What Is Uber? – The Reigning Car Service

No Serious… What is Uber?

What is Uber, you ask. Uber, a car service application, came into being in 2009. People with Android and iOS devices can download the app, have the car come to them, and travel with ease to their desired location. People in search of new job opportunities have also contacted Uber for employment as drivers for the company. If you are in the job market and want to earn additional cash, you can work for Uber and earn handsomely. You can travel in the car; make money driving, or both.


How Uber Operates – Uber Provides Quick Registration Process

Working or riding in an Uber car is beneficial for both the driver and the rider. For a rider, it takes only a few clicks to join the vast network of Uber. Here’s all you need to do to get started:

  • Visit their website to sign up with the service, or register directly from their mobile application
  • Read their terms and conditions and click agree
  • Enter Your Credit Card Information
  • Download the Application on Your Smartphone
  • You are ready to use Uber’s car service

With a process this easy, it does not surprise me that the company gets over 398,000 signups. The image below was a screenshot of the company’s records leaked in December of last year. The chart shows that, in the months of November and October, the car service showed a significant growth in revenue with over $1 billion in car bookings.


What are Six Vehicles that Uber Provides?

Uber has made five types of cars available for you to travel in. You can look at their picture, the type of car, and their number from the map provided in the app. You can choose amongst the following vehicle options:

  1. Taxi– These taxis work for Uber and have signed a contract with them. Unlike other taxis where the rider has to pay cash on arrival, the cab driver is paid via the app.
  2. SUV– If more than one person is going, an SUV can be called, which can house up to six people.
  3. UberX– Compared to all the other cars offered by the company, this is the most inexpensive option. The car can seat up to four people and is categorized as an everyday car.
  4. Black Car– Initially, this was the car that Uber used when it launched in 2009. The black Car offers an upscale riding experience. Room for 4 passengers.
  5. LUX– Those who want to travel in style can choose the company’s LUX service. The LUX car service is expensive, but let’s one ride in true luxury.


What is Uber’s Billion Dollar Idea

What is the name of the first country to be exposed to Uber? People living in Vancouver, Canada were the first passengers of the company. Soon, the trend of instant car service caught on in nations such as United Kingdom, Australia, and United States. Now, the company has become a $3.4 billion empire leaving behind LYFT and Sidecar, their once competitors. The reason for their success lies in their innovative ideas that the team at Uber regularly comes up with.

The chart below shows that the company ranks in the top 1000 in app stores of 137 countries and is functional in 25 countries:


The founder of the company, Steve Kalanick, previously said that he had grand plans for his car service company. He wanted to provide customers with another unique facility of delivering packages from one location to another. The company’s founder talked about a courier service that individuals could hire to deliver packages to their friends and family.

Whether you want to surprise your significant other or parents with a gift, you would be able to use their car service to deliver the gift to them. Finally, his dream became a reality and the company on April 6, 2014 introduced UberRush. What is it that customers get with the courier facility of Uber?

With UberRush, customers can track delivery progress and send gifts to people located within their region. According to the company’s blog, people will find that their courier service is 30% cheaper to deliver packages to people residing in the same locality as them. The chart below is a comparison of the new and old delivery charges of what is uber today:


Now customers have more than one use for their car service and if they continue to expand like this, their revenues will remain on the rise. The company’s personal blog also announced that they are hiring bike messengers to join their team. People who have not joined them in their venture or have not tried their car service yet are missing a chance of a lifetime.


How did Uber became an Alternative to a Taxi

The days of waving your hands to hail the taxi are over. Ever since the company gained momentum with the public, taxis have started fading away. People are keener to use their smartphone to call a car service for travel purposes instead. In today’s age, people have adopted a new form of communication.

Even for the simplest task, people use their handheld device or smartphone. Like the rest of the world, I also use my smartphone to communicate with my friends, family, colleagues, the public, or to call a car service. The Uber Empire was not far behind when companies like Sidecar and Lyft sprang up. Uber, through their marketing tactics, established themselves as the number one contender. How did Uber manage to surpass taxis?

People using the company’s car service no longer have to book in advance; when it is raining, they can call the car service immediately. One doesn’t even have to bother dealing with rude drivers anymore either. The company is now a global success that continues to expand their horizons. Convenience of call on demand and how has Uber provided it?

With an on-call service, people get clean vehicles, friendly drivers, and drivers fluent in conversing in English. No matter what location the person is in the city, the Uber driver will pick them and drop them safely to their location. In fact, people have started using car services such as Uber more often.

Recently, cab drivers in London made a claim protesting the ban of car services. On June 11, 2014, cab drivers in London’s Trafalgar Square drove slowly around the area causing a traffic jam. The cabbies were unwelcoming of the new competition in town, as potential clients were being lost to the Uber drivers. What is the reason behind their dislike for Uber?

It all comes down to the taximeter, which is used to tell customers the final price at the end of the journey. Something you will not find in an Uber car though. The company’s app informs people of the price prior to them calling for their service. While in other parts of the world, taxi drivers complain that the drivers do not have to file for a license or pay taxes as they do. I think the biggest reason for them to pout is that the company is stealing their customers.

What is Uber’s Marketing Strategy

Each city they traveled to, they adopted a new marketing strategy; they knew what worked for San Francisco will not work for New York. They recruited suppliers and understood the needs of the people. As the chart depicts, the company relied on word of mouth and provided people with free rides.

The company strongly believed that people needed an alternative to taxis and conventional ways to travel. Soon, word of their mission got out and people downloaded their apps with people vying for a position to join the company as a driver. People became hooked to their car service relying on them for all their transport needs.



What is fun about acquiring the car services of Uber?

What are the primary benefits of contacting Uber?

What is Uber doing to attract typical customers away from the cab services? When you contact the car service, you will be provided with several options of cars and drivers. You can choose the driver based on their rating and the car based on your needs. The app lets the rider know beforehand how much money it will take to go from their current location to the next one. After the driver and the car are decided, mark your destination.

This lets the driver know where they have to pick you up from and where to drop you. Another neat feature of this app is that the driver knows your name and you know theirs. If you had a good riding experience with the driver, you can rate them. In fact, unbeknownst to you, Uber drivers also have their own rating system where they rate the customer.

Although the driver will never disclose the rating they gave you, asking them is worth a shot. The rating system helps not only other riders select a driver, but also helps the company pair the same rider with the same driver the next time that person requests for the car service. After hearing about this car service so much, I thought to try it as well and that is what is Uber is about. Trying something new and feeling good about it.

I acquired the Uber’s car service and was pleasantly surprised by how quick the driver came to pick me up. I learned that the app locates drivers that are near the area and sends them out to the rider. Another thing that impressed me was the number of people that worked for Uber. It is astounding how many people the company has begun to recruit.


Why is Uber’s Car Service Company the Fastest Growing Job Market

Travis Klanick, the co-founder and CEO of Uber stated, “Currently, our company employs 550 people and towards the end of 2014, we are looking to provide jobs for over 1,000 people.”

Over the years, the company has broadened its reach and has established themselves in over sixty cities. If you are living in one of those cities, you can apply to become an Uber driver and be what is uber at it's core, a company giving people a chance to use their cars for income. The company offers people a chance to make a good amount of money driving people around either in their own car or a car supplied by the company.

What is the Income of a Driver working for Uber?

People with a passion for driving should consider applying for the position of a driver. Even if you just want to earn some extra money, this job can help you do that. This billion-dollar company only takes 20% of the driver’s commission. Regardless of how many people you pick and drop, at the end of the day you will be saving up money. Opportunities like this do not come often and you should really jump to take it.


What is Uber’s Process to Become an Uber Driver

Are you looking to become an Uber driver? Before you sign your name up for employment, I need to tell you the strict employment procedures that the company takes when hiring.

  • Visit the company’s headquarters.
  • You will sit through a downloadable video test
  • If you get shortlisted, they will conduct a background check on you, both federal and county.
  • If they find that you committed any felonies or were convicted of a crime, they will reject you.
  • People who get accepted will stand in line with a dozen other people waiting to get their turn
  • Someone will hand you an iPhone 5 with the Uber application installed on it.

A driver working for Uber makes $500 a week driving around in New York City for four to six hours per day and five days a week. The driver says, “If people are willing to sacrifice their weekend and work the same hours, they can earn more.” A statement that you basically builds on what is Uber, a platform to get a side job at the expensive of taking on another job.


Why Join Uber – Is it For Everyone?

Uber continues to rank at the top of the pyramid, as the company that has conquered various territories, replaced taxis, and has managed to gain a mass following. My opinion regarding the company is that people looking to abuse their car should look into it. Personally, I'm not too sure I would want strangers in my car. Do you now know “What is Uber” now?

This company began by providing people with limousine cars and moved on to provide people with economical means to travel. The turnout of this company over the period has been stellar and they continue to dominate 2014.

I hope that through my blog, you learned something new and maybe the next time I hail an Uber car, I may just see you sitting behind the wheel. Because let's be real… We need people to work. It's sad but true.

If every single person became an entrepreneur who would make me lunch or wash my car? Sound harsh but the supply meets the increasing the demand. People want cheaper rides and Uber is delivering but at the expense of the Uber Driver.

After personally riding 6+ times in Charlotte with different Uber drivers, it's pretty hilarious the stories I heard from the drivers as I talked to them about their experience with Uber.

  • I'm glad you don't stink
  • It's great you actually talk, the last couple people were just “weird” that I picked up.

And get this… The Uber drivers on ALL 3 occasions (the other 3 was the return trip to the hotel which did NOT have a taxi cab stand) got us lost and did NOT know how to get us to our destination (sushi, indian food…).

Considering Uber gives them a dedicated phone for uber requests and navigation I found it hilarious to get lost with a local in the area.


Here is my stance on what is Uber

It is NOT for someone looking for a new career, for a new high paying job, for someone looking to make 6 figures this year. There are a thousand better ways to make money on the side outside of manual labor and driving for Uber.

Now that is me and my personal opinion but I'm thankful there ARE people who love to have a boss, who LOVE to be told what to do, and who get up early to be paid $/hr.

That's what makes the world awesome. There will always be people who don't understand systems and they become a tool in the system. Drivers in Uber are “tools” of the Uber system. Uber profits, drivers slightly profit, and customers win.

I like that… but if you are looking to make serious money in 2014, it is NOT going to be how many miles you drive or how many stinky customers you pick up… (get in a cab and look out for a throw up fee… cause it's gonna happen in your Uber car if you drive people from parties which I think is going to be a high selling point of Uber near campuses) You need to build your own system.

Or better yet. Turn “What is Uber” as an idea into a system you can tap into now.

Leveraging others to work FOR you… and the killer concept (listen closely) is that the “others” working for you don't even have to be human 😉

What???? yeah… get robots to work for you and YOU run the system and profit from it like Uber does by profiting from personal drivers in Uber.

Hers is the system I personally recommend in using internet systems and tools to leverage Technology.



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