Search Engine Marketing Do You Need It For Your Business?

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Search Engine Marketing As Part Of Your Overall Business Strategy Did he want search engine marketing or search engine optimization?  I remember it like it was yesterday. I knew search engine optimization and had some success with it.  But I had not had experience with search engine marketing.   The potential client kept talking about search … Read more

Tried and Tested Ways of Getting Your Small Business on the First Page of Google

You had a dream, you set out to make it happen, and a new business was born. The birth of your brainchild was one of the most significant moments of your life. You put in lots of hours, marketed your business, but recognition was slow in coming. A few years later, you’re still working hard to create a name for yourself in the industry. However, did you know that you can grow your business by simply getting ranked well by Google? With over 95% of people searching for local products and services online, getting high rankings is the dream of every website owner. So, stop focusing on the wrong things and grow your business with Google.

Use these SEO tips for small businesses to enjoy high rankings on Google.

Provide Great Content

As a small business, your greatest challenge may be finding capital to invest in online marketing. However, you can start small by providing great and relevant content on your website. Post on your blog regularly to keep visitors coming back and Google will become your friend. Within no time, you will start making ripples in the business waters. These days, Google is everything. If you are not on the first page, you barely exist. Only a handful of people go beyond the first page.

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