Hey Copywriters! Use these 7 Writing Tips To Make Your Work Shine

How can improve your copywriting so you can close sales?

What writing tricks can you borrow from the playbooks of the pros so that you look like a more talented and professional writer?

In this blog post, I'll explain seven simple but effective writing tips that you can use today to make your web copy standout.

 1. Grab ‘Em By the Eye Balls

Your readers and customers don’t click on boring, bland or unsexy headlines.

As a writer, it’s your job to grab them by the eye-balls with an engaging headline.

If you're struggling to find a good headline for your article, take a look at magazine covers like Cosmo.

The writers for magazines like Cosmo are well-paid pros, and you can easily rework any of these proven headlines to suit your copywriting.

For example, I recently adapted the headline 10 Sex Myths Busted! and turned it into 10 Writing Myths Busted!.

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