Best Entrepreneurial Advice I Was Ever Given

The best entrepreneurial advice I was ever given came from Dr. Stephen Graves, executive coach and best-selling author, while sitting in his conference room in 2001. The advice: “You are only as good as you invoice” His words, while simple, hit me like a ton of outdated flip phones. At the risk of sounding like … Read more

Is Your Marketing Plan Helping You or Hurting You?

6 questions to find out if your marketing plan is working for you

We have been told we should have a “marketing plan.” Many of us do, but the way we go about it might have done more harm than good. The bottom line is, a plan needs to help us cut the extraneous activities, so we can focus our time, energy and resources on strategies that help us … Read more

Taking Effective Calculated Risks for Entrepreneurs

Leonard C. Green, entrepreneurship lecturer at Babson College, once said, “Entrepreneurs are not risk takers. They are calculated risk takers.”

He was absolutely right. When assessing a business decision, one of the first and most important things for an entrepreneur to understand is the difference between risk and calculated risk.

Risk is dangerous; risk takers go all in and wager everything they’ve got on a win or lose result. Calculated risk however, is the opposite of that, and involves doing everything possible to mitigate disaster.

Calculated risk takers are actually highly risk averse because, every step of the way through a decision making process, they further reduce their potential to fail. They take every available opportunity to save time, money and resource in order to cover themselves.

So how can entrepreneurs ensure they take the latter kind of calculated risks?

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How to Increase the Persuasive Power of Your Communications

Do you have a sales page that covers all facts to show your prospects why your product or service is the most logical choice for them… with 20 bullet points of benefits that is impeccable from the “copywriting best practice” perspective, yet fails to generate that “hell yeah!” gut motivation that makes them hit the “buy” button?


Maybe you are great at connecting with your potential clients at the personal and emotional level… they scream YES! on the phone but hem and hew when it comes time to whip out the credit card – they have to work the numbers, talk to their spouse, wait for the paycheck, wait till after their mother-in-law’s birthday… then a few days later, POOF!

… leaving you wondering what you have done wrong…

Good news is… nothing! You just need to complete the picture…

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23 Ways to get your customers to love you

23 Ways to get your customers to love you

Getting a new customer into your business is hard.

Each one is hard fought. But it’s totally worth all the blood, sweat and tears you put into it.

So it would be crazy to put out all that effort to get your customers, only to take them for granted once they give you a shot. Unfortunately, that happens far too often in businesses.

Many entrepreneurs have a leaky bucket. Many of the new customers they earn, leave soon after, never to return.

No bueno.

Smart business owners know it’s best to work just as hard to create loyal customers, as they do in trying to find new ones.

That’s because it costs a whole lot more to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Research shows loyal customers buy more, and they cost less to maintain.

Also, loyal customers tell their friends about you, and they stick around on those days when you’re not quite at your best.

In short, the smart way to grow your business is to love the customers you’ve already got. And you’ll do that, by giving them numerous reasons to be loyal to you.

In other words, you need to get your customers to love you.

So without further ado, here are 23 ideas to help you create delighted, loyal customers:


23 Ways to get your customers to love you

Build a relationship

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Online Entrepreneur – What Does It Take

The first step to getting paid by companies as an Entrepreneur, called affiliate partners,  is to be a business. What do I mean by business?  Let me tell you a little about me. Well, let me tell you having owned 3 corporations and 3 limited liability corporations and 2 dba (doing business as), I may know a little bit about what a business is.


The short story is you need a name make up a name. Come up with a business legit name or add it to the end of your name example: Brian Brown Advertising.

Once you have established a real name you want as a business, now you have to make it official. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to Google this “fictitious name registration ohio” use your state of course. Now it’s going to be so competitive and confusing you’re going to just want to leave. I am sorry marketers have caused this industry to look really bad. Look for a url link at the bottom of the description that has your state in it. It is really not hard. Stay focused and don’t click on other people services…… they are going to charge you your left and right eye just to submit a stupid form.



As a business owner you want to have a clear purpose. Always have a goal in mind when you sit down at the pc or use your phone. Don’t get caught up with everyday minutia of life and distractions. Have a clear goal in your head and focus on that achievement.


Tangent…… whooo sorry, had to spew my thoughts just a tad. LOL


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Mindset Upgrade To Boost Productivity

As entrepreneurs, especially if you are starting out and running a one-(wo)man show, finding enough time to do everything can be challenging (or downright impossible!)

To solve their time problem, many turn to “productivity” trainings available on the market.

Many of these “gurus” offer great tips and strategies, even an entire routine planned out. But frankly I never had much success with them…

Whenever they say – for the first 90 minutes in the morning, keep everyone out so you can meditate, exercise, make green juice, journal till you turn blue and set intention for your day – I laugh.

Reality is, my kids wake up at some ungodly hour like 5.30am and no, I don’t have it in me to drag my ass up at 4am to meditate.

Do the highest priority tasks in the morning? Fat chance – try that as you pack lunches for son and husband, while running after a 2.5-year-old who drops whatever he eats on the floor and demands food every 5 minutes, very loudly.

Do the income generating projects first thing? Yeah right – try it with Happy Feet in the background and “mommy play doh open” every 5 minutes.

I don’t follow the rules because if I try, I would fail miserably. Yet most people I interact with are impressed by my productivity.

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