What Every Marketer Should Know about Blog Writing

Here at Team Project Mayhem, we know the importance of marketing for every business, so we claim that 80% of your business time is marketing. However, successful marketing is like a puzzle, and it has its own elements. One of such elements is blog writing.


If you want to drive traffic to your site, you need to provide your audience with interesting and useful information only. Thus, blog writing is a key to success.

Being inspired by OmniPapers infographic about writing a blog post, we've decided to share useful information with you. In fact, you can use this infographic as a step-by-step guide to blog writing, but don't stop reading this article as you're going to find some useful insights.

So, what every marketer should know about blog writing? In short, a lot!

If you want to know details, take a look at the following information.

A good blog post should:

  • have interesting and unique idea
  • attract readers with its headline
  • hook audience from the start
  • include different types of content
  • cause buzz

Pick up an interesting and unique idea

So, you're a marketer. It means you might know your audience's needs from A to Z. Thus, you know what ideas and themes are interesting to your audience. Once you understand what to write, do research to create not only interesting but useful content as well.

Create a good headline to attract readers

Statistics shows that 80% of people read the headline while only 20% of them keep on reading the rest text. Proficient copywriters would agree that creating an eye-catchy headline is important. To attract more readers and, therefore, drive more traffic to your website, do your best to generate an ultra-specific headline that grabs attention.
If you can't create a good headline, draw inspiration from best practices.

Write a good intro to hook audience

While writing the first paragraph, an introduction, most writers face a problem: how to hook their audience. Of course, the number one thing all copywriters should do is to create a good intro where they write a strong thesis statement to provoke discussion. Writing a hook at the end of your intro is a well-known writing technique.

Actually, writing an interesting intro with a hook is not enough. You need to enhance readability and make your text more scannable. Let's call a spade a spade: there are so many textual content on the web that it is so easy to find something to read. It is you who need to hook your audience in any possible way, so do your best.

Add visual content

How many times did you quit reading a good article? I bet you did it many times, but not all people think about the reason.

Revealed: people crave visual content. If you can't explain something important by words, put a visual to prove your thoughts.

No matter what type of visual content do you choose, whether a photo, a video, or an infographic, do your best to include the most relevant visual.

Include a call to action at the end

The final thing you should do is to sum up ideas from your text. Organize it in a good way to give your audience a chance to decide what point they support. If you want to attract more people and grow your traffic, include a call to action sentence at the end to cause buzz. The more people discuss your text, the more important your information is.

Do you think you know everything about blog writing? Maybe, you have your own tricks about it? Don't hesitate to drop us a line or leave your comment!

How to Bake a Texty Cake – Infographic by Emily from OmniPapers

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16 thoughts on “What Every Marketer Should Know about Blog Writing

  1. Great idea to compare a good “blog recipe” to food, something just about everyone understands. Creating a blog post is like creating a recipe….you miss something….it just doesn’t have the same “flavor and appeal”. 🙂

    • As I’m a passionate cook, I’ve found a lot in common between cooking and writing a blog post. And as for me, so I believe that blog writing has its ‘flavor and appeal’. However, it is individual as all of us perceive information in our own way.

    • 🙂 Actually, it is a hard thing to do. You might know that crafting media-savvy article is time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, blog writing can be fun as well.

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