How To Start a Successful Coaching Business

Successful Coaching Biz

Coaching has become a growing industry for those who desire to call their own shots while helping others with their talent, passion and expertise.

There is no lack of example of coaches who work 30 – 40 hours (or less) a week, and generate a cushy 6-figure income.

It’s not pie in the sky either. Here is the math for a coach who only works with private clients and have a few information products to sell – without having to worry about creating group programs or doing big fancy product launches:

One new platinum client per month: $5,000
Two VIP day clients per month: 2x$1,500 = $3,000
Sales of information products: 10x$50 = $500
Total: $8,500 per month (aka, a 6-figure income!)

(note: the numbers used as example here is pretty moderate, and definitely attainable for coaches with some experience.)

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