Online Entrepreneur – What Does It Take

The first step to getting paid by companies as an Entrepreneur, called affiliate partners,  is to be a business. What do I mean by business?  Let me tell you a little about me. Well, let me tell you having owned 3 corporations and 3 limited liability corporations and 2 dba (doing business as), I may know a little bit about what a business is.


The short story is you need a name make up a name. Come up with a business legit name or add it to the end of your name example: Brian Brown Advertising.

Once you have established a real name you want as a business, now you have to make it official. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to Google this “fictitious name registration ohio” use your state of course. Now it’s going to be so competitive and confusing you’re going to just want to leave. I am sorry marketers have caused this industry to look really bad. Look for a url link at the bottom of the description that has your state in it. It is really not hard. Stay focused and don’t click on other people services…… they are going to charge you your left and right eye just to submit a stupid form.



As a business owner you want to have a clear purpose. Always have a goal in mind when you sit down at the pc or use your phone. Don’t get caught up with everyday minutia of life and distractions. Have a clear goal in your head and focus on that achievement.


Tangent…… whooo sorry, had to spew my thoughts just a tad. LOL


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