4 Questions to Generate Killer Content Ideas

Creating a blog for your website is a great idea. It can generate links, comments and social shares. However, in order to generate all this ‘buzz’ you have to have content worth sharing and linking to and commenting on. This is often easier said than done.

While you can write on generic topics you find relevant to your niche or service, this usually doesn’t generate much attention. If you are ready to create epic content that gets the attention you want and deserve, ask these four questions.

What’s Everyone Talking About?

It can be hard to stay updated on all the trends online; however, there are a number of tools and tricks to use to help this along. You can set up Twitter lists, search for trending hashtags on Facebook and even use news aggregators such as Feedly to see all of the latest news from custom picked industry blogs.

Helpful Tip: When you talk about what people want to know, it will generate interest, clicks, shares and traffic so spend some time each day reading up on the latest trending topics.

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