Internet Marketing Formula Launch Bonus

Bonus #1
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Bonus #2

Question: Why do “some” people buy awesome “HOW TO” products and don't explode after they buy it?

Answer: Here are a couple reasons

  1. People buy and “collect” things and don't actually go through it. Example – cookbooks that collect dust
  2. People buy something and SKIM through it and put it down. Never really getting a good understand of the content and probably absorbed less than 30% of the material.
  3. Procrastination – Life gets in the way and the HIGH of buying the product has worn off and the product isn't immediately used.

– Solution – 

  1. A Weekly Group Hangout – Discussing what is covered PER module in the Internet Traffic Formula in a group setting.
    1. Ex: Ever been part of a Church Small Group or Bible Study…. I want to mimic this style so people can absorb parts of the information in chunks
  2. Accountability – You have a DEADLINE to go over the material as you need to have gone over it BEFORE the next webinar covering the material.
    1. EX: study groups in college…. you got a weekly homework assignment and you MUST get it done in time. Pressure is GOOD
  3. With Lawrence Tam – Your personal 7 figure earner  running the show and I'll be covering my ideas and suggestions in the hangouts. And it's not going to cost you my normal coaching fee ($1,000/hour)


How to Redeem? 

  1. You MUST purchase ITF either from Miami Event or March 31 – April 4th 2014 (shopping cart closes)
  2. You MUST be in Lawrence Tam's team. (you might have to prove you are somewhere below me)
  3. You MUST be ready to TAKE ACTION on this material because the bonus will mean nothing without Taking Massive Action


I will be emailing all of my personal ITF members through the empower mailer and personally mailing others deep in my team who aren't connected as a powerline but I KNOW you bought and are in my team.

Get connected with your sponsor to buy… cause if they do NOT BUY… it will delay my bonus and emails going to you (since it will most probably flow through your sponsor, unless I'm your sponsor)

Lawrence Tam

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LT, You know I'm going to be all over it!!!  Can't wait!!

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