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The first step to getting paid by companies as an Entrepreneur, called affiliate partners,  is to be a business. What do I mean by business?  Let me tell you a little about me. Well, let me tell you having owned 3 corporations and 3 limited liability corporations and 2 dba (doing business as), I may know a little bit about what a business is.


The short story is you need a name make up a name. Come up with a business legit name or add it to the end of your name example: Brian Brown Advertising.

Once you have established a real name you want as a business, now you have to make it official. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to Google this “fictitious name registration ohio” use your state of course. Now it’s going to be so competitive and confusing you’re going to just want to leave. I am sorry marketers have caused this industry to look really bad. Look for a url link at the bottom of the description that has your state in it. It is really not hard. Stay focused and don’t click on other people services…… they are going to charge you your left and right eye just to submit a stupid form.



As a business owner you want to have a clear purpose. Always have a goal in mind when you sit down at the pc or use your phone. Don’t get caught up with everyday minutia of life and distractions. Have a clear goal in your head and focus on that achievement.


Tangent…… whooo sorry, had to spew my thoughts just a tad. LOL


Ok back to Google.

You’re going to see something really confusing with a strange url, just remember, look for your state in the url like this example.

Filing Forms & Fee Schedule – Ohio Secretary of State

Legal Entity - Public Entity Forms


It is important to know some states call a fictitious name a DBA this mean doing business as.

In Very simple terms it means you can receive a check from a person or business entity under a name that is associated with a bank account.


So…….. (example) I setup a bank account at chase in the account of freedom from concern. I receive a check for 1000 bucks to freedom from concern, Boom you have a business. This dba or fictitious name is considered a sole proprietorship. Now its not the best tax advantage available but its the easiest to set up. This is the fastest to get going and start receiving real checks from real businesses.


You can always visit to learn more about tax benefits of using an llc or a corporation. I can tell you as a quick tip side not the s corporation is going to give you by far the most bang for your buck as a Entrepreneur. The S Corp has many tax benefits as well as retirement ira’s which are very good to keep your hard earned money.


Once your earn a few thousand I would find a nice local attorney and go to his office to open up a S corp, thats the best way to do it. Your cheapest way and safest way is to google business setup S  corporation delaware. Why delaware! don’t get me started, just google it.

But STOP !


Lets not get distracted just yet. You want to get paid, don’t you. See FOCUS

You need to keep focus on your goal. You want to see your first paycheck for your business.


Now that you have submitted your dba form which may cost you at most 75 bucks you’re ready to go to the nearest bank. I highly suggest you shop shop shop around, IN your area.

Many banks charge enormous monthly fees for having a business account: do your research. My wife likes this online bank if you dig not walking into a real location you can have many discounts and lower fees by banking online. check it out here.


Now you have a bank account under your new dba. Hey your want to feel really cool and powerful have a friend write you a check to your business for 5 bucks and go deposited. Wow what a feeling when you can get a real money written to your own business.

You are now Converted BABY!

There's a name for this conversion i'm getting goose bumps thinking about that feeling of my first time. No not that first time keep focus man. The first time I switched my thinking from being cattle to being the Hunter.

Yes YOU'RE a ENTREPRENEUR weird word eh. Look here budd, learn how to spell it and breath it say it proud and feel strong about it when people ask your what you do.

You're No longer cattle. Even if its part time. Your new mind is open to possibilities of something good. Something we were all meant for by GOD to make your own destiny. You make your own way.

You write your Own pay check and You design your own future. You're in it to Win it. Life Baby is yours to Design.

You can now start your dream.


Congratulations on being an ENTREPRENEUR


Live Life by Your OWN DeSIGN .


Now you want to get paid don't you. I bet .


You can start by finding problems and solutions. Find a market with a problem and provide a solution and you now have a pay check to your new Business Entity.


You can become a service provider or an Affiliate. I love that word affiliate. It's like sweet nothings being whispered into my ears. It means MONEY baby!  Green cabbagee.

You can start being an affiliate here click bank  and never blue link. Signup and use your business name.

They might call you! Act the part have posture and be assertive. They just want to find someone who wont waste their time. The affiliate manager is wanting you to write his or her paycheck you could be the next big whale.

They don't know this they don't know who you are. Just have posture be business like know the lingo learn affiliate lingo here.


Good Luck…

May the Force be with you.


Brian Brown

Brian Brown is a full time marketer and has experience in paid media and online affiliate conversions. To learn more and get help getting started online by taking this online survey.

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12 thoughts on “Online Entrepreneur – What Does It Take

  1. I went through the LLC process twice. Texas is a strange state and in my first go-around the company I had help me set it up in New Mexico — who knows why!!! Anyway, I decided I wanted it to be in Texas so I had to go thru the process again and almost didn’t get my desired name because there’s a company who has a name somewhat similar.

    Since I already had a bank account set up and name given to several partner businesses, I frantically requested they reconsider and let me have the name. I must’ve asked in the right way because they allowed it and just gave me a warning to do things in the right order next time.

    Great article, especially for people just starting out so they can get fastest setup with good tax benefits.

  2. I like how you explain that you do not have to become a big dog rite from the get go.
    You can grow as you grow, That way you are not trying to take on too much at your very first attempt.
    Great article.

  3. I like how you explain that you do not have to get incorporated rite from the start.
    You can grow your business protection as your business grows.
    Good advice

  4. As an ex CPA I concur totally with having a seperate entity for your business. Our terminology and laws are a little different in Australia but still the same concepts. It is more expensive in the long run to not set up properly from the beginning. Thanks Brian great advice.

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