Promote The Team Blog and Why

Why Promote?

  1. You get the leads
  2. You get the sales
  3. You leverage content while you build your own


How To Promote?

  1. Here is the link
  2. Replace EmpowerUserName with your OWN Empower Username
  3. EX: my link is


How To Syndicate?

  1. Study this guildeline here
  2. 80% of your marketing time needs to be in PROMOTION. 
  3. If you are spending 5 hours on a blog or video, you need to be spedning 20hrs + hours promoting it (in it's life time spread over time… most of it coming immediately after it's publish to make it rank faster)


Masters Bonus – 

If you are a masters student in my team… anywhere (even if 100+ levels deep) you get tha ability to be an Author.

Why is this the killer deal?

  1. I don't charge anything to run and maintain this blog for you
  2. You can build a killer blog post and have OTHER's and myself promote your blog post to help you rank organically (we get lead/sales, you get rankings and branding)


Get with me asap so I can build your account and also…


Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam

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