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Team Blog Syndication

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Mission – To help people achieve high end affiliate marketing success with blogging for leads and sales

  • Promoters – Anyone with an Active Empower Affiliate Account
  • Price – Currently $0/month. I am not charging for this service at this time
  • How It Works – Grab any blog post in the team blog from here then add the end /?id=ENusername
    • Ex: this blog post looks like this
        • Add your EN username to the end
    • Ex:
      • turns to



Here is the big list (will grow. follow the list of posts in the team blog here) (must click a blog post to see this on the right side)
here is the FEED link (will tell you when something NEW comes up on the blog)

google a feed reader to tap into when the blog updates and which articles you can “use” for your own leads and sales. 😉


Internet Marketing Formula Launch Bonus

Bonus #1
ITF bonus spreadsheet.001


Bonus #2

Question: Why do “some” people buy awesome “HOW TO” products and don't explode after they buy it?

Answer: Here are a couple reasons

  1. People buy and “collect” things and don't actually go through it. Example – cookbooks that collect dust
  2. People buy something and SKIM through it and put it down. Never really getting a good understand of the content and probably absorbed less than 30% of the material.
  3. Procrastination – Life gets in the way and the HIGH of buying the product has worn off and the product isn't immediately used.

– Solution – 

  1. A Weekly Group Hangout – Discussing what is covered PER module in the Internet Traffic Formula in a group setting.
    1. Ex: Ever been part of a Church Small Group or Bible Study…. I want to mimic this style so people can absorb parts of the information in chunks
  2. Accountability – You have a DEADLINE to go over the material as you need to have gone over it BEFORE the next webinar covering the material.
    1. EX: study groups in college…. you got a weekly homework assignment and you MUST get it done in time. Pressure is GOOD
  3. With Lawrence Tam – Your personal 7 figure earner  running the show and I'll be covering my ideas and suggestions in the hangouts. And it's not going to cost you my normal coaching fee ($1,000/hour)


How to Redeem? 

  1. You MUST purchase ITF either from Miami Event or March 31 – April 4th 2014 (shopping cart closes)
  2. You MUST be in Lawrence Tam's team. (you might have to prove you are somewhere below me)
  3. You MUST be ready to TAKE ACTION on this material because the bonus will mean nothing without Taking Massive Action


I will be emailing all of my personal ITF members through the empower mailer and personally mailing others deep in my team who aren't connected as a powerline but I KNOW you bought and are in my team.

Get connected with your sponsor to buy… cause if they do NOT BUY… it will delay my bonus and emails going to you (since it will most probably flow through your sponsor, unless I'm your sponsor)

July Bonuses for 15k and Masters

whooop whooop!

The July Bonuses are here.

I was thinking… I'm going to be in Hawaii for 3 weeks in August and wanted to end July with a BANG!


–>> 15k Bonus <<–

Buy it, or have a copy?

If you are in my team you GET to have SPECIAL access to a training I'm hosting July 31


password: will be sent through my 15k membership level (you can share with YOUR 15k as long as your in my team. I'll send it a couple times.. if for whatever reason it's like July 30th and you STILL haven't seen my emails …. send PROOF you are in the 15k formula WITH my team anywhere… to [email protected] … basically you gotta know who your upline is)


–>> Masters Bonus <<–

the first FOUR (4) to buy will get their first 2 customers… say WHAT!

Details here:

the idea is this.

  1. first sale is the hardest
  2. belief that a system works, i'll prove it by helping you get your first 2 sales
  3. helping you get closer to your 6th basic customer to help you get into the big money…. when you only have to passup every 5th sale now.
  4. when you passup basics to me… do a happy dance… NOW i can see them and I WILL take ownership in grooming them and giving them cool bonuses.

for Masters Bonus You MUST Check that I am your sponsor – Lawrence Tam, username – spooon


Get Masters 2 Customer Bonus July 2013


  1. Must purchase Masters From July 25th to July 31 Midnight EST (proof is within the system date stamp)
  2. Must be directly tied to me at Passup, Direct…. (not doing powerlines this round) So basically I brought you into empower and I AM YOUR SPONSOR. some instances you're tied to david wood but I am your sponsor…. NO POWERLINES (if you don't know. you can email [email protected] and Andrea can see if we can find you in my basic downline as passups/direct then you are good)
  3. First 4 Masters accepted. After that, sorry. Take Massive Action
  4. The TWO (2) basic customers that you get, YOU must train and get into the system. Most will NOT know what we do. Get them plugged in and hold a strategy session. If for some odd reason the person is not answering or quits instantly before the month is up we will direct you to support to replace that customer.
    1. that could mean they don't even buy the affiliate system, YOU must get in there and connect. If they REFUSE to pick up or just MIA but continue paying for their basic membership that is STILL GOOD 🙂 customers are good!
  5. The Idea is to get past your first 6 customers so you passup customers at your every 5th now 😉 We are not hoping and praying these are superstars. it's to help you get your 2 a day PLUS get you used to making sales online. The first sale generally is hardest 😉
  6. Payout – should be placed 2-3 weeks after we confirm and will take 1-4 weeks to place. By ALL MEANS we strive to increase this but we are doing our best to fill the requests as we get them. That is why I had to limit it to the first 4 master upgrades.

There is NO Guarantee that the customer will upgrade or even stay longer than a month (if the customer immediately cancels within a month contact us and we will work to get a replacement). You need to take massive action in getting them plugged into our trainings (plugging into traci would be smart ;))
like sending them here – and then following up with them.




You Ready To Redeem?



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