Social Bookmarking Sites List and How to Use The Best One

Social Bookmarking Sites List Strategy

Using a great social bookmarking sites list strategy in your blogging can be the difference between you blogging for profit or as a hobby. When I first got started using this strategy I was amazed by the results.  People started to read my blog posts from around the World.  It was a cool feeling!  You can have it too, keep reading and watching these videos to find out how.

How Do You Use A Social Bookmarking Sites List

First of all, when you get started using a social bookmarking sites list to share your blog posts, and also attract more readers, you probably will have no idea what you are doing with a social bookmarking sites list.  You are new to blogging, right?

Since you are a new blogger, at first, you will be a little shaky and maybe even a little nervous, so you want to get as much good information as possible about blogging first, and social bookmarking sites list use second, when it comes to getting more traffic to your posts.

Use this post to learn how the big social bookmarking sites list work, and in addition, how another social bookmarking sites list, might work as well.  Most of all, they will help you produce great traffic to your posts, rather than using the “throw your syndication strategy up against the wall to see if it sticks,” approach.

This Post Is For New Bloggers

Because this post was written for you, a new blogger,  I understand how you feel, as I was once a new blogger.  Every new breakthrough you have that gets you to the next level, makes you feel like you are new, so this feeling never goes away.  Instead, embrace it and fail forward as fast as you can.

As a result, this post and all twelve posts in this series are written to help new bloggers learn the basics of using a social bookmarking sites list strategy, with less pain, and while failing forward, since you will not always succeed with each post you write.

Probably, unless you are a well-seasoned copywriter, about 20% of your posts will produce the desired results of increased traffic and more sales of your products. Furthermore, a good social bookmarking sites list strategy will help keep that percentage as high as possible.

 Advanced Social Bookmarking Sites List Skills

In addition, this post contains some advanced skills that will set you apart and ahead of, the advanced bloggers you probably already read on a daily basis, in terms of results your posts get.   That is your outcome, right?  You want great search engine page ranks.   You want to rank well on the first page of the search engine results.

With this strategy, you will attract the people that you want by the content marketing you create.   Most of all, you will also repel the people you do not want to be your customers. Because, those people will be much harder to please, so you do not want them.  Now let's get you started

You Are In For A Wild and Wonderful Adventure

It will happen to you just the way you have visualized while watching “The Secret” videos.  While you will be building your business “unexpected checks came in the mail.”  Really!   You will know you are “on to something big!” when this happens.

So right now, you have no idea how cool the world of blogging can be!   Get ready, you are in the right place at the right time!  There is no better feeling than seeing your work produce new leads.  Blogging did this for me, and it can do this for you too.  These are leads that only require you do the work and maintain the systems attached to it.  Therefore, this is a much different strategy than paid advertising, which can drain your resources if used improperly in the beginning.   You can also produce sales results when you get good at blogging.

 As a result, you will probably be “hooked for life on blogging” the moment your first check arrives in the mail or results show up in your back office(like magic it seems)from the work you did a couple of months prior.   Since that one post will get your post traffic daily, and many years later, it will free up your time to produce more great posts, and generate more revenue for you while you are playing on the beaches of the World.

 Set Your Blogging Outcome

Fast forward to the present, and you are getting better at blogging every day. Since this is my outcome for you, it can be yours as well for your team members. Get better every day. You are exactly where you are supposed to be in your blogging adventure based on the decisions you've made in the past, right?  I am too. Therefore, by getting better every day, your results get better every day and the results build upon themselves, consequently building to a level where the posts do most of the selling work for you in your business.

You will never know it all.

The Internet is always changing.  That's the wonderful part! Remember when the term web 2.0 sites came out?  A lot has happened since then, and it changes frequently.

 Back In 2012

In the year 2012, while a new social bookmarking sites list was all the rage, the Internet was adapting, changing and growing rapidly.  As a result, now there are posts in blogs that describe a 1000 social bookmarking sites list. Since you want to make sure you do your own research as well as referring back to this post frequently, you can use it as a quick and easy way to get traffic to your posts.

 Two Verified Social Bookmarking Sites List For You To Use In Your Blog Post Syndication

In this post you will find two, verified lists to use to generate traffic to your blog posts.  These two lists lead to many social bookmarking sites.  Therefore, join each of the sites on the lists you will find in our series of posts.  Also, they will bring you traffic when you post your blog posts on each of the social bookmarking sites you find in each social bookmarking sites list.

 Google Analytics Will Help

Another aspect of this marketing strategy is measuring your results. How will you know if they work getting traffic to your posts?  First of all, install Google Analytics to your blog. Look at the video below to see where you look in Google Analytics to see where your traffic cane from to your blog each month.

This video below is not a comment about one site being better than the others.  Only my results from one of my blogs and my content, some good and some not as good that I wrote when I was first getting started.  It all brings traffic.

We will use this blog to see improvement from a dead blog to one that we see at the end of this series.  Remember, it not personal, business is just results.  Measure your results so you know what to change to get good results.


Then, measure the results of using the lists that you see in this post.  This is what we will do together each month. I will cover part of this multi-faceted topic and add a new list to each post as well to see how they work for your blog and mine in this series as well.

Therefore, we'll cover these lists together and measure the results of our syndication actions.  Feel free to share in the comments the good and the bad.  That is how we all get to be better bloggers.  I know that many of you have better results than you see here.  Let's see how a good social bookmarking sites list strategy can improve our results over the next 12 months.

 One Month Tests and Long Term

How often should you use these lists?  First of all, use them for 30 days and see what results you are getting after 30 days.  Consequently, 30 days is a good measurement period for any traffic method.  If it doesn't work in thirty days, adjust and re-measure.  Next, do this until you get the results you want.  Finally, test them and see what works for you, because it is this process that will lead you to long-term results in your business.

Long Term Results

The use of different social bookmarking sites lists can be added to your long-term strategy as well,  as blogging is a cumulative marketing strategy.  Therefore, the longer your posts are up and getting traffic the more your posts will see better click-through rates(CTR) while getting better traffic to your posts and offers.  So, do this to build and create long-term results that you will also measure.

It Will Take As Long As It Takes You To Be A Successful Blogger

Each person starts out where they start and each person brings their own experience to their blogging.  Some of the better bloggers in the World have been blogging for years.  That is the reason why some of them can be on the beach playing and have automatic sales come in.  Most importantly, they did the work once and the work created an autopilot system, like a “sales robot,” selling their products and services for them while they play just like you can too!

Be Humble and Provide Value

Be humble(no one knows everything) and never take yourself too seriously when using a social bookmarking sites list.  It is a test like any other marketing tactic. Therefore write to help people like yourself, solve the problems you have already solved in your business.

Solving Their Problems Starts To Make You The Authority

In addition, this marketing strategy, little by little, starts to make you an “authority” on the topic you write about. Be grateful for your hurdles; they make you stronger when you get over them.  Every time you get stuck, keep on going, moving forward every day, being grateful for the good and the bad days.  This process can bring you more good results into your life, and your business over and over again.  It can work for your future generations as well.

 Keep It Simple Write About Your Lessons Learned

It is that simple. When you learn something new, from a video or audio you bought online, write a post about what you learned, and shoot a video about that marketing tactic or strategy.  It can be as simple as the video you shoot from your phone or you can use a more professional set-up.  That too, is a business decision.  You are the boss as owner of your business, so you get to make the decision.

 You're Blogging To Earn Money, Right?

Last Time I looked, I was not Gandhi, The Dali Lama, or Mother Teresa and I assume you aren't either.  You can remain true to your nice, nature(you like to be nice, right?) but be smart about how you are nice. Therefore, deliver great value, but not all of it at once.  Save your best information for your paying customers.  Rather than give all your good content out; give good value for free but better value to people that become members of your team.

 Example: Personal Relationships

You do not go up to that cute girl or guy in the bar and ask them to marry you, right?  Same idea here.  Let them get to know you over time.  They will be happier, as online marketing can get overwhelming.  Don't overwhelm them, and you will earn money, by helping them at a rate that they can understand and feel good about.  Make it fun!  Roughly 85% of the people that start blogging do it as a part-time business, so make it fun or interesting to read your posts.

10X Your Blogging Outcomes

Also, set your original goals or outcomes before you start blogging and syndication.  When you reach them, 10X them.  Do this until you have enough of everything you are looking for from your blogging, while you  provide tons of value along the way.

Always remember to provide 10X's the value that people pay for your service or products.  

 Service Before Self

“Service Before Self ” is Rotary International's motto. Since service is the main focus of this organization, and since it has seen such great results because of it(they almost wiped out polio on Earth) it can be imagined that this power and ideal, will do great things in your blogging as well.  Most noteworthy, this blogging philosophy will return more than you can possibly imagine, so always start a new relationship(or post) giving more than you receive.  OK, enough said on that topic for now.

 Quality Matters

Furthermore, the quality of the social bookmarking sites list that you use should be taken into consideration.  Most of the time you will be using a free social bookmarking sites list. Also, there are paid social bookmarking sites lists, but I have never used them. In addition, there are also enterprise bookmarking sites you may decide to use later on in the life of your business, as a result, we will probably cover them later on in this series of posts on social bookmarking sites list marketing strategy and tactics.

Academic Marketing

Especially relevant, no discussion on this topic would be complete without mentioning the academic World and all their contributions to the Internet. Give a Link is now not a working program, but there are others to look at for lovely .edu backlinks when used properly.

Do not misuse this or you will get Google slapped(your site gets no traffic.)  Edu backlinks will make your posts more popular with the search engines in many cases.  Click this link: GiveALink and it will take you to a description of the project.  On that page, you will find great back-linking treasure.  Enjoy!

Also, if you are more advanced in your marketing and you are looking for a study on social bookmarking sites lists and how they are used in marketing by companies and general users alike take a look at this page from:

Google Scholar

You will need to increase the print size when you get there.  I recommend reading, in it's entirety, one study done on and you can bookmark others you find in the references of this article, for future reading, as there are huge gold nuggets on social bookmarking strategies in that article, if you think creatively.  Who knows, you may come up with ideas that revolutionize our industry!   Of most importance there is the overall size of the market you are blogging into and the relatively small number of people that are capitalizing on this knowledge.

But, back to our beginning social bookmarking sites list information.

 You Can Spend A Lot Or A Little Time On Content Marketing

Furthermore above, you can see that Project Give a Link is cool!  As you dig into “the onion” of terms and lists, that is a part of a good understanding of using a social bookmarking sites list as a topic for you to research, it just gets deeper and deeper.  Further studies on other, main social bookmarking sites lists need to be done as well for the advanced marketer.

Most of all, for the beginning blogger, it starts to cover the entire Internet and World for that matter.  The World starts to get smaller when people from the other side of it start to read your content. And, you will definitely have a year's worth of great content to share in the months to come. We have over 1000 sites to look at in our series and analyze for use as a new blogger.

This is going to be fun and very useful for You.  You will see your site start to climb on rankings on This is the site that you can use to track your place or ranking in the World and in the country you live in.

Some Sites Are Broken or Malicious

Finding a 1000-site-long, social bookmarking sites list looks great at first, but upon further research, you will find many sites that forgot to pay their bills, or they are up for redevelopment or redesign.  Many of those sites are left out of our social bookmarking sites list discussion.  So feel free to tell us in the comments how they are working for increasing your site traffic.

All Sites in This List Are Checked Before Posting

In addition, some sites contained viruses, or sites that will lock your ability to leave the screen. Moreover, some people on the Internet do not have your best interest at heart, therefore always use great virus software like McAfee or another respected brand.

To reduce the stress level you experience using each of the social bookmarking sites lists you find on here, all sites have been checked before posting.

 Use a Good Virus Protection Program

To repeat(because it is really painful to lose your blog or worse your computer) use a good virus protection software, and if you get stuck, reboot your computer, and some of the annoying, but not as dangerous, “locking your computer sites” will go away.

The Internet and using a social bookmarking sites list is like the “Wild West!”  “There's gold in them thar hills” and there are varmints too.  So be careful and ride off into the sunset.  OK, enough with the Wild West metaphors, and I think we have sufficiently covered this warning…moving “on down the trail' now.

 Most Of All Take Action Until “You Figure It Out”

Most Important, the only way you get better online is by taking action, and “figuring it out” along the way.  Besides that, test the lists in this post for driving traffic to your blog posts.  Finally, measure your results:

A. If you like the results – scale up quickly to get more!

B. If you do not like the results – tweak what you are doing, measure that, and when you get the results you like, then scale that up!

1000 Social Bookmarking Sites List

Especially relevant, this post was inspired by a post I read on that listed 1000 social bookmarking sites.  I tested each link for You and added some of the ones I used building my blogs upto the top 300,000 sites in the World and locally as well.  The sites in this post should be good links.  This can change quickly so always test them first.

You Will Learn Quicker By Making Mistakes

Most noteworthy, by using content marketing tactics, by diving in and making mistakes online, learning from them, tweaking results, measuring them, tweaking additional results, and eventually scaling up your actions to monetize, you can grow your business faster than most.

As a result of you taking this action, and you not requiring any special skill to start learning, you can read this post and benefit from my mistakes and lessons learned.  My vision for you is that you fail faster and learn quicker than I did.

Failing Forward

Because that is a great way to learn.  It is called “failing forward.”

 “Jump off the cliff and learn to fly on the way down.” ~Tracey Walker, million dollar plus earner and blogger

Obviously, this is not for the average. You are lucky, as you now have a bungee attached to you with Team Project Mayhem(see banner ads for more information.)  They are certainly well above average, and so are you!  Their blogging success will leave you clues.

If you have read this far you're an online adventurer and I salute you! Keep reading! You will find golden nuggets throughout this post, depending upon your skill sets already.

 Save Money Using A Good Social Bookmarking Sites List

Because working online can be costly, if you do it improperly.  You can easily say goodbye to more than you make in a year, now at your current job, paying for traffic online, by trying this tactic and that tactic, this secret and that guru, traffic from this source and that.

I did when I first got started, so now you do not have to.

Learn from my initial tests.  They call it shiny object syndrome and many get it in the beginning.  Save your money for when you really need it, after you have “figured this online blogging thing out.”  Then, use it to scale up quickly.

 Test Measure and Scale Up

Finally, when you get to the place in your blogging that you feel confident testing, measuring and scaling up your actions quickly, and while you only listen to the one mentor, and most of all, trust yourself and stay focused daily, then you will start to see great results and save unnecessary expenses.  Save your money by using a great social bookmarking sites list that you eventually will research and put together from your experiences with the 12 posts in this series.

Use Your Time Wisely

Hopefully, this post will help you save money and time as well, and get you great results quickly.  Truth is, nothing that happens to you on your online adventure in business, and in life in general, is a waste of time.

Which means:

You are right where you are supposed to be, based on the decisions you've made in the past.  

I know that I said that earlier, but that is a very important concept in business, so it is worth repeating.  And, it can keep you sane in an otherwise, seemingly-insane industry.

 Results Only… It is Not Personal

Thus, in business you are measured by results.  Furthermore, it is not personal. So let's get you going on your path to great results!  Blogging, when done properly can be fun and profitable. Using a social bookmarking sites list can make it much easier for you than figuring out how to get traffic to your blog posts on your own because you:

  1. Measure your traffic as it grows
  2.  Watch the monetary value of your website grow
  3. Are measured by how many backlinks your website gets as one indication of it's value.
  4. Monitor what percentage of viewers that bounce off your site
  5. See how many pages your visitors look at while on your site
  6. Know how long they stay on your site.


Bonus:  Each social bookmarking site you post to, can be a backlink for you.  Search engines and people that evaluate the value of your site value backlinks.  This is one way to get backlinks. Commenting thoughtfully on another great bloggers post is another

backlink social bookmarkingsiteslist

Which Social Bookmarking Sites List Is Best For You?

This question arises, due to the fact, that many bloggers online claim they have compiled a top social bookmarking sites list.  Your answer to this question depends on whom you are trying to reach.  Is it:

  • Men or women?
  • Young people or old people?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • Which hobbies do they participate in?

Describe your best subscriber or customer, in terms of how they look and act? Are they traveling the World while blogging?


  • Are they family men and women building a dream lifestyle, for themselves and their children?
  • How much time do they have each day to do what you write about?
  • What are they like?
  • Where do they live?
  • Are they professionals?

 As a result of the above discussion this leads us to the following question:

What Are You Like?

Get Crystal Clear About Who You Really Are Right Now

Most of all, watch what happens to you as you grow into a person that people want to read and follow. What are you like? Each person is different.

What are you really like? Be honest with yourself.  Your results are the only thing that really count in business.

That is the first question to ask yourself, and get crystal clear about who you are because this will get you certain about who you are writing for.

You Are Trying To Reach Your Target Audience

Since  is people like you or better are part of the description of your target audience, this is the most important use of your time as a new blogger using a social bookmarking sites list. Therefore spend enough time to completely “flush out” in your mind whom your target audience really is.  This is a pre-income, producing activity, but very important as it can lead you to many sales.

 You Will Experience Breakthroughs

Also, you may go through, or grow through, a series of “getting clearer” breakthroughs. Everyone starts out where they start online.  Be OK, with where you are and get better every day in your use of social bookmarking as a syndication( think sharing your work) strategy. As a result, you will see your traffic grow with each of the proper actions you take.

Finding Your Sweet Spot Target Market

Chances are your “sweet spot,” social bookmarking sites list will be one that resonates with you. So, look at many. Test each one, and use the one that gives you the results you want. By the end of this post and this series, you'll have a good understanding of what to do next for your blog posts, each time you publish them.

I learned about the “sweet spot” in your target market from two of my many mentors Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert of The Samurai Business Group  They turn “superstars into legends.” in the corporate, complex sales market.   They are great men and two my mentors.  Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you as you begin your blogging adventure.

Do Follow VS. NoFollow Social Book Marking Sites List

You will find DoFollow VS. NoFollow  sites and both are good for your overall social bookmarking sites list strategy because:

  • One type DoFollow will allow people to click on your link, and that action will take them to your site and your offers
  • The NoFollow sites that allow people to click on the link, but does not tell Google to give credit for the link in the search engines(we'll explain this in future posts as it is not the main topic of this post) but still allows the searcher to go to your site, will allow you to brand yourself and your blog

No Follow Links

Computers work by using a series of 0's and 1's in different and varying order.  This is a very simplistic description. Nofollow links are links that the computer algorithm(think complex math equation) or “spiders,” do not follow so you get no search engine results for that link.

Search engine spiders search the Internet for content that is as close as possible to what people type into the search box and search for.   Nofollow links do not get credit in the search ranking results, for the chosen keyword or long-tail keyword, because the spiders were told in the code not to follow them.

Spiders? “I Hate Spiders!”

Not that kind of spider.  Rather, these are computer spiders and they are your friends.  They are what collect your traffic for you, once you learn how to communicate with them, you will have a skill that few people have.

Therefore, your writing will increase in value exponentially as you learn the language of the spiders or algorithms!  There are about 200 things the spiders search for as you can read about in this wonderful post of Search Engine Optimization. You can get access to these ideas by clicking on this link from and following directions.

View Page Source

In A NoFollow Site

The computer code or code source is series of numbers, letters, and symbols.  You can see it on most pages by right clicking on this page and scroll down to “view page source”(or something similar.) Search engine algorithms(or spiders) “crawl” all websites to allow people to find what they are searching for.

But, NoFollow sites will not allow search engines to follow that site to the search engine results page. Experiment with it (now on this page)and then you will not need to look at it until you are an advanced blogger and maybe never again:

  1. Right Click Your Mouse
  2. See all the code
  3. Close the window you end up on as the code will open up in a new window.
  4. Continue reading this post if you are really making a decision to be a professional blogger and learn how to blog and share that blog(syndicate) it using a social bookmarking sites list.

 Don't Worry About Code

You will probably not use any of that above, but now you know it exists so you can concentrate on your writing.  Spiders or Algorithms crawl your content on the Internet and allow your viewers to go to the site, the link sends them to.  They just do not get search engine results for that keyword.

NoFollow Links also allow you to brand yourself with people like you, and most importantly with other bloggers.  Why would you want to share someone else's content? Because chances are, they will appreciate that you did. Do not worry about understanding coding. Most blog platforms are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) So, just type and add images, and always use CCO or Public Domain images, so you are not stealing someone's protected image.

CCO Public Domain

“CCO Public Domain” This means that the image you are considering for use in your blog post is free for commercial use, and no attribution is required.”  In conclusion on this topic, it is not cool to use other people's images.  Most important, they will make you pay for them once they find out you used their copy written image without their permission.

Only use public domain( usually from the federal government in the USA


“CC0 Public Domain Free for commercial use No attribution required”

images and always put the link to that image in the attribution section of your image.  That way, if someone tries to  force you to pay for the image, you can show them you do not need to, as you are not breaking the law.

 Buy The Rights To Use Your Images

You can also avoid this entire discussion by buying your images.  But that eats away your profit quickly, so unless you have an unlimited supply of money use public domain or “CCO images.”

 Meet Other Bloggers and Blogging Networks

Because this is how you meet and network with other bloggers.  Some you will like, while others you won't.  Everyone has their own style and they start out where they start. That's OK.  Just Be you.  Guest blog for people you resonate with. Consequently, the ones you resonate with will be most like you, or in the best circumstances have a better skillset or more experience than you do.  They will more than likely be your mentors.  Most successful people use mentors.

They will be in your “sweet spot,”(just like above) as far as the target market that you will develop for bloggers.  Therefore, you will want to network with bloggers and possibly, once you get to know them and their style of writing, be a guest blogger for their blog.

Guest Blogging and Use of A Social Bookmarking Sites List

Using a Good social bookmarking sites list is a great strategy to use to get more traffic to your blog or to a blog in which you are a guest blogger.  That is what this post is all about, getting you more traffic to your posts.

So when you do get the honor to be a guest post blogger for someone, always make sure to make it your best work. You will get one DoFollow link, usually in your biography, linking to your blog. That is best and customary with bloggers.

 Also, look at the social bookmarking sites lists you will see in this post and in others in this 12 part series written for new bloggers.  First of all, you will need to know that each list exists.  Just like each new reader of your post will first start with an awareness that you exist online. But, how do you do that?  The answer is simple. Read on

Join Many Social Bookmarking Sites

Most of all, you will want to join many social bookmarking sites(some lists are up to 1000 sites long.) Therefore, make sure to check which sites are still active, “trust, but verify” when working online. Be careful not to register for too many sites, too quickly, because you can get penalized by the sites and by search engines too.  In addition, you do not want to automate at too high a rate, as you could get blocked by the sites you are posting on.

Post Manually To Your Social Bookmarking Sites List

Most importantly, your target audience may block you(in their mind) if they see you do not care enough about them to post manually.   I saw this happen.  For a time, people started ignoring posts in Facebook groups that used automation to post. It is not always like that.  Times and strategies change, and if you are around marketing and advertising long enough you will see them change back again to the same strategy everyone said was dead.

Be A Purple Cow?

Always run away from the crowd of other advertisers and marketers, unless it is your mentor's strategy.  But even then, model it only, never copy tactics or strategies exactly. This is my opinion only, so test this in your marketing and see what results you get.

You want to be the “Purple Cow” Seth Godin wrote about in his book. Stick out in a good way! As a result, people will remember you. Besides that, distinguish yourself and your brand so, that you are seen and remembered, but most importantly, that you are read, so that people take the action you want them to take.

Most of all they:

  1. They can subscribe to your RSS Feed
  2. Click on your links and Opt-in to your email list
  3. Buy your products.

If you are a service business, make sure your phone number is available to them if you want phone calls to your business.  I do not use phone numbers yet; it is easier today to reach me on Facebook. Also, it let's me know how serious the future customer is if they work a little to find me.

Sure, you can make it easy, and I have seen that work with over 1,000 of my workout partner's customers, but I have also seen my sponsor talk to me about having an unresponsive email list, so this also requires testing to see which method works best for You to get the right kind of customers.

 Your Best Customers See Your Blog Posts, Right?

Since, this post will hopefully give you a better understanding of how to use a social bookmarking sites list profitably for your blog syndication strategy.  But simply put, the more of the right people that see your blog, the better the chance that you will have to monetize your blog and earn money blogging. See our income disclosure, this profession is not for the average person.   But, you are a business owner and no one has ever called you average right?  OK, lets Digg in(pun intended)

Prevent The “Google Slap” Algorithm Changes

The Internet Is Always Changing

The Internet is always changing with algorithm changes. They have changed blog traffic overnight.

  • Penguin
  • Panda
  • Humming Bird

I stopped paying attention to them as it became important to just write great content and do good keywprd research.  That is what the search engines want.   Enough said.  Do not worry about algorithm changes.  Write great content.  You'll be fine.

 Get Your Blog Ranked

By using just a portion of what you will see here in this post,  you will be able to, over time, get your blog ranked in the top 100,000 sites in the World or better, and get your posts ranked in the top 10 search engine page ranks, on  the first page of the major, search engines.

There are no guarantees in business or blogging. This is a strategy with tactics that need to be tested, pure and simple.  Most noteworthy, if you write and promote locally, you can get ranked in the top 100,000 in your country and probably better using local strategies like naming cities as a basic local strategy in your keyword research. There are many more we can cover in future posts.

Persistence Is Key

Another topic related to social bookmarking sites list is persistence.  Persistence and great content is a key factor. Using a social bookmarking sites list to promote your posts helps too. Also, after doing the research for this post, I am very grateful for the experience of using different social bookmarking sites in the very beginning of my business. It gave me a foot-hold of where to start with the research required to understand the topic fully.

I used this one tactic when I did not know what it was, as one of my syndication strategies.  This is a topic near and dear to my heart.  You will use as many social bookmarking sites lists as I found right now in 2016 and that you will have access to by looking through the links associated with this post. Do your own research and add to your's in the comments below.

Should I Use Automation In My Social Bookmarking Sites List Strategy?

At first, use a manual social bookmarking strategy like we said before.  Later on,  do a test. Measure using manual bookmarking and also when using automation. See which one gets you the best traffic and most, leads or subscribers and most importantly sales.

In the beginning of my business, I used HootSuite, OnlyWire and Buffer to bookmark my posts, but I found them limiting for the way I was using them, so I stopped doing it.

Most noteworthy, is the fact that you can get a Google slap( meaning your blog flatlines to no traffic) if you are seen using the same IP address all the time to syndicate your posts.  Search engines like Google want you to mix it up.

I am revisiting this strategy.  That is not to say you should not use them. Maybe, you will have a better marketing strategy than I did.  You may have ranked your blog all the way up to the coveted 100,000 ranking or better on

Now You Are Ready To Monetize Your Blog

The Coveted 100,000 Or Better Ranking

Most of all, don't tie your money or content to anyone that does not have at least an Alexa Ranking of 100,000 or less either globally and/or locally.  “Success Leaves Clues.” At 100,000 or better on, you have achieved a good amount of traffic to your blog posts, depending upon the keyword(s) chosen to write about for your post.

And, at this level, you can monetize your blog by selling ads on it, and by using other monetization strategies. You see traffic brokers, marketers, and advertisers like to see at least that level of traffic to get great results with their ads, and for their clients.

We'll talk about automation sites in the future posts of this series.  For the purposes of this post, we will be talking about manual social bookmarking sites list posting.

Tell Us About Your Tests

Please let us know in the comments which ideas in this post works best for you.  I have seen automation do wonders for a while, but eventually, automation changes or the site changes it's use policies, and then you have to change with the times also, and use the current social bookmarking sites list strategy.

Have The Right Mindset or Do Not Write That Post

Back in the beginning of my online business in 1997, I began my personal development journey by watching the video,  “A Gift From The Secret Scrolls To You,”.  This video is powerful and led me to You. There is also another about Money The Secret Riches Visualization Tool. Watch each video once each day, for 31 days in a row and see how your life changes for the better.  The ones I watched are from Marci from Maui.  This will lead you to the right mindset for blogging

Write Well So You Do Not Become “A Poop Magnet”

When I got serious about blogging, I had not done my research to fully understand this topic enough to use it wisely.  I was laser focused, learning about blogging, and then in 2013, I concentrated on blogging daily.  Most noteworthy, my blogging was attracting the wrong audience(no I do not think any person deserves to be called “poop”) I use this term(poop magnet above)  as it came from a mentor of mine.  I use it as sort of as he did, for illustration purposes only.  Also, when my blog posts were not written properly they attracted the wrong audience. As a result, my writing attracted certain types of people that did not want to be my customers.

These were people:

  • that had not started using personal development( recognize this scene from “a gift from the secret scrolls to You?)
  • did not want to start an online business.
  • They were people that did not want or have a need for our products.
  • that did not know what we sold

 Therefore, be sure You are writing for the right audience. Because it will save you a lot of trouble and time in your business.

Never Write In A Hurry

From experience I can tell you if you write posts in a hurry, your results will go downhill.  When you write blog posts in a hurry, you will attract all sorts of people trying to sell you everything under the sun, and they will attempt to spam your comments too.

So, take your time , and research your posts, while really understanding the problems your best customer might be having in their business.   Write about the solutions to those problems.  You will see this theme throughout this post, so it is a key point to remember.

Your Posts Will Rank Higher In The Search Engines

Your page ranks on each post will get better too.  I'll have to do a video that goes into more detail showing you the results in Google Analytics. There is so much to measure and optimize once you learn to blog well.  Look for that in one of our future posts.

As a result, you will learn how to write better content and most importantly keep writing consistently.  The consistency with which you write, will not get you good results, unless your content is helping people find a solution to their problems.

You Can Become A Better Writer

Writing consistently, can make you a better writer, so practice writing every day until you get really good and then 10X your frequency of writing.    Eventually, you can figure it out, if you really want to.  

No Plan B

Which leads us to our motto.  No Plan B is our motto for using a good social bookmarking sites list to get more blog post traffic.  You are a professional blogger, right?  Your posts will stay up as long as the Internet does, attracting people you want as customers that want to buy everything you sell.  This is our vision for your posts.  Since you have read this far you are a real professional and I salute you!

An Expensive Hobby

Yes, you must sell products or services to earn money in any business.  If you are not doing that you do not have a business.  Rather, you have a hobby, and a  very expensive hobby at that!  Blogging is no exception.  Blogging is big business if you treat it that way, you can build an empire!  Keep track of your income and monthly expenses, and make sure you are in profit as quickly as possible.  Each person brings different skills to blogging for profit.

 Over-Deliver On A Solution To Your Target Audience's Problems

Having a good post is important for a good social bookmarking sites list strategy.  Therefore, I am always working each day to become a better writer.  You should also,  if you want to get better.  Make sure you are writing about a problem your target audience is searching for, and then, write about the solution to that problem, over-delivering on value, by solving other problems related to that main problem, is also a great idea.  Consequently, you will rank in the search engines for more than one keyword or long-tail keyword.  Under-promise and over-deliver all the way to the bank over time.

As a result of much of the above,  your social bookmarking sites list strategy will attract the right kinds of customers for your business.  This result, is the reason you may have seen me repeat these key concepts in this post.  They are that important to your success!

 Outsource Your Editing Before You Syndicate

Do the work yourself, or work with an editor on ODesk) or, because working with an editor, and blogging daily in itself, can be very educational. It has helped me hone my writing style and skill to the level you see it in 2016, when this was written.  I will always be improving and so will you!

Also, listening to audios daily from people that have what you want to achieve in life helps too. You see, they have already learned how to communicate and earn money online with their work.  When you do this daily, you will find yourself writing and communicating like the people you listen to most.

Always Be Improving

You will always be improving. Therefore, you will never reach the top.  As a result, set outcomes or goals that will make you feel uneasy and excited at the same time.  Also, set goals so big that you have no idea how to reach them.  Then, figure it out, like we all are.   You are one of us now, welcome!  We all start where we start.  You are doing this!  Congratulations on your decision to want more out of life!  This is a good mindset to get better blogging every day, using a social bookmarking sites list strategy that gets you the best syndication results.

Get better every day and eventually you will attract the right audience that you really can help. That is when it gets fun!  This is our vision for you and your blog.

 Benefit From Our Research

I searched the first 10 posts in the Google search engine for the long-tail keyword “social bookmarking sites list,” while writing this post. Because the topics discussed in these posts started to repeat themselves, I knew I had researched the topic thoroughly.  You will find below, that when you click to the original infographic, each image will take you to another resource that was used to create this post.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to look at the top 10-20 posts, while researching your post's long-tail keyword topic.  You will often find good information on the second page of the search engines. That will be a business decision on your part.  For this post, we looked at the first page of Google.  Consequently, if I had used the second page of Google this post would have been much longer.

Blogging Since 1997

Your Experience Counts Too

I also added my experiences blogging since 1997 to the research for this post.   When you get to that point in your research, on any single topic, and you add in your blogging experiences, because they teach your readers great lessons that you learned(the hard way so they do not have to) you start to provide value to the marketplace.  When you get to about 10X the value to the price your customers pay,  you will have a good understanding, or at least a beginning understanding, of your business and of keyword topics you choose to blog about.

In Conclusion 

Scale Up Quickly The Internet Is Always Changing

The Internet is always changing. The more you know, test, measure, tweak, get results from your actions, and then scale-up to monetize, the better off you will be. This includes using a good social bookmarking sites list as a content marketing strategy.  You will change the sites  on the list that works best for you because sites come and go.  Be ready to be flexible and adapt to changes.

 Which One Is Best?

That is what we have attempted to compile in this post – using a social bookmarking sites list.  Which one is best?   The answer is the one that works best for your particular blog post.  Remember, you are not trying to rank your blog(although that is nice and if you do a good job that will happen over time) you are ranking each individual blog post, using a social bookmarking sites list that you ultimately will put together based on your preferences and writing style.

Get Very Specific With Your Social Bookmarking Sites List

Especially relevant, is the beauty of using a good social bookmarking sites list that lets you target a particular location, and/or niche on a topic you have written about. Social Bookmarking is a huge topic that has been around for many years. A lot of bloggers use social bookmarking as part of their syndication strategy to get to that “next traffic-level” for their blog posts and ultimately for their blog overall.

You want to use social bookmarking sites that have the following criteria:

  1. Alexa Ranking – use bookmarking sites that rank at least 100,000 globally and locally
  2. Domain Authority– The higher the better
  3. Page Rank – The higher the better although there are varying opinions on this topic.

It takes all three indicators above in 2016 to have a good idea of what social bookmarking site is best for you to use.  Therefore, success and traffic leaves clues.

 Many Different Ideas

I found that there are many different ideas and opinions, that all add up to the total information available on the Internet in 2016, that make up the collective mind of content marketers on the Internet using a social bookmarking sites list mind.  This is true for local as well as global social bookmarking sites.

Sort Through What Works Best For Your Blog Posts

I recommend that you look at all of what I have written above, learn it, and then sort out what will work best for you, by testing your results.   As a result, you will find that many topics especially relevant repeat in this post.  Some, you will find are repeated more than once.  These topics are most noteworthy for a new blogger to remember.

Master The Information

Next, master that information by taking daily action, or however frequent you syndicate your blog posts, by using your social bookmarking sites list to get more quality traffic to your posts.  As a result, the kind of people that will make a decision to buy from you, because you helped them, will be attracted to your business.

Keep in mind that the Internet is a living breathing organism that is constantly changing.  Google and other search engines are constantly changing their search algorithms.  It is best not to try to “rig”  your search results.  They all want you to write great content about the keywords the post is about. There are ways that we will explore in our series of posts to come on using a social bookmarking sites list

 Get More Likes, Comments and Shares For Your Content

Use your social bookmarking lists strategy to syndicate to people that will benefit most by reading your post.  If you do, you are likely to get more:

  3. shares of your content.

People can vote for content on certain social bookmarking sites like  Search engines tend to favor these sites that have voting,  since it involves people taking an action.

Strategies That Will Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

This is the best content marketing strategy for your use of your social bookmarking sites list. Follow successful sites in the 100,000 or lower ranking, meaning each number lower is a higher ranked site, locally or in the World.

Bonus Tip

Also, when you look at a particular site, follow the backlinks for each site.  They lead to more syndication strategy ideas you will find if you follow them, and if you think about them creatively.  Success of a site that is ranked in the top 100,000 or better, globally and locally, can lead to clues of great fortune,  if you use it wisely.

What A Social Bookmarking Sites List Is And What It Is Not

OK, you have just written the most epic post and you want to share it with the world! You are excited, your heart is pumping…

…what do you do next?

The infographic below, will link to the original Infographic page with links to other bloggers posts on using a social bookmarking sites list.  These were the top posts I researched.  Thank You to each of the authors.  Your work rocks!  Each month of this series we will highlight one aspect from the infographic below.

social bookmarking sites list infographic

(Click on this image to be taken to the original Infographic)

Use of Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are a way for you to save links on the internet to use later on.  But for bloggers, they are a way to get your blog post indexed by the search engines faster than if you did not.

Your blog will rank higher in the search engine page rankings if it gets more exposure to readers who like comment and share your content.

Do Not Count Search Engine Visits To Your Post

The first 30 views are usually the result of search engines indexing your posts, so do not count them as traffic from customers.  You want to use the right kind of social bookmarking sites list, so that your blog post has the best chance of being read and shared by people you want as customers or subscribers. Search engines do not count except for getting your post indexed, which is a start to any blog post.

Trust But Verify

You will find that the first 10 posts on page one, of your favorite search engines, have old social bookmarking sites lists that have broken links.  This is to be expected. People break things on the Internet all the time.  They take them down, forget to pay a bill, die(sad but true I've seen it happen more than once so far) or go out of business.

Therefore, not all the sites online are actually online and active.

Get used to that and handle it by saying, “Next!” in your mind. Always get over hurdles and “keep it moving” as my mentor would say.

  • You will be sorting out the many social bookmarking sites lists and opinions out there about how to use them to find the few that work for you.
  • Then, you will share the few that work for you so that others(on your team) can have a successful syndication strategy as well.

As a result, you provide value to your readers.

Use a social bookmarking sites list that has active links, as much as possible.

Congratulations You Made It!

Here Are The Lists!

“Big Dogs” Social Bookmarking Sites List To Use To Syndicate Your Posts In No Particular Order

These are the big sites you should always post on( at minimum) when you write a new post, because you want lots of traffic to each of your posts, don't You? “The Big Dogs,” social bookmarking sites list you use will just be one strategy to get you more traffic to your posts.  In addition, there is a second list of 1000 sites I will start you out with 30 at a time in our series and build up until we have sorted out that whole list we referred to earlier.

Global Alexa Ranking:  1254

Countries traffic comes from: United States, India, Pakistan, Canada, Indonesia

Bounce Rate 53.30% (people leaving the page)

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 2.73

Daily Time on Site 3:47 minutes

Description of the Site

Digg delivers the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet right now. Digg does curation: building products that make life smoother, simpler, and smarter. Re-founded in 2012, Digg now provides the most relevant and compelling content to millions of users a month. Using proprietary data sources and a crack editorial team, we cut through the clutter of the Internet and make sense of the noise so you don’t have to. Digg has everything you’ll see later, now; therefore it is ready for you to use right now!

Global Alexa Ranking:  17

Countries traffic comes from: United States, India, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy

Bounce Rate 30.20% (people leaving the page)

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 6.40

Daily Time on Site 7:22  minutes

Number of Backlinks

Description of the Site:

the world's largest professional network with more than 400 million members in 200 countries and territories around the globe

Global Alexa Ranking:  32

Countries traffic comes from: United States, India, Canada, Russia

Bounce Rate 38.20% (people leaving the page)

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 5.67

Daily Time on Site 6:42 minute


The visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.

Global Alexa Ranking:  30

Countries traffic comes from: United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia

Bounce Rate 25.80% (people leaving the page)

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 9.39

Daily Time on Site 15:52 minutes

Description of the Site:

reddit noun, 
verb afraid · it, afraid · it · ing; see Redditor, subreddit

noun a type of online community where users vote on content

verb to take part in a reddit community

Reddit is a unique site in that it allows visitors to vote on the content posted.  It is also a site that is great for reaching a target market that trends younger in age.  But, this is always changing as the Internet changes.  Understanding community guidelines and rules is essential for success using Reddit.  Take the time to learn how to use it before you post on Reddit.  But, look at those numbers! It will be worth your time.

Global Alexa Ranking:  46

Countries traffic comes from: United States, India, Japan, China United Kingdom

Bounce Rate 43.60% (people leaving the page)

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 6.22

Daily Time on Site 10.14 minutes

Description of the Site:

Tumblr is so easy to use it is hard to explain. We made it really, really simple for people to blog and put whatever they want on it. Stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, quips, dumb jokes, smart jokes, Spotify Tracks, mp3s, video, fashion, art, deep stuff, Tumblr is 292 million different blogs filled with literally whatever

Global Alexa Ranking: 472

Countries traffic comes from: India, United States, Pakistan, China, United Kingdom

Bounce Rate 20.50% (people leaving the page)

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 9.20

Daily Time on Site 6:40 minutes

Description of the Site

Discover the best of the web, one click at a time.

Global Alexa Ranking: 74,557

Countries traffic comes from:  India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran

Bounce Rate 53.30% (people leaving the page)

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 1.16

Daily Time on Site 2:08 minutes

Description of the Site:

Social bookmarking is a powerful tool in promoting a website. But going through all of those social bookmarking sites is very time-consuming and downloading all toolbars is madness. That's where comes in, the free service designed to reduce the time and effort needed to socially bookmark a website.

Note: I use this site a lot and love the results I see.

Global Alexa Ranking 3455

Countries traffic comes from:  India, Pakistan, Indonesia,Bangladesh, Turkey

Bounce Rate 21.20% (people leaving the page)

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 4.28

Daily Time on Site 3:47 minutes

Description of the Site

Using social bookmarks with will enrich your web-surfing experience.
We provide a simple website and easy to use browser buttons which allow you to:
Save your favourite links and bookmarks online and access them from anywhere at any time…

Or, post cool links yourself and increase your “reputation-rank”.Search and organize your collection by tags and keep private things private!And all of this is completely free!


Google Plus


Global Alexa Ranking: 1 (part of Google)

Countries traffic comes from: United States, India, Japan, Iran, Russia

Bounce Rate 20.70% (people leaving the page)

Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 18.79

Daily Time on Site 16.51 minutes

Description of the Site:

Get Way Into What You Love

Share This

Global Alexa Ranking: 8457

Countries traffic comes from: India, United States, Pakistan, Egypt and China

Bounce Rate 29.30% (people leaving the page)

Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.62

Daily Time on Site 2.11 minutes

Description of the Site:

A pioneer in the industry, ShareThis believes the desire to share is rooted deep within human beings, reflecting passions, wants and lifestyles that are constantly fluctuating throughout the day, week and month…

(This is the social bookmarking sites list floating button site)

Global Alexa Ranking: 2,514

Countries traffic comes from: India, United States, Brasil, Pakistan, Indonesia

Bounce Rate 33% (people leaving the page)

Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 4.74

Daily Time on Site  minutes 1:16 min.

Description of the Site:

10 Years of Universal Sharing

Global Alexa Ranking: 2,241

Countries traffic comes from: India, Taiwan, United States, Hong Kong, Pakistan

Bounce Rate 48.20% (people leaving the page)

Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 3.12

Daily Time on Site  minutes  4:50 min.

Description of the Site:

Noun. plurk (plüer-kh) – A really snazzy site that allows you to showcase the events that make up your life in deliciously digestible chunks. Low in fat, 5 calories per serving, yet chock full of goodness.

Verb. plurk (plüer-kh) – To chronicle the events of your always on, action-packed, storybook, semi-charmed kinda life.

Example use: ‘Gee golly, my children are plurking all day long, what's a mother to do?'

Why join them, of course! Yes, Plurk is for everyone. We've taken the time, the complexity, and the deep introspection required out of blogging.

This isn't Billy Q. Poindexter's blog, no, no. Instead, Plurk is an easy way to chronicle and share the things you do, the way you feel…

I reached Plurk Nirvana and it was cool!  Now Plurk is attracting new readers all the time. Post follow and friend people, but be cool about it.  Engage with other people's content.  Have fun on Plurk and more people will follow you. Test, measure and scale up!

 Pressed For Time?

OK, at the very minimum, use

  1.  Twitter – You can experiment with the number of times to post your content.  Twitter is more lenient with posting guidlines for frequency
  2. facebook – 40 groups that relate to your post content a day 10 at a time spread out through the day

…to get your posts traffic.

Above is a short list.  Use that list at minimum if you are in a hurry or have very little time.  The truth is, you should spend 4 times the amount of time that it took you to write your post to syndicate it.

 A Social Bookmarking Sites List You Can Easily Use Each Time You Have A Blog Post To Syndicate

Stay tuned to this blog for the latest, each month, on the best social bookmarking sites list to use to drive traffic to your posts.  Most noteworthy,  some are for colleges, some are for designers, some are for hobbyists and some are for professionals. We'll explore many categories  this year.

 The Pluses and Minuses of Using This Blog Syndication Strategy

Minuses of Social Bookmarking Sites List Strategy

The only minus I can think of is that you can over use this strategy and get bad quality scores from Google and other search engine algorithms.  Also, Google does not like to see the same kind of traffic going to your blog posts all the time, and they will penalize you, if you say for instance, get all your traffic from Facebook blog syndication groups.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with those kinds of groups.  But, the problem occurs when all your traffic always comes from the same ISP address, because search engines like to see natural traffic flow, not all at once, but rather, built up over time as you grow your subscriber base.

It is daily consistent action and reaching out to other bloggers that gets you traffic over time.  It does not happen in a day. Therefore, the number of social bookmarking sites you register for on a daily consistent basis, and the number of sites you post on, will affect your search engine results.  Also, the amount of good traffic you get to your posts will increase. The opposite of the minuses is the pluses of using a social bookmarking sites list to syndicate your blog posts.

Pluses of Social Bookmarking Sites List Strategy

  1. Traffic to your blog post
  2. The right kind of traffic
  3. Traffic from the geographic location you want to reach
  4. Indexed in the search engines faster
  5. You get backlinks

Lots of traffic to your post from the right people.  These are people that are already, actively reading your posts and are searching for an answer to their problems. They are ready to know, like and trust you with the solution to their problems.

8fm team


You Made It!

Here Is Your First Social Bookmarking Sites List To Test

Explore one site per day.  Here are 30 additional sites for you to explore this month. You will also find 30 in our second post on search engine marketing, at the end of that post, on this topic of using a good social bookmarking sites list. Get to know it, share your content and other blogger's content, on this subject as well.

Congratulations and Good Luck!  See you next Month on the 16th!

  1. Social Marker
  2. Folkd
  3. Stumbleupon
  4. Tumblr
  5. Digg
  6. Reddit
  7. Slashdot
  8. Plurk
  9. Delicious
  10. Fark
  11. CiteUlike
  12. Connotea
  13. Diigo
  14. Metafilter
  15. Newsvine
  16. Bizsugar
  17. Design Float
  18. SiteProNews
  19. Life Hack
  20. Newsmeback
  21. Startaid
  22. Wirefan
  23. Buddymarks
  25. Dotnetkicks
  26. Faves
  27. Linkagogo
  28. Netvouz
  29. Openfaves
  30. Youmob



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    • Good question tell me more about “how to avoid bots.” Google “known bots” and see what they have to say. This could be a great new blog post for you. Have you tried to use filters and expressions in your Google Analytics? here is a good blog post covering this topic: Read the wqhiole article so you understand how to exclude bots in your analytics. Is that what you wanted? If not reach out to me and we’ll figure it out together. I certainly do not know everyuthig tghere is to know on this subject. I am always learning…so cool! Not quite sure what you are asking though, unless I ask some more questions of you,to fully what you mean by each of your separate questions. This could be a great new post, the more I think about it. Reach out to me and remind me we had this conversation. Short answer: read this post to learn more the people at Kissmetrics know there stuff. “You can easily check if a website is de-indexed from Google by doing a simple search like: “” That was from that article, and most relevant to your question. Also, Test each site you post on, with or other site information site like before you post on the site in question, to see if you like the sites linking to it, and if you like the site itself, and more importantly, is it on any spammer blacklists. Try putting the site you are thinking of using in here You can find out if it is blacklisted by a quick search of the IP address on That site. That is usually a good indication. Also put it in the search box of your favorite search engine and see what others have to say about that site you are considering. I intend to avoid bad sites myself. If you find any in any of our lists please comment and tell people. I will take it off our lists. I am checking to see if the suite is live and not a malware site only so far. Great questions! Thank you for asking them. When you get your answers you or possibly we have our next blog post, if you want to collaborate on one reach out to me. Well done Joshua! If anyone else here can answer these questions better than I did, please add to the discussion. We are always a work in progress. Together we achieve more.

  9. Tom, thanks for this excellent value filed post!! I know I certainly learned a ton by reading it. I will definitely be sending my readers, subscribers and followers to this post to get educated on social bookmarking sites. Thanks again for your effort in writing it, as I can only imagine it took you hours to research and compile the great information the post contains. Keep it up, and thank you again!!!

    • Thank you Ryan I appreciate that you will share it with others. It was a labor of love and I am very grateful for the opportunity to write it for 8FM. I learned a ton. The Internet is always changing and I certainly will never know it all, but that is the fun!

  10. An elephant of a resource, thanks Tom! Going to see how many bites it takes me to digest and implement all that you have given us. Chewing, Chewing…Swallow…ACTION! There is a lot of leverage in what you and the team are sharing with us by way of this article and the whole blog. Gotta go take another bite!!! Press On, I Support You from here in Norway!

  11. OMG!!! Tom I want to sincerely Thank you for this article. I especially like the part about broken links within a blog or a post in general both other peoples and my own. I have to go back to update or delete them. It is hard to keep up with all of them but if the post is evergreen, then it is beneficilal to go back to update them where possible to be able to collect a lead and a customer.

  12. Thank You Patricia! I have a lot of links to clean up myself. But what I find is each time I do my engagement with my audience gets better. Each new step I take to better my marketing I get better results and more people following our writing. If it can help people get what they want, we get to live and earn a living in our passion! What a great life! Thank You, and keep writing and learning from the results! I love your way of thinking!

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