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268973_10150316885753474_538118473_9163213_7567302_n-198x300Who is Lawrence Tam?  A retired Mechanical Engineer at the age of 33.  A dedicated father of 3. A devoted husband to the girl he first met in middle school, became high school sweethearts, and has been with for more than 1/2 his life.

Lawrence was born and raised in Houston, Texas (Alief to be exact) to parents who immigrated from Hong Kong in hopes of creating a better life for their family.  Not one to be considered a brainiac, he delved into sports, tennis, basketball, ping pong (yes that is a sport), especially football.  Being the obedient son that he is, when he graduated high school, he joined the US Marines Corp Reserves since that is what his parents thought would set him apart from the other 30,000 students that apply to the University of Texas at Austin each year.  He was, surprisingly, medically discharged from the USMC Reserves due to being diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma.  He subsequently was accepted into the Mechanical Engineering School at the University of Texas based solely upon his high school accolades (but being in 4 Years of high school football helped).


He surrendered his life to the Lord’s plan for him, and what a plan that has turned out to be.  What started off as looking for ways to chip away at his financial responsibilities, has turned into exceptional financial independence for him and his family.  To live debt free was a far stretch with a normal 8-5 job.  Internet marketing has provided him a life with  the ability for his wife to stay at home, all the kid’s college tuitions taken care of, and early retirement.


He was determined to succeed, despite all the obstacles that stood before him.  After working at his full-time day job, he came home to spend quality time with his kids before they went to bed.  Then, his alter-ego, LT the marketer, would kick in until he was exhausted from the non-stop action of a day, sleep for 5 hours, and then it starts all over again.  To go along with this rigorous schedule, his wife was not on board with this new endeavor at the start.  Instead of seeing it as the sacrificial act that it was, she saw it as a “project” that was taking time away from their alone time.  Thank goodness he had the insight to fight through all these hurdles.  His hope is to teach, inspire, and encourage his fellow marketing colleagues to rise above and grab ahold of everything this industry has to offer. So what is that? Being free, loving life and sharing with others.

Lawrence Tam

Helping people since 2007 get online and make some money. Living a happy and healthy lifestyle by playing online and Generating his first million in 2013 with 3 kids and doing most of it part time while working as a Mechanical Engineer. Go through his 10 videos on Marketing by clicking here.

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