61 Social Media Websites Used For Prospect Marketing Research

Social Media Websites Market Research

Ready To Take The Social Media Websites Market Research Leap?

Most of all, once you know the basics, it is time for you to take the market research leap. It is time for you to learn who your best customers are going to be. Market research is the first step in any business.  If you do not know who your best customer is you will never find them. In this post we will review 61 different social media websites you can use to gather together new groups of potential customers, and then we will show you how to use them with other social media platforms to do demographic and psychographic research on your email list.


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Social Bookmarking Sites List and How to Use The Best One

Social Bookmarking Sites List Strategy Using a great social bookmarking sites list strategy in your blogging can be the difference between you blogging for profit or as a hobby. When I first got started using this strategy I was amazed by the results.  People started to read my blog posts from around the World.  It … Read more

Search Engine Marketing Do You Need It For Your Business?

search surf find with search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing As Part Of Your Overall Business Strategy Did he want search engine marketing or search engine optimization?  I remember it like it was yesterday. I knew search engine optimization and had some success with it.  But I had not had experience with search engine marketing.   The potential client kept talking about search … Read more

Tips to Avoid Conversion Killers for Web Forms

Designing sleek, seamless landing pages, writing strong copy, A/B testing and the development of email campaigns takes up quite a bit of time for modern marketers. However, according to a study from Infinite Conversions, the majority of these efforts are being wasted. In fact, it has been proven that 75 percent to 98 percent of … Read more

Zoning In On Generation Z

Recent surveys show that young people, between 8 and 19 years old, are not only engaged heavily with modern technologies, they are already using them to learn about and plan their financial habits and futures. This demographic group, often referred to as “Generation Z”, has grown up with the Internet as part of their lives, … Read more

The 3 Best Blog Monetization Models in 2016 (And Beyond)

3 Best Blog Monetization Models in 2016

Is your blog in the red?

To be profitable, your blog should be making more than enough to cover the costs of running your blog: web hosting, domain name registration, premium themes and plugins, and custom graphics.

That’s just for starters. Does your blog also pay for your email management system, stock images, training programs, and maybe even a virtual assistant?

Most of all—and many bloggers don’t realize this—is your blog making enough money to pay for your time? Try a little math here:

Let’s say your blog brought in $100 last month and you worked on it for 15 hours. That means you earned $6.67 per hour—and we haven’t even accounted for the other costs mentioned earlier. Would you accept a job that paid you $6.67 per hour?

If right now you’re thinking, “I need to make more money with my blog!” then read on.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the three best blog monetization strategies in 2016—and beyond. These same strategies helped me pay off $250,000 in debt and build a multi-million dollar business.

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Six CRM Systems That Can Help You Build Your Lead List

Whether you’re an enterprise business or a small startup, driving and managing leads is critical to your overall success. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems can make all the difference, particularly if you’re in a place where you want to scale. They can help you track your leads, prompt you to take actions when leads reach … Read more