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One of the biggest problems, why most people do not join network marketing is because they have to build a team, which is how the team building formula became in existence. When in reality, many are doing their best just to bring people in their business, much less know how to keep a team around… and train them!

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Most come into the industry because they have a success dream.

Get them out of the situation they are now…


No telemarketing.

No more having a home business that is really at someone else's home… that you had to travel too!

Or wandering and around busy places like the mall or Wal-Mart just to find new people to talk to about your business.

What would you do if you could live where you want do what you want?

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When you find out what it's really about your vision. You have to show other people that is truly about service to others. Find ways to create a family. A way to motivate them. How to keep the team together. Working as a team to help grow.

Leaders to be leaders.

Keep them around with dedication.

What you will find in Module 1 of the Team Building Formula is learning the strategies behind how to Set Your Outcome, How to Teach Your System and How to Manage Expectations, so these strategies and principles can be applied in any environment.


How do you show your dedication for your team to stay around?

Here are some of the challenges you could be facing:
• You’ve recruited, you’ve built an organization and your team won’t duplicate.
• You’ve built a team and then had it fall apart
• You’ve had people on your team who are working really hard and getting no results at all
• You’ve had a leader leave your team
• You’ve started to duplicate an organization or started to grow a business and then your time just immediately gets filled from morning to night with nonsense

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It's all just a form of SALES.

Read carefully from a powerful inside team building formula coaching story from Chris Record. He knows these core concepts on the back of his hand and will tell you how it is:


“When I want to create income, I focus on selling, since that's the #1 income producing activity that we can focus on.

That doesn't mean we are all amazing at sales. It takes time to learn. But once you learn how to sell, you can create as much abundance as you are motivated to create. With any company, any opportunity, any industry, any lead source, etc.

The art of selling is something that can be learned. You can actually get so good where you don't even need leads. Where you have more business than you could possibly handle at any given moment, where you are actually turning down sales!

We all have different levels of motivation as well.

When I first got started in network marketing, I was willing to do whatever it took to succeed. So I would literally try to sell anyone who came in contact with me, 24/7. Because I was broke, and this was the way out of my mess.

chris record
*Income results are not typical.

And it worked!

I've done my best to improve my sales skills every day for the past decade. And for the next decade I want to improve and get 10x better and beyond.

I've read literally dozens and dozens of sales books. I've attended sales workshops. I've studied other sales professionals. I love getting pitched stuff because that's the best opportunity in the world to learn, and most of the time it's free!

When you are good at sales, leads doesn't really become the issue. There are millions of people out there that are looking for opportunities to improve their health, wealth, and overall happiness. In fact, I rarely meet someone that isn't. So technically, almost everyone is a “lead”.

But it requires selling them something. And that's where most people fail. Because they subconsciously don't want to face rejection, and they don't even realize that, so they avoid selling every day.

When I first started in Empower I was pitching 10-20 people every single day, without missing a day for my first month or so. That's how I crushed out roughly $10k in commissions that month.

It's not like people were just going to randomly join me, or randomly join Empower. It took some persuasion. It took some explaining. They needed to understand the comp plan. They had questions. Objections. Excuses to overcome, etc.

My years of sales training made it easier for me to persuade people, so that was my advantage. But I put in work to get to that point. It's not like my income was a handout.

When I got started with Empower I was working a corporate job (career opportunity with stock options), so I had one hour max each day to build the business. So in that one hour I would literally “pitch” as many people as I possibly could. I would share my passion, share my pitch, and do my best to close them.

Not everyone joined, but enough joined to make half a million dollars with the company. So that's the strategy that worked for me.

When you improve your sales skills, you are improving a foundation that you can build from for the rest of your life. Where you keep getting better and better every day, week, month, year, and put yourself in a position to never have to worry about money again, because you could always sell yourself out of any jam.

So for me, it comes down to Sales.

That's the real skill. And I say this because I could give someone 1,000 hot leads, but if they can't sell them, then those leads are worth nothing to do them.

I focus on selling one person, then scaling up to sell 10, then scaling up to sell 100, then scaling up to sell thousands.

Leads is generally never the issue. It's sales skills. Leads are what give us “practice”. It's one way to find people to practice our pitch on.

Our pitch might be passive, where we run them through a funnel. But that pitch will never improve our sales skills, so we will likely jump from opportunity to opportunity, never improving, and always starting over from scratch again.

I love the hands on experience. I love listening to a good sales person with a good pitch. And practicing. And believing that I can do that pitch myself. Then going out and doing it, with passion, not worrying about whether they join or not, because I know that I will GAIN with each pitch and become better and better.

No's will often improve our sales skills more than Yes's will. So I don't mind no's. I learn what I did wrong and right, and make constant course corrections.

Sales is a vital skill for anyone in Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, or Affiliate Marketing. So my advice is to focus on that. If you aren't pitching your business to 10-20 people per day, you probably aren't playing a high enough numbers game to see the results that you want to see.

I launched a product called Dark Post Profits. I got hundreds of affiliates to promote it. But there wasn't a single affiliate that sold more than I sold personally. Because EVERY SINGLE DAY I was making sales, through fb chat, text messages, emails, and even in person.

I loved the accountability that I put on myself to lead by example, to make that product successful no matter what, regardless of what any other affiliates did. And that's why that product sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth, and became a hit.

It's just an example. But the point is that I could use the same sales motivation to literally sell any affiliate product that I fell in love with. If the product sold for $100, and I made $50, if I pitched 20 people per day, I'm sure I could close at least 6, which would be $300 per day, which is a 6-figure income.

It's this type of attitude that I have towards sales. I've learned to LOVE sales. I've learned to recognize that people are going to spend money every single day whether I sell them or not. I'd rather be the one selling them, so that I can support my family, full time, working from home, and give them the life they deserve while at the same time delivering more value to the marketplace with good products and services.

So there is my short version

Improving Sales Skills is often the Solution for More Success.”


Module 2 of the Team Building Formula shows the insights of the Core Concepts To Build This Business

Team System, Duplication to Belief, Vision and Motivation:

First, Learning the Team System:
• You’ll know the difference between someone who should be constructing a team system, and someone who shouldn’t.
• Encourage healthy team duplication by building systems that your team can use.
• The system should allow for rapid recruiting and team growth through duplication.
Understanding Duplication:
• Duplication is when your team can sell stuff without you having to be there.
• Duplication is building something in a way to whereby the act of selling it causes other people to sell it.
When you change your belief system, the way you act also changes.
• We’re creating belief changes on the inside that affect people on the outside.
• Belief changes on the inside produce action changes on the outside.
Creating Your Vision
• You need to have a vision and it has to be attractive to people.
• You can sell your company and your products, but more importantly you’re selling your vision and what you’re going to do. That’s what people are going to line up with you for. That’s why they’re going to stay around you.
Your Motivation
• You must be motivated by something that’s internal, that doesn’t change. If your motivation changes, you won’t be able to build teams.


Is Duplication Over-rated in the Team Building Formula?

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I could give plenty of examples both ways. This is a true controversial issue in the industry. With the famous saying: Look he's doing it, so can I!

Let's look at what is really being duplicated here for this team building formula to work:

Module 3 Shows the Real Team Building Principles

This is just the first part in the law of duplication!

For something to duplicate you have to give what’s working to people who don’t know how to do it.

The Law of the Story: Using stories while you teach will help people retain your message.
Law of the Third Party: The ability to get people to listen to you comes from some social authority, and social authority is created from edification. Using a Google Hangout, A Live Event, a Webinar or a Conference call to bring your third part to the mix. The power triangle is developing authority with people when you don’t have any authority.
The Law of Promotion: Everything you’re doing, from selling, to events, to speaking, is always promoting, all the time.
The Time-Gap Law: Every time you don’t do something that you could do with someone, you’re losing time. This mistake will replicate.
What Duplicates Has to Work and What Works Has to Duplicate: All duplication strategies must maintain the same workload or they turn into a time trap.
The Law of The Fast Start: The first activity you want someone to do when new people join your business should result in someone else joining.
Viral Sustainability: Whatever you’re doing needs to sustain itself. For example, when you start a process, it needs be able to sustain itself when you remove yourself from the process.
The Law of Duplication Levels: For something to duplicate you have to give what’s working to people who don’t know how to do it, and it must work without them understanding why it works.
Leaders: Leaders come from someone else’s sphere of influence. And, that person is typically not a leader – Everyone knows a leader but not everyone is one.


Build through systems that is not you. This is where many get their branding wrong! Are you asking:

Why doesn’t my team grow beyond my spear of influence? Is something wrong? What should I blame?

What am I doing that is causing this problem that will go away?

Problems don’t just go away.

What if I just make a lot of money?

When you grow teams, will it over come things?

Don’t try to do everything on your own! Be aware because if your team does that, you will never grow past a couple hundred.

With 300 people, you make almost nothing.

Then you have to scramble all the time.

Build organization, and get out of the way!

David Wood shares inside the Team Building Formula another powerful story inside this product that will show exactly how he didn't even know he had team members in another country!

There is another law of duplication to this Team Building Formula?

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Module 4 Continues the Team Building Principals

  •  Law of the Producer Leader: Do everything in groups. Only teach while you’re doing. Personal conversations should always sell and promote.
  • Law of Numbers: Your main focus should be on 2 items: Bringing in the numbers to find the Leaders, teaching the leaders to bring in the numbers
  • Training Efficiency Law: The system trains people all the time. You don’t train them. You don’t train your team to train people. The only time you’re going to train people is when you’re selling. Training is a much better way to get people to meetings than selling.

Take your ego out the door and listen!

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How Do You Grow Momentum?

Team Building Formula focuses on growth on the outside.

If you want to team to grow, you have to grow. You have to grow on the inside or you will not keep people around.

If they out grow you, they are gone!

Be treated bigger all the time.

Dream about bigger dreams.

Bigger future.

Be around someone that is moving on. If you are not moving on, your stuck.

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Inside Module 5 You'll Find The 3rd Law of Momentum and Tap Root

The Laws of Momentum:
The Time Gap Law: Every time something stops, you have to restart it again. You never want it to stop because it replicates and replicates on a massive scale.
The System Ambiguity Law: Because of The Time Gap principle, your system has to be built in a way that is timeless and ambiguous, or your processes and systems have to be recreated every time the market changes, and your momentum and synergy will restart at zero every six months.
The Synergy Effect Law: You need to have one vision, one training system, and one cultural system and stay consistent in your messaging.
The Tap Root Effect: If you excite a person, you excite a person, but if you excite someone below them in their organization, it excites everyone in the whole sponsorship tree. It’s like lighting a fire at the bottom.
The Law of the Lid: People will only be able to grow a business to the capacity that is limited by their internal belief sets, knowledge, level of action, and level of work. You are the lid on your organization. If you want your team to grow – you have to grow. Your team will only grow as big as you are, so you have to keep growing and dreaming bigger all the time. If you team grows bigger than you are, usually it will fall back down to how big you are sometime in the future.
The Distraction Principle: If something negative happens in your business, you solve it with a promotion that’s louder than the distraction.


Have a vision, a Strong source of motivation…

If not, you never do anything…

Never bring in any body.

That’s the thing that motivates me. You are looking for motivated.

Motivated from inside.

No one gets up, and says Dave, go to work…

If you did it, would it get you mad?

When you are motivated by something internal and you'll find yourself not wanting to change.

Are you up down and all over the place?

No one wants to be around you.

Next thing you need to do is massive action toward producing to see a real team applying the principals of the team building formula.

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Module 6 is part 4 of getting inside the Laws of Belief, Dream Building and Vision

The Vampire Law: The new blood is the lifeblood of an organization and it’s the furthest person downline who’s the most excited and who’s producing the most. You want to constantly look for who’s new that you can get out in front of people.
The Law of Belief Change: People will not change what they’re doing if you don’t change what they believe. Everything that you’re doing and saying must be done with the specific intention of creating belief shifts in the people around you, which will change their energy.
The Law of The Dream Builder: The core task of a team builder is building the dreams of their team. When a person builds a dream on the inside, they build a new world on the outside. By helping people build a dream, they automatically start to create a new world. Building dreams builds your team.
The Law of Alignment: Every action you take must be done in full alignment – with belief in yourself, belief in your company and products, belief in your prospects and list, belief in your team and leadership, and belief that WHAT YOU DO is going to create the result that you want. It has to line up from the inside on what you’re doing.
The Law of the Vision: Your vision needs to be compelling to people in your organization and people who are looking at joining.
Principle of the Inner Circle: As your organization gets more and more removed from you generational then you get more powerful.



Law of the Producer Leader – Everything you do. Do as many as you can at the same time.

  1. Training
  2. Selling
  3. Upselling
  4. Creating downline production
  5. Creating culture
  6. Promoting next event
  7. Next event after that.
  8. One on one – only things that don’t trap you is selling, upselling and promoting to next event.

Keep adjusting your strategy inside your team building formula.

Clarify where you are going if you are frustrated. Failure is not a bad thing.

Re-clarify vision. No one never frustrated ever. We all experience this!

Your big dream will accomplish big things.

You will automatically shift people outside.

Demonstrate what they want to be or you won’t believe it.

Been lower than they are, you have to believe in them. It’s real, they start to believe too.

When people start to believe in their dreams they live in their behavior to build them.


What Activities Do You Do With Your Team To Keep Their Strong Belief?

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Module 7 of the Team Building Formula focuses on your team activity system.

  • Create a Schedule: You need a Schedule Since all things in teams are done in groups, you need to have a schedule of when you gather as a team to get things done.
  • Have weekly team meetings: Planning, lead generation, connecting with list, connecting with prospects
  • Monthly Activities: Monthly training event
  • Quarterly Activities: Private team gatherings around national events
  • Benefits from having weekly meetings
    – Preparation of content to teach during your meetings will help you learn
    – Better communication
    – Bigger list
    – Become an inspirational communicator
  • When people gather together…
    – They build relationships
    – They change beliefs
    – They see other people that they knew before changing and feel compelled to change
    – They have breakthroughs

When you believe in something, give it all that you have!

Think who are the best teachers in the world? Start acting like that.


What is Team Building Formula? Is It Too Much Work?

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Module 8 completes the Team Building Formulas:

It IS getting your whole group to operate in a way where everyone works toward one direction, which is producing sales.

Formulas to build your organization:
• Respond to something by selling.
• Respond by upselling.
• Respond by promoting.
• Respond to an objection by selling or promoting.
• Use story patterns.
Get to the next level: Produce in width, you produce in depth and you do it in a way that will duplicate.
Edification: Every time someone gets a result, edify the people who are doing the right behaviors and tell people about it.
Conflict Resolution: You must be willing to resolve problems. Ignoring problems does not make them
go away.

Know your focus. Build sales. Build skills. Be precise on what you are doing.

When you are so focused on your team building formula and believe it, does the amount of work matter?


Focus on creating a winning promotional plan with this team building formula for your team, just like we leverage the team blog here. It has personally bring more eyeballs to content that I leverage. Seeing the results shared in Slide Share is just one example:

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8-20-2014 8-58-39 PM


What's the next step to truly apply the Team Building Formula?

Education and skills is what no one can take away from you.

Get inside this product and start applying what you learn. Huge shifts and insights has helped me when my entire team quit. There are specific strategies and advice given on what happens in certain situations, like your team quitting and more big events that come up and how you can work around them that blew me away!

Share in the comments below with your team building formula advice you have experienced in building teams!

Team Building Formula

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