How to Convert Leads into Buying Customers

In the B2B and B2C world it is essential to constantly generate new leads in order to grow a business. These leads can come from online sources, seminars, events and virtually any other source, but the key is to covert the leads into actual sales, which is where many businesses encounter a huge road block.

If you have a sales team that is unable or struggling to follow up on new leads, then you are wasting quite a bit of time, money and effort.

A paramount element of turning a lead into a sale is timing. Slow follow ups lead to losing business, since your competitor is likely ready and more than willing to sweep in and close the deal. Some tips that will help you turn more of your leads into actual, paying customers are highlighted here.

Don’t Keep a Lead Waiting

So you have a lead sitting on your desk or in your inbox – but it is 5 p.m. – quitting time. It can wait until tomorrow, right?


Making your lead wait until tomorrow is equivalent to calling your direct competitor and simply handing them over. It is essential that you address any new lead right away. This may require additional staff, customer service automation, or some other solution, but if you want to get a sale, you cannot simply “wait until tomorrow.”

Take Time to Listen and Adapt

You need to allow the customers you are trying to close to share with you, even at length. This means listening to their needs in depth and their concerns. This information can be useful in outlining how your service or product can fulfill all these needs and concerns.  Also, you need to be sure that you show you can address all these concerns in a manner that is cost effective for the customer, which will provide a great amount of value.

Create a Structure for Your Sales Team

For some organizations, it is beneficial to divide the sales team into two different areas. One part of the team should handle your existing customers, while others handling new customers.

However, the way the team is structured is not the most important element. What is important is the process that is used, which will allow the team to quickly move through the sales lead and convert them to a paying customer.

The best way to get started with creating this structure is by answering these questions:

  • How will initial contact with a lead be made – phone or email?
  • Who is going to register the contact data?
  • What are the follow up methods?

Show the Lead You Care

For some sales team, the next lead that shows up in their inbox is exactly that, just the next lead. However, in order to be successful, you cannot take this approach. Instead, focus on showing the lead that you care. Doing this will help them trust you and encourage a sale.

When you take the time to consider the tips here, you will be well on your way to increasing your sales. As the techniques are implemented into your existing process, you will likely see a significant change in the success and sales you see, which can increase your profits and bottom line.

Tabitha Jean Naylor, Clearwater FL

Tabitha Jean Naylor, Clearwater FL is the Founder of Successful Startup 101, a digital magazine that provides answers to today's most pertinent questions facing startup founders, and the Owner of, a marketing firm that delivers 'big agency' quality at rates that are affordable for startups and small businesses.

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13 thoughts on “How to Convert Leads into Buying Customers

  1. Great tips here Tabitha. Think the biggest mistake most marketers make and I am guilty of as well is not reacting to new leads in a timely manner. Syndicated your post and thanks for sharing…Cheers!

  2. Tabitha I think the word lead as we use it often results in forgetting our “leads” are people who have expressed an interest in what we are promoting. It is pretty crazy really to put so much effort into generating a lead and then to not follow up. Great post thank you.

  3. This is where I still struggle. But I know that I’ll get better in time. Thank you for the tips and the reminder that we all like to be remembered and appreciated. I know that as a consumer, I go where I feel the most comfortable and appreciated. Great post!

  4. You are right! There is definitely no time to waste when you have fresh leads! The faster you can get to them the faster they can get in your business. I once waited too long to follow up with a lead and by the time I did they were already in business with a competitor of mine! I will never make that mistake again! Great info!

  5. Tabitha has given us a diamond in the rough! Taking time to listen and adapt to your customer is a huge piece of the puzzle. I often remind myself that I am in the business of solving people’s problems, and I can’t effectively do that unless I know what those problems are. I agree 100% with Tabitha. Listening and adapting to your lead’s needs is a sure way to convert them into a buying customer!

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