The 3 Best Blog Monetization Models in 2016 (And Beyond)

3 Best Blog Monetization Models in 2016

Is your blog in the red?

To be profitable, your blog should be making more than enough to cover the costs of running your blog: web hosting, domain name registration, premium themes and plugins, and custom graphics.

That’s just for starters. Does your blog also pay for your email management system, stock images, training programs, and maybe even a virtual assistant?

Most of all—and many bloggers don’t realize this—is your blog making enough money to pay for your time? Try a little math here:

Let’s say your blog brought in $100 last month and you worked on it for 15 hours. That means you earned $6.67 per hour—and we haven’t even accounted for the other costs mentioned earlier. Would you accept a job that paid you $6.67 per hour?

If right now you’re thinking, “I need to make more money with my blog!” then read on.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the three best blog monetization strategies in 2016—and beyond. These same strategies helped me pay off $250,000 in debt and build a multi-million dollar business.

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