think this is another easy way for them to make another $500/month… (income disclaimer)

but in reality… systems like this is so you can SCALE your business, Grow your main Offer,

Expand past your own systems, and…. TEACH you marketing funnels.

*Marketers who ONLY focus on the quick front end, cross recruit, and try and make sales from OTHER people's lists

without focusing on their own internal value….. they never make it big… You can tell the marketing style.

– get in, get in… but the backend offer is nothing…

– they go NOT build their own list, the feed on other people's teams and lists

This type of marketing is a growth phase of a marketer and if they don't wake up… they will forever struggle

in any business.

How to get past that?

Build traffic sources, Understand how traffic works, Get your own and build your own lists.

Tripwires work well seeing a variety of them and how they work better shows how it fits in the full system.

NOT just selling small front ends to other people…. It's about delivering real value.

Tripwires are just super low front ends that give great value away… but the full intention is to build a relationship.

Forget this = Forget breaking $10k/month


TripWire Example (Low Front End Offer, High Value To Prospect To Show Trust)

And show you different angles of a TripWire…

top producer Formula

TripWires that are super valuable and allow you to grow your business WHILE

Delivering excellent value to your leads and prospects…

That's the win – win

  1. You make money
  2. You build a relationship with your list
  3. Your list sees your are about selling high quality solutions to their problems
  4. You confidence goes up with each and every “easy sale”

And all of it was designed to help build you 


– Generate Front End Sales

– And Sell Empower Network Automatically with Selling Coaches… yeah… cool right?

And without this awesome API system in place… chaos would start…


You can be sure... there is no monkey business going on…

The API integration was designed to HELP keep the teams together… Regardless when they start their iPas2 System.

People are using the business to BUILD empower and maintain the team integrity.


The FULL FOCUS is on protecting the Empower Teams and giving you piece of mind….



iPas2 System – Parts

ipas2 system


Ipas2 Residual Income Monitor, and certain amount of trial sales.

Get an achievement goals. Keep in focus as well. There is also an income calculator to hit a goal. It shows you how to sale on how much you need to pay for traffic with how much commissions you want to make. There are a lot of options and leader board. There are also cash contest that will be involved every month.

There is a section for specific team training's and hangouts going on. If you have a specific weekly training, you are welcome to add it to the community training page.

There is also a community spot to meet their sponsor. The teams have disappears and to have your sponsor, and then iPas2 and go to the Facebook community.

You can also see the income levels like 20k club, 100k club where people have reached these achievements in their business. There is a place to put your bio and a video welcoming people to you and the system.


ipas2 marketing system


How Do You See The Ipas2 Online Marketing System Yourself?

Get with the person who brought you here is your first step so you can become an ipas member. (they can give you a direct link)

You will want to work with your EN sponsor also… don't sleep on that.

To add your Empower Network user name, make sure you are in the system and then you can promote the ipas2free. Go grab your promo link, promo copy, and share on social media, etc.

Then the hangouts will help educate you on how to promote as well and send people to the iPas2 free account.

If they are on your team, they will keep the integrity and keep the member with your sponsor. Even if they come into the system, they will get the commissions to your Empower Sponsor. It will Be launched and open on Sept. 8th.

There are so many updates and changes as they have gone through testing. iPAS2 has a trial, set it up and make money and build a team, then get billed $47 and their sponsor will get paid. You can make money from all your downline. The front end is a residual product.

There is no cross recruiting with in this iPas2 online marketing system as well, as when the sponsor plugs in the system, the commissions automatically go up to the direct Empower Network Sponsor.

Always ask your questions in the comments.

Take the iPas2 trial, so you can be introduced with how this online marketing system works, and how easy it is to share with your team. Plus have fun customizing and branding your own profile and team training inside of Ipas2 system.


ipas2 review


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  1. Great article, I was expecting something like these from one of you…
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    Thanks guys!

  2. This system levels the playing field online allowing brand new person access to automation for far an extremely low investment. This system truly gives back to the industry.

  3. I’m amazed at how robust this system is. I think they definitely understand client experience and that’s the reason why a lot of people exposed to this will stick around longer. Not to mention the income potential that comes with something like this. Wow!


  4. Alecia,

    I want to thank you for your great review on IPAS2 this system is going to help a lot of 1st timers in the business. I will share that being a former Muti-Store Franchisee Owner for over 20 years the IPAS system brings great value to the online world. I hope that everyone can see the value that has been put into the Digital Franchise System. I have had the pleasure for the last six months working behind the scenes with Anthony Williams on the Business Coaching, Mark Dale,Chris Jones and see the time that has been invested to make this happen. I wish everyone great success with IPAS2..
    IPAS2 Certified Business Coach
    Randy Bevins

  5. This is a great review and really good information about the ipas2 system. What I like is the focus to educating folks and getting them to really understand before they make a commitment to a network marketing home business. Far too many people just jump in because of the ‘shiney object’ thing, I believe this industry needs more education and ipas2 will deliver on that. Thank you for sharing this in depth review.

  6. Thank you for this thorough explanation of the iPAS2 system. I’m so excited to be part of this ground breaking digital franchise business model!

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