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Personality Color – How To Get Results With Your Type

Why learn your personality color?

Have you wondered why someone said no to you?

Have you ever been afraid to even ask someone a question,
because you thought for sure they would say no?

I know I have…

Let's focus on the personality color, so that you can
understand and know the differences as you find out more about
you and the people you want to influence.

So let's lay out what each color is so you are more aware of
what they are. Then take the test and find your true colors.

Personality Color

I first learned this information from great influential
leaders in the network marketing industry, Jerry Clark,
Jeffery Combs and Nicole Cooper at the last event I attended
with Empower Network in Charlotte, NC.

Here is a picture of me when I met Jerry Clark for the first time in 2010:

jerry clark and Alecia Stringer

You can learn more about what he teaches with personality colors in an audio form (most powerful) and a pdf.

Click Here to find the pdf file where you will find his full explanation of the personality colors and even how some of them mix to get you maximum results in your life.

Then you can find the Magic of Colors HERE on amazon too.

The Magic of Colors – Buy Link

Classic and practical concepts that will be around for ages,
that everyone should learn no matter what industry they want
to dominate.


Here is a picture of when I met Jeffery Combs for the first time as well in 2010:

jeffrey combs

Jeffery put out powerful audio with the different personality color's as well. This is a fun one because you want to know the trigger buttons of each personality and what allows each to take action.

So he calls it the Animal Factor.

The Animal Factor – Personalities for Success! – Buy link

Find the audio on Amazon and see what triggers more people to buy from you!


Here is a picture of me with Nicole Cooper at the Impact Empower Network Event in Charlotte, NC June 2014:


Funny, I think I had a mint in my mouth! LOL

The presentation she made was how to combine these personalities to create a 6 figure income. Let's get results!

Take a look inside each personality and see what type of career and training each one where you will thrive.

Become more of you and stand out to who you are meant to be!


Let's look at the Red Personality. The Leader/Promoter

As they want to get down to business and know what this is all

They simply want to control and be in the driver seat!

-Focused on results
-Take charge
-Make quick decisions
-Like challenges

This red personality color is very dominate and everything must make
sense to you. Being practical and logical is part of your
nature and you do not display emotions easily. This
domineering personality allows you to seek control in your
environment and people. Being punctual may become irritated if
you think your time is wasted.

This red personality color is the natural leader and driven with
power and control. What stresses you out is last minutes
changes and lack of organization.

1. Getting immediate results
2. Making quick decisions
3. Persistence
4. Solving problems
5. Taking charge
6. Looking self reliant
7. Accepting challenges

Ideal situation
1. New varied activities
2. Opportunity to really get things done
3. Continual challenges, multi-tasker
4. Difficult assignments
5. Freedom to act from their instinct
6. Control over the situations
7. Direct answers from others, no innuendoes

1. Insensitivity towards others
2. Impatient
3. Overlook risks
4. Inflexibilty, demanding of others
5. Talks too much
6. Inattentive to details at times
7. Resenting of restrictions

Needs others to provide
1. Attention to routine tasks
2. Caution
3. Focus on details and facts

Personal growth area
1. Greater patience
2. Sensitivity to others' needs
3. Flexibility

Red thrive

red career

red trainings

When you approach your business with the personality color that will lead you in your strongest asset, is where you will find yourself most happy and thriving where you desire to be in life.

Take a look inside of Empower Network's educational products to help you find the 6 Figure Career. These are in audio and video format to help you learn in multiple learning formats.

What is exciting is that this is world wide, and the training's of the core videos have been translated to 5 languages!

Next is the Blue personality. The Analyzer/Organizer

This personality color is Expressive that:

-Creates excitement and involvement
-Share ideas, dreams, enthusiasm
-Motivates, inspires, persuades

One that holds the blue personality color is an emotionally driven
person that needs to be liked and accepted. It is one of the
“needs” that can cause apprehension in your personality. Your
nature is to be polite, and cooperative who seeks to create
conflict-free surroundings.

Since you use your five physical senses to access information,
you possess a highly developed power of observation. Family is
important to you and you find yourself in the role of being a
caretaker sometimes.

1. Orderliness
2. Conscientious
3. Disciplined
4. Precise
5. Thorough
6. Diplomatic with people
7. Analytical

Ideal situation
1. Being able to concentrate on detail
2. Opportunities to critique
3. Stable surroundings and procedures
4. Exact job description, expectations
5. Opportunities for “careful” planning
6. Sufficient time to do things right
7. Opportunities for reassurance from authority

1. Indecisive (looking at all data)
2. Get bogged down in details
3. Rigid on the “how to's”
4. Avoids controversy
5. Low self esteem
6. Hesitant to try new things
7. Sensitive to criticism
8. Can be pessimistic

Needs others to provide
1. Quick decision making
2. Optimism
3. Help in persuading others

Personal growth area
1. Be more open with their feelings
2. Be more optimistic
The Green personality is the analytical person. The

-Focus on facts and logic
-Act when payoff is clear
-Careful not to commit too quickly

expressive thrive

blue career

blue trainings


Find one in the Green personality color, and you found your dreamer!

The strong individuals live a world of intangibles where
hopes, dreams and emotions are most important.

You see the big picture, not detail oriented, and like to
explore possibilities and alternative ways of doing things.

Its fun to march to your own drum, yet find it difficult to
get on the same wavelengths as others.

This often puts pressure on relationships when you have such a
rich vivid imagination. They thrive in an atmosphere that
encourages creative abilites and talent.

You have a highly developed intuition and seem to be able to
sense what others are feeling.

1. Supportive
2. Agreeable
3. Loyal
4. Self control
5. Consistent
6. Good listener
7. Opportunity to develop personal relationships

Ideal situation
1. Sincere appreciation by others
2. Minimal conflict between people
3. Security
4. Acknowledgement of work by others
5. Limited territory
6. Traditional procedures
7. Opportunity to develop personal relationships

1. Resist change
2. Trouble making deadlines
3. Overly lenient with people
4. Procrastinates
5. Indecisive
6. Holds grudges
7. Overly possessive
8. Lacks initiative

Needs others to provide
1. Push to try new challenges
2. Help in solving difficult problems
3. Initiative and accepting change

Personal growth area
1. Facing confrontation and dealing with it
2. Moving at a faster pace and initiating


Green 6 figure career

analytical trainings


Now the amiable Yellow personality color! The Creator/Performer

These are the ones that cooperate to gain agreement. Provide
support and communicate trust and confidence.

This personality color will challenge anything and everything. Yet
have self-confidence that rules authority and established ways
of thinking.

They have a tendency to question everything and can create a
strained atmosphere in both business and personal situations.

Since you are interested in theories, abstractions,
innovations and change, this brings about the conceptual deep
thinker in you. The explorative of finding new innovative ways
to make a difference. This true “out-of-the-box” visionary is
adept at multi-tasking. Always searching for the hidden
meanings behind every day life gives you great pleasure.

1. Optimsm
2. Enthusiasm
3. Makes good impressions
4. Verbally articulate
5. Likes to help others
6. Creates entertaining climate

Ideal situation
1. Friendly warm environment
2. Freedom from control
3. Public recognition of ability
4. Opportunity to talk
5. Positive reinforcement
6. Enthusiastic response to ideas

1. Following through
2. Overestimating results
3. Misjudging capabilities
4. Talks too much
5. Acts impulsively
6. Jumps to conclusions
7. Over commits
8. Acts first, thinks second

Needs others to provide
1. Follow through on details
2. Focus on tasks
3. Logical approach

Personal growth area
1. Time awareness
2. Objectivity in decision making

amiable approach biz

amiable 6 figure career

amiable trainings


Now that you have scrolled through and have a basic understanding of how each personality color stands out, and where they thrive. It's time for you to really put yourself to the test. Many may be multiple colors. Which is why we are all unique. Why each business is different. Why no one can guarantee you results or that you will ever be able to create a 6 figure business. So make sure you look at the income disclosures that Empower Network updates on a regular basis.

This is to show you what is possible and where you will find the education and training to thrive who you are meant to be.

Take the personality color test HERE and then share your results in the comments below! We love to see many talented people comment and find where they can thrive with their best talents.

Then take action inside the Empower Network products with the personality color and career where you will thrive best. I look forward to see your story and success dream come from the information you learn here. It's powerful to put out what you would like to see and manifest an amazing future.


Alecia Stringer

Alecia Stringer is known as a Internet marketing pro, SEO Video Mastermind, A dedicated Christian, mother, piano and voice teacher, Kindermusik Educator, and network marketing coach. Yes! She's a master multi-tasker! See more of her story on her blog HERE. See how you too can create your Success Dreams HERE.

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  1. Alecia,

    Your personality color post is fantastic post on many levels. I too have learned the personality types from some of the same industry leaders like Jeff Combs and Dani Johnson. In fact it was at Dani’s first steps to success where I saw the personality types laid out in a 1000 classroom style auditorium.

    At first I was highly confused as she had us all break out into groups of our dominant type. Not knowing who I was I quietly moved from group to group until I got it.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

  2. Alicia Thanks for this Personality Chart and informative content.

    This has opened my eyes to the fact that i am Yellow with a Splash of Blue

  3. This is one outstanding post, Alecia. Thanks for this excellent business building info. I first learned about the 4 basic personality types back in the late 90s but it was a more convoluted approach. I like these color segments. Seems more simple and keep it Super Simple is my 2015 motto…so this was great!

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