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15k Summer Seminar 2014

15k summer seminar


Start Date: July 24th 2014, 10pm EST Ep 1

Requirements to Attend 15k Summer Seminar

  1. Must have 15k Formula In My Team, anywhere in my team (Lawrence Tam) – Get It Here
    • will need your proof of purchase
    • your email to added to customer list
    • and I will then give you a link for the recordings
  2. If not in my team with 15k Formula -> Donate $997 to The Uganda School I'm building (put name on payment and also forward to me info “@” 33andRetired.com) Click Here To Donate

Log In Here If You Qualify 

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  1. Will have homework sent out to Live attendees and sent to 15k team (who couldn't attend live)
  2. Will be hosted weeknights (tuesday – friday). Exact times will be emailed out to the 15k formula team (through newsletter on the page with the recordings)
  3. Will be covering high authority blogging as the main topic
  4. Seminar Style – will not wait for the slowest student, you will need to double time and catch up. I will NOT break down into your systems (as workshop style was voted down). This allows us to cover more ground.



  1. Watch 15k Formula Lessons 8 – Lesson 9 (before we start the seminar series) 2014-07-17_1225

What People Are Already Saying About Lesson 1

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