Tips to Avoid Conversion Killers for Web Forms

Designing sleek, seamless landing pages, writing strong copy, A/B testing and the development of email campaigns takes up quite a bit of time for modern marketers. However, according to a study from Infinite Conversions, the majority of these efforts are being wasted. In fact, it has been proven that 75 percent to 98 percent of … Read more

Zoning In On Generation Z

Recent surveys show that young people, between 8 and 19 years old, are not only engaged heavily with modern technologies, they are already using them to learn about and plan their financial habits and futures. This demographic group, often referred to as “Generation Z”, has grown up with the Internet as part of their lives, … Read more

3 Additional Features to Use for Mobile Responsive Sites

Remember the worry about Mobile-geddon, the Google update that was rumored to drive websites that were not mobile-friendly down in organic search results? According to a study conducted by digital-marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting, sites that were not able to meet the criteria for mobile-friendliness were indeed penalized with lower positions in search results. Some sites fell as much as 12% in search rankings the first two months after the algorithm update was implemented. Google has directly stated that mobile responsive designs are the preferred configuration.

As website owners have upgraded and improved their sites to meet the new standards, more apps and features were developed for mobile responsive sites. The following are 3 additional features you can use on your site to give visitors a better experience.

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The Facebook Video Strategy: Why You Need One Now!

Many page owners have struggled with their love/hate relationship with Facebook. In the past, it was a great way to market your product or service though text and images. However, for page owners that didn’t keep up with the algorithm changes implemented by Facebook, happiness quickly turned into frustration. Facebook made it so only your … Read more

Shave Hours Off Your Social Media Marketing with these 5 Tips

Up to 94 percent of all small to medium business owners in the United States are leveraging social media for marketing what they have to offer to their audience. There are quite a few that are doing this extremely successfully. In fact, up to 60 percent of all the businesses embracing social media have claimed that this marketing has helped them acquire new customers.

In fact, the more success your business has, the better you are likely going to be at social media marketing. According to a recent study:

  • 91 percent of businesses increased their brand awareness
  • 82 percent generated more (new) leads

However, if you are just now beginning a social media marketing, it can be overwhelming and frustrating. In fact, you have likely found that to get any traction at all, you are having to spend hour after hour finding content, posting content and responding to comments.

The good news is there are a number of steps you can take – 5 in fact – to help and minimize the amount of time you spend on your social media marketing efforts.

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4 Questions to Generate Killer Content Ideas

Creating a blog for your website is a great idea. It can generate links, comments and social shares. However, in order to generate all this ‘buzz’ you have to have content worth sharing and linking to and commenting on. This is often easier said than done.

While you can write on generic topics you find relevant to your niche or service, this usually doesn’t generate much attention. If you are ready to create epic content that gets the attention you want and deserve, ask these four questions.

What’s Everyone Talking About?

It can be hard to stay updated on all the trends online; however, there are a number of tools and tricks to use to help this along. You can set up Twitter lists, search for trending hashtags on Facebook and even use news aggregators such as Feedly to see all of the latest news from custom picked industry blogs.

Helpful Tip: When you talk about what people want to know, it will generate interest, clicks, shares and traffic so spend some time each day reading up on the latest trending topics.

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Psychology of Marketing

Tapping into the Mindset of Your Potential Buyers

When it comes to being a successful marketer, it’s essential to understand why and how people think and act. It’s much more difficult to try and come up with creative and compelling content marketing if you don’t know what would compel your potential audience in the first place.

Before jumping on board and getting down into the inner workings of marketing it’s helpful to learn how people really operate. Understanding a few key principles of psychology can help make your marketing go from good to superb! Because when the right audience is reading and identifying with your content they are more likely to become a buyer, instead of just a potential one.

To attract, convince and convert more potential buyers into buyers with your marketing you really should understand the basics in the following psychology lessons.

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