The Psychology of Attention and How To Convert More Sales With Your Content

the psychology of content attention

The name of the marketing game is attention. That is what you work for every day.  To get the attention of your target market.  Only then do you have the opportunity to convert them on your website. Before you walk away wondering what you have gotten yourself into, let me assure you that you are … Read more

5 Ways Solopreneurs Can Market On A Budget

Solopreneurs often start businesses because they love doing a certain type of work or are good at doing a certain thing. They wrap themselves in their work, doing all they can to give customers and clients their best.

But they often fall down on one key element of running their businesses: Marketing. Many solopreneurs and online business owners struggle with getting the word out about what they do because they don’t have good marketing strategies and they don’t have marketing budgets. They do good work on the few client projects that come their way, but attracting more clients and projects would allow them to produce better income.

So what’s a marketing-shy solopreneur to do?

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A Smart Goals Template

set goals

A smart goals template is a means to scientifically layout and track your plan with precision.

There is a plethora of information pertaining to this topic, so I will try and make it specific and practical.

a smart goals template

To begin and well before the smart goals template is created one must be sure that the project or purpose for the goal is solid.
This means an examination or inventory of who you are, what you are, and why you are. Some insight to this here. [Ref Project Mayhem]

So let’s assume that part is behind you. Here’s a short story.

In 1979 I came to the US, by 1982 I had my first opportunity as a line manager.

a smart goals templateI was appointed manager of the Turning Department at Western Gear Corporation a manufacturer of precision transmissions for both commercial and military aircraft.

The era was that of the “One Minute Manager” [Ref One Minute Manager Video With Ken Blanchard] and “Thriving on Chaos”.

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iPas2 System – Should You Use iPas2?

Ipas2 – What is it?



Before We Start – iPas2 Testimonials

Cause if it doesn't work… why read on right?

Updated 9/13/14

*income disclaimer – results are not typical and a representation of what is possible





Will iPas2 Help Upgrade Your Current Empower Team?




Here are my screen shots 9/12/14


Another September 11, 2014 Screen Shot


*income disclaimer – results are not typical and a representation of what is possible

Want To See The System First Hand?


Ipas2 System is broken down to the Internet Prospect Acceleration System

In looking at a full review of what the Ipas2 system funnel is about, let’s talk briefly on the history, the founders, and what it takes in putting the online marketing system together.

The creators, Chris Jones and Chris Campbell have been putting this marketing system since before April 2011, and have worked together to make the best streamline system and training for the new to the advanced online marketer.


Chris Jones ipas2

*iPas2 Black Card

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Personality Color – How To Get Results With Your Type

personality color

Why learn your personality color?

Have you wondered why someone said no to you?

Have you ever been afraid to even ask someone a question,
because you thought for sure they would say no?

I know I have…

Let's focus on the personality color, so that you can
understand and know the differences as you find out more about
you and the people you want to influence.

So let's lay out what each color is so you are more aware of
what they are. Then take the test and find your true colors.

Personality Color

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What Else…The TWO WORDS Responsible For Over 18 Million Dollars



You're going to think VERY differently of the phrase “What Else” after you read this article. Hey there, my name is Aaron Hillyer and I'm excited for you. Imagine being able to create jaw-dropping results on demand! As you're reading this article, you'll begin transforming into a powerful moneymaking machine with unlimited potential. This is because you're going to learn and understand how to apply the two words that have been responsible for generating over 18 MILLION (yes that’s million) dollars!

Don't read every word of this article if you don't want to transform into a powerful money making machine.
what else

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Working On One’s Self Efficacy

Working on one’s self-efficacy maybe one of the most of the most important processes a person could put themselves through.   Self-efficacy is defined as “the extent or strength of one’s belief in one’s own ability to complete tasks and reach goals” [Source Wikipedia ]. Preamble This narrative begins with a look into the way … Read more

How to Do SEO for YouTube Videos

Learning how to do SEO for YouTube videos is a skill which can be used to dominate both YouTube and Google, if you’re in to search engine domination (bwaahahaha). Do you need to generate highly targeted traffic and convert that traffic in to leads and sales? If you’re a home business owner (this works for … Read more