How To Promote Your Website

How To Promote Your Website: The 39 Experts Speak!

So you've gotten your website up and running but what's your strategy to get qualified buyers to your site?

If you want to have a successful website that brings you profit, then you need a proven strategy.

A recent study conducted by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs show only 27% of all marketers have a documented strategy for their content (or website).

b2c marketing strategy how to promote your website

That's why we've created this roundup post-to give you a marketing strategy.

By the end of this post, you will have a clear plan that you can implement that will make promoting your website a success!

And we've carefully picked experts whose businesses live and die off traffic!

But one thing that separates them from beginning marketers is their clear, content marketing strategy.

They were asked one question:

Give 1 action tip to help someone learn how to promote your website

These experts include 6 & 7 figure experts and entrepreneurs who are always students of online website promotion and tools.

I was surprised how excited they were to help with this project.

As you can see, they enjoyed giving value so much that many of them couldn't just give one actionable tip.

And an extra shout out to Joshua Gill and Tom Handy for helping put this guide together. Without their help this awesome roundup wouldn't have been possible.

Now let's go in to what our experts have to say.


How To Promote Your Website – The Experts Speak!

Joshua Gill – WebsiteFacebook

Joshua Gill - How To Promote Your Website
Joshua Gill began his marketing career as a Radio & Internet Marketing Strategist for Radio One, Inc. before going online and earning money as an affiliate marketer.

Do NOT promote the website!

Yea…you read it correctly…don't promote your website, blog, capture page, sales page or even your product.

(I'm about to magically step you right into expert-hood even if you are just getting started…

It's how I get traffic without even posting a blog for three months and get 2-3 leads A Day via my blog without paying a red penny!)

Get out of that mentality…RIGHT NOW!

Your website is nothing more than casing, a box, or a vessel to the underlying benefit your target audience want to experience should they decide to buy whatever it is you're selling.

That's it folks!

Think of it like Pringles…

Do Pringles promote the cylindrical container holding the chips or the blast of savoring flavor and crunch you'll experience with each chip? (hungry yet?)

The, “Bet you can't have just one!” appeals to the hunger and greed that any human being experiences.

So remember, promote the underlying benefit & experience in “snack bites”…talk to your audiences' greed and fear in all of your messages and put the link address to the way they can satisfy their need within the message.

Don't drop a link before you do that!

This is also how you filter out uninterested people and turn ANY traffic source you lay your messages in… to GOLD!

Because when you're promoting the underlying benefit with a link to your blogpost or sales page with a specific solution, then it doesn't matter where your reader reads it (the traffic source).

This is how an ugly site can outsell a beautiful professional one EVERYTIME.

Don't you get sucked into how your site looks or how you look on your site. If you're not getting leads, it's because you're not giving much value that clearly states the solution to your target's problem or underlying benefit…Read this article for further details on this.

So which is better?

Saying, “My website is up and running, go there to see how to make money online”…


“One of the best ways to be comfortable and super happy at your job is getting an email notification from your bank saying there was an automatic deposit of $7,368. At that point you will look at your boss and smile knowing that you now make more than him. That at anytime, you can just leave. Why? because you know you're going to get the same notification and automatic payment week after week. AND guess what y'all, you didn't have to personally sell to anyone and suffer an ounce of rejection. There are legit ways to do this with work if you really want this. They do it here (drop the link to your website with the specific solution).”

See what I did? Even you want to click on that link. (Hell I do to again lol)

So your blog or website should be FILLED with solutions and giving information that SPILLS out underlying benefits that only your target audience will experience.

So one question remains:

How do you find people who have a need for the solutions on your website?

Good question!

The quick answer is “their online intent”. Let me explain…

People usually encase their needs in the form of questions.

For instance, say a person is having issues generating or finding fresh mlm leads for their business.

They'll go online and type in “mlm leads” because their INTENT is to find the easiest, most effective solution that will help them generate more leads.

So if you have a product “encased” on your website that can provide a solution, then your content needs to be in the places where they may be searching online.

One place where people search for answers are Q & A sites like Quora.

People go on Quora and ask questions where you can go and answer them.

To do this is easy.

First, you want to do is get an excellent blog platform then write a blog post.

Make sure your blog post clearly shows you both understand their problem via empathy AND give a detailed solution.

A good blog post is at least 1,500 words and has relevant pictures/images.

Now go to and create yourself a free account (don't forget to add your profile picture).

Now in the search box, type in the question (or topic) within your niche.

Let's say your niche is providing products to help those in network marketing generate more leads.

So, your future prospect would go on Quora, and type in “mlm leads” within the search box hoping to find a good and clear answer.

So when you type in “mlm leads” 9as your prospect would) you'll see the different topic questions that populate.

More than likely, your prospect will pick one of them.

Quora Query
What you want to do is select one of the topics that populate in the dropdown that your blog post will answer the most.
When you get to the Q & A answer for the topic, click the “Answer” button and give a meaty answer to the question.
(notice the number of views this questions get…that's potential traffic to your site!)

Quora Views MLM

This is where the art comes in…

You want to answer the question but lead them to the full solution to your blog post!

At the end, drop the link and now you have an evergreen solution that will get you high quality, targeted leads.

When you're done, do this on other Q & A sites to compound your results.

Another thing you can do is “re-ask” this question by hitting the button. This will give you a shot to re-phrase the question to what suits your needs.
Quora re ask

Do this value-solution-solving-drop a link method everywhere you can on the web and you'll be the expert people will love, seek, and share first!

Lawrence Tam – Website – Facebook
Lawrence Tam

Lawrence Tam is a Retired Engineer at the age of 33 and Top Affiliate Marketer in Multiple Companies. He's the Founder of 8FM and Top Earner at Empower Network.

First off, let's figure out what the intention is. Is it really learning how to promote your website and get web traffic or are you looking for potential buyers and future customers?

Getting “Junk” traffic is considered traffic but converting that to anything that makes a dent in your revenue bottom line is gonna be dang near impossible

So before you go looking for traffic let's make sure that traffic isn't Bot traffic, fake clicks or just junk traffic from places you would never want.

Before giving this tip it's important to cover where you are sending people first as if you don't traffic won't matter.

I would suggest to help someone NEW to the industry of web traffic to promote their business is making sure they have a place to CAPTURE leads.

If you are online to make money, driving traffic straight to a sales page or shopping site works but that only sustains itself if you have the ability for paid traffic.

If that person is new, paid traffic generally isn't the first thing I'd recommend as they will blow through their budget because they didn't have a good way to capture leads on their website.

So to maximize their efforts, they need a place on their website to be able to capture incoming traffic from referrals and social media.

A simple 2-step opt in button, and eye catchy banner, or a built in opt in form to be able to capture traffic cause sending traffic is useless if they aren't capture leads or instantly monetizing.

Now the original questions was to “Give 1 ActionTip to help someone learn how to promote your website” so I guess my real answer is this.

Connect with influencers in your niche and straight up ASK for it ONLY after you have given them something valuable.

Let's say you wrote a blog post about 17 cool tricks with gmail that will increase productivity.

You take that blog post and manually reach out to industry influencers and their 2nd tier influencers and tell them about your blog post and how it's something their audience might enjoy.

Completely free.

You built something value, contacted someone with industry influence who generally comes with some clout and social media presence.

So example:

You connect with someone with 40,000 twitter followers and you reach out to them about your awesome blog post. They like it and tweet about it.

Boom, instant traffic from a credible source and you didn't even have to pay for traffic and it's legit human traffic.

how to promote a website
Alecia StringerWebsiteFacebook

Alecia Stringer - How To Promote Your Website

Alecia Stringer is a dedicated Christian, mother, piano and voice teacher, Kindermusik Educator, and network marketer never willing to give up.

An action tip to help someone learn how to promote your website is to simply be consistent. People learn to trust you more the more they see you be consistent with your actions.

Ways to be consistent is to simply post on your blog on a regular basis. Find a day and time that works for you and your subscribers will be expected to see your value.

More ways to be consistent is to post on your favorite social media channel your blog or video on a regular basis too. This also gets them to see you in a series of events more often to learn and trust you.

A ninja trick to be more consistent is to follow up with people on each of your regular posts. If they engage in any way as far as you see on likes, comments, shares, etc. Be sure to respond!

It's all about being genuine and helping people. Truly connect and create a relationship that will be long-lasting one that they will remember you. As they will come back and continue to follow what you are doing in a consistent manner as well.

Tom Handy – WebsiteFacebook

Tom Handy

Tom is an entrepreneur featured in CNN Money with a focus on real estate and stock investing. He shares his knowledge on his blog with a special emphasis on investing and attraction marketing while balancing his time with his family.

You start blogging but need readers. Everyone does. This little tip is one that will quickly get you more views to your blog and get people to truly like you.

People won't read your blog if you post trash. By trash I mean posts, images or videos that have no value.

With billions of people online these days, the change happened over night. To reach this crowd, you need to find a reason for people to connect with you in seconds. We live in a microwave like society so you have to be fast.  If not, you could be pushing people away with your message. A social media profile is what people see of you from day one.

Subconsciously, you are either attracting them to you or pushing them away.

For instance, if you share the doom and gloom of a news channel, then you are just an alternative to the news media.

But if you share personal development quotes, family and friends pictures, and inspiring messages, you become a top hiring agent around. People want to work with you.

Even though you may share someone's post that really gets you very little attention. Most people are not familiar with who you are sharing so it is a wasted effort. Share your own tips, and comments. People want to hear you .

Be careful not to overdue promoting your business.  Your page could become a big eye sore in no time.

After a while, you generate curiosity from people. So when you mention your business to someone in a private message, they have a better sense of you. They know your beliefs, your lifestyle, and are tempted to join you. But if you post trash, you are unlikely to gain as many sales as you'd like.

In business, you are in the people business. The days of posting cash, or money is out dated. It deters followers and could get you banned on social media.

People join people.

Ken Pickard – WebsiteFacebook

Ken Pickard
Internet Entrepreneur Social Media Jedi Master Network Marketing Evangelist of YOU inc. Empower others to be servant leaders. All this and 5 kids!

One of my favorite marketing strategies is content syndication and leveraging a tribe model. It's a term I helped turn main stream back in early 2009 when I first started building tribes for my blogging friends. As marketers and business owners…we all need more traffic right?

Of course we do!

All bloggers start brand new and the best leverage to building your platform quickly is a 3 step content syndication marketing strategy. Of course this is everything AFTER you've hit the publish button. Before that you should have…

A plan and structure for your blog and content, and a good understanding of who your target market is and what their wants AND needs are.

3 Phase Content Syndication strategy.

Phase 1 – Self Syndication. This is where you share you're content across your social platforms and to your list(s). Most new bloggers stop short on this step due to lack or low engagement on their social sites. Your content is the staple that is going to bring more engagement. Plus you NEVER want to have a zero on your blog posts social share counts. This screams newbie.

Phase 2 – Automatic syndication. This is where an intermediate marketer has learned of a few tools to help grow his reach and save time doing so. There are certainly some advantages to this concept, like saving time, and leveraging resources. However too much automation can turn on you quickly. Your readers can spot a bot a mile away.

“The Goal is not to spread your content in more places but to be a better communicator”

Phase 3 – Group syndication. This is the tribe model I mentioned earlier and is the exact method I used…combined with phase 2…to bring my first blog to an Alexa rating 4, a global ranking of less than 90,000, with only 30 blog posts. This where even a newbie blogger can outshine an advanced blogger! The trick is to create or join a blogging group whose vision and purpose is to promote each other’s content.

Bonus round

Now let’s add some rocket fuel to this content syndication strategy. Fair warning…once you truly understand, and implement this last part…you’re marketing plan will never be the same again. People will start calling you, inboxing you, wanting to know what your secret is to how you’re getting so much exposure.

PLUS…it’s exactly what the search engines are craving. It only makes sense to give them what they want right?

It’s called “Second Level Syndication” and the beautiful thing is…it can be 100% outsourced and hardly anybody is doing it!

First step is to gather those social share links. When you share your blog post to twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Stumble Upon…ect. Each of those shares creates a unique url. Capture that and add it to a spreadsheet. Then send those links to your tribe group or groups for extra exposure.

The goal is to get more exposure to those social shares and in turn this feeds mass traffic to your blog AND you start to look like the expert you are!

tired of online business that don't work
Tina Rhodie – WebsiteFacebook

Tina Rhodes
Single Mom and Entrepreneur here to help you discover your true passion and live the lifestyle of freedom.
Action tip that'll help you learn how to promote your website: Be Transparent!
People are more interested and you attract more of those like you by being real, not fake.
Don’t be afraid to share your trials and tribulations… you are not alone. There are plenty of other people out there going through the same things you are or who have already been through them.
If your regular everyday language includes dropping an F bomb every other word, drop them on your website and in your content. The people who do the same thing will relate to you.
Here’s a personal example. As a VICTIM of domestic violence, I was ashamed to tell people what I was going through, feeling that people would judge me and say ‘why doesn’t she just leave’.
Now, as a SURVIVOR of domestic violence, I openly discuss the bruises I had and the signs I ignored that there was a problem.
I’ve been able to motivate and inspire others just by having a conversation and simply saying ‘you deserve better’ and ‘you’re worth more than that.
Maybe if I had been more transparent while being a victim, someone would have been there to tell me that!!
Transparency will grow your business faster than pretending to be somebody you’re not. Be transparent….. Not everybody wants to be like Mike!!

Brian Couch – WebsiteFacebook

Brian Couch

Brian loves Network Marketing / MLM, affiliate marketing, and internet marketing. Brian spends his time watching MMA, football, NBA, and comedy. The best way to promote your website is to tap into the massive demand that is searching google right now and buying from your competitors.

When you start blogging today about the solutions you provide to your customers, they will naturally find your website and consider buying from you.

At this point, it is now a matter of optimizing for more visitors and getting more visitors to take the next step or buy from you.

Join a community that can guide you towards what's working now in Search Engine Optimization and away from all the outdated misinformation that will cost you time and money.

Now you're learning SEO, creating valuable content, and regularly getting people on your website that are actually there because they need to buy from you to solve the problem they literally just searched google for.

Rick Begley – WebsiteTwitter

Rick Begley

Bringing out the inner superhero in the people I connect with. Blogger, 8FM, student of social media & all round good guy.

When I first got involved in internet marketing I was trying everything at once to promote my business and I mean everything. All the social media platforms I could think of, Ezine articles, PPC campaigns, Facebook ads, google ads and even ads on dating sites. Not to mention syndication sites like Reddit and Slideshare. And the hard truth is I did everything badly. None of my promotions were focused, none of it was consistent and the results were quite simply pathetic. I thought I was doing a lot but in fact I was just doing a lot of what didn’t work because I had spread myself too wide.

The best advice I was ever given was to find just one platform, one strategy for promotion and to own it. Learn all there is to know about the platform, every tool, every technique and to master promotion strategies on that platform. To become the expert that everyone else turns to. This is the best advice I can give anyone starting out as when people begin to see you as the leading expert, they will come to you for help using this platform. Now they are much more likely to trust you when your advice helps them in their promotions. Once they know, like and trust you for the sage advice you have freely given, it is only a matter of time before they want to work with you because they see you as the leader who will help them reach the success they want.

When I was first given this advice I decided to choose the one platform that I just didn’t get. My thinking here was that if it didn’t make sense to me then there would be others that just didn’t get it either. So I entered the world of Twitter. I have to say it certainly took a while to figure it out exactly what worked and what didn’t but over the next few months I researched and learned everything there was to know about the platform and how best to promote using it through both generic methods and their complicated paid ads system. Through dedication, persistence and consistency my own business promotions soon took shape and I was able to find success in my business, even hitting the company leader boards through just one single promotion strategy. I wrote guides and training programs that I gave away freely to help others learn my strategies and shortly after became known as ‘The Twitter Guy’.

So to recap, I am not saying you should start promoting your business only on Twitter, far from it. I just want you to find one thing and focus on it. If you can block out all the noise and distractions from everything else in this fast paced world of social media and just focus on one strategy you will get results quickly and with it you will become the expert that everyone wants to learn from. When you are that guy, your business will explode.

promote your website
Katie Miles – WebsiteFacebook

Katie Miles 

Entrepreneur and inspirationalist on a mission to help more people get what they want out of life and experience true freedom.

One very powerful action tip that'll show you how to promote your website is know your target market and then really getting involved in where they hang out online!

You need to get the intimate details of what your target audience is like, who they are, what types of problems they have that you can solve, and what they’re liking and talking about on social media.

If you have a website, then you should know your niche market or target audience you want to speak to – so understanding the kinds of people that will be interested in what you have to offer is the first and most important step.

Once you can really identify who your market is, what types of problems they have or what they struggle with, and HOW you can help them solve them, then the next action step to take is picking one or two social media sites and really spending time getting involved, staying active, liking and sharing content, and engaging with people.

You want your efforts of promoting your website to be effective, so you only really need to focus on mastering one or two at a time – and that is in connecting with your target audience on a personal level, and offering them VALUE.

This action alone will keep your audience much more receptive as you promote your website and share what you have to offer with them.

Research and use the best hashtags that are relevant for your website and content, which will also help in expanding your social reach and drive more engagement to your social posts.

If you’re taking time to give value online, then it won’t be seen as a negative thing if you promote your website in your content, include as a watermark on photos, or as part of your signature when commenting!

If you’re serious about leveraging your efforts and promoting your website to the right people, then your time will be best spent in becoming a source of value online – engaging and making connections, rather than just throwing your website links out to every social site out there.

Know your audience, pick one or two social sites to really get involved in, target your market using effective hashtags, offer value, and then promote your website easily!
You have epic greatness in you. I’m just here to make sure other people find out how awesome you can be!

Denise Cardenas – WebsiteFacebook

Denise Cardenas
I'm a Los Angeles single mompreneur of a beautiful 5 year old little girl. I've been in the home base industry for 4 years. My goal is to inspire other single moms to live their dream lifestyle and show them the way to be at stay at home moms by using their laptop and a wifi connection.

When starting your blog one of the main problems that many new bloggers have is “what do I blog about?” and “How do I get traffic to my blog?”

What do I blog about?

My best advice is to practice the Learn, Do, Teach method. Always be learning something new in your niche, take action and teach your audience by sharing it in a blog post. You can do this by doing a video, text or both. There is no write or wrong way to do it.

Remember that when writing your blog post, write them like if you are the audience. It helps make the blog post more genuine and easy to read.

How do I get traffic to my blog?

After every blog post make sure you send traffic to your content. The best way to generate traffic to your blog is by sharing it through Social Media.

My top 2 social media preferences:

Facebook is one of my favorite social media platforms. Not only by sharing it on my own personal wall but by sharing it on my Facebook Fan page and relevant Facebook Groups.

The key to position your blog post is to have a Call To Action. Giving them a sneak peek of what the blog is about and always asking them to click on the link to read more, directing them to your blog.

Twitter is another great source of social media. Since Twitter only allows certain amount of characters. Make sure your title is clear and direct to what the blog is about.

Tamara Boggio Upton – WebsiteFacebook

Tamara Boggio Upton

I specialize in helping people break through limiting beliefs, have energy shifts, and goal accomplishment.

Ok, so my tip for promoting your website is to engage in a conversation with every single person who likes, comments or shares your posts on social media. The people who are participating on your posts by either liking, sharing, or commenting on your posts are your leads.

Even if they’re in the same company, or on the same team. You can still engage with them to get people edifying you on their own pages and building relationships with peers and leaders.

It encourages people to see when they have been recognized-

When they comment or like something you’ve posted, they are looking for attention and will appreciate your response.

When you talk to them personally, use their name, give them a sincere compliment and make them feel good.

They will continue to engage with your posts and keep coming back to your content because you make them feel good and they want more of that.

40 Tactics to increase website traffic

David Book – Website – Facebook

David Book
David is a 32 year old “Colorado mountain man”  who earns an income online. He teaches business owners how to generate more leads and convert more sales by leveraging blogging systems, and automation.

How would you like to have thousands of frenzied buyers visiting your website every day like a swarm of bees to a honeycomb?

If you’re an online marketer, you probably want to learn how to promote your website and offers better and more efficiently than your competition, right? If you want to learn to drive more traffic to your website, pay close attention to my top action tip below.

Apply this top action tip to bring swarms of hungry visitors to your website like bees swarming to a honeycomb:

Make “honey” that tastes better than all the rest!

In order to promote your website and get more traffic, the most important thing you can do is to create and promote highly valuable content (honey) that solves a problem for the people (bees) in your target market. When a visitor comes to your website and your content solves their problem, they will become loyal to you and they will share your content in their circles.

If your content is really good, visitors will come back to your website day after day consuming more of your sweet golden goodness, sharing it with their friends and family. As long as you continue to consistently create and promote valuable content for your market, you will never run out of traffic!

Creating and promoting a piece of valuable content that solves a specific problem for your target market is by far the best way to drive traffic in order to actually attract your ideal visitor.

Wendy Ulett – WebsiteFacebook

Wendy Ulett

Wendy hails from the land down under – Australia. She is a social media consultant, with a following of over 10,500 fans in just 4 months.

When promoting your business/website, it’s important to know exactly who you are targeting.
Firstly, you need to Identify the person that is your ideal customer.
Next, break down all the attributes about this person.
The more specific the better.
What is their age, gender, employment status, marital status do they have kids, what level of education have they had?
What (if any) common interests do you share with them?
Answering these simple questions will narrow down your ideal audience, and help you to better target your marketing.
You may ask ‘why do I want to narrow down who I am marketing to?’ ‘Isn’t it better to market to everyone?’
Great question! Casting a wider net, and including more people in your marketing, does not necessarily mean more sales or leads. In fact, it can mean the opposite, as you try to keep everyone happy, but don’t specifically cater to anyone's specific needs/wants.
You end up wasting your time & money marketing to people that are just not interested in what you are offering. Get specific. About your target audience & about your marketing.
Find your niche.
Find the problems in your niche, and then tell your audience how you can solve them.

Donnie Hall II – WebsiteFacebook

Donnie Hall II

I share online marketing Tips and strategies along with  other cool discoveries! I've found my home helping others to a better future and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Promote your blog through video using a Massive FREE Powerhouse! Read more to find out what that is and how.

But Wait! Maybe you SUCK at video?! Well that's totally ok with the method I am about to show you my friend. wink emoticon

So what's a fast and easy way to promote your website or blog?

There are many different methods you could use. Today I am going to teach you one that's easy, 100% FREE and can keep working for you even years down the road!!!


Each of your blog post's are perfect content, basically almost ready to go for a video.

And guess what? Some people are just to darn lazy and would rather watch a video than read anything.

Check this out. Usually the only things you may need to change or add will be the calls to action you use to direct your visitor to where you want them to go. You know, to where they can get the more in-depth information on the subject? Your blog.

If your like me you know every little bit helps. Well how about a free tool to help you do this?

It's called Jing and it's made by You can simply go there, download and install it in minutes.

What this tool will allow you to do is make a screen capture video up to 5 minutes long.

What if you need to make longer videos than that? You can either make multiple 5 minute or so videos and then add them together through the video editing software of your choice.

Or there is a paid version of Jing called Snag-it “It allows for much longer videos. I have Snagit and use it daily myself” it's around $50 (There's also a free trial). But Jing works great too and it's FREE like I said.

OK Let's get to the rest of the good stuff! HaHa

What you're actually going to do is a screen capture of your blog post as you read it. Yes it's really that simple. You don't even have to be on camera!

First before you record anything you need to read through your post and make a few notes of calls to action you will want to tweak for your video. They will be a little different for your video than your blog post.

Then make your video!

In your video you will tell them to click the link in the description to visit your blog to Learn more, Get more detail or the full information. Maybe you'll only read half or part of your post (hook them into wanting more) for the video then direct them to how they can get see or watch the rest on your actual blog

Wink Wink. Starting to get the picture now?

Depending on how long your blog post is you could even break it up into 2, 3 possibly even 4 separate videos (and a full blog post video which you could also embed on your post. Ya know? For the ones who would rather watch a video than read something). You can have them all directing people back to your blog to get the full info of the ninja secrets, or valuable tips and tricks you're sharing with them.

You could give them a hint of what they will miss if they don't follow the link in the description NOW! HA!

Make sure, no matter what you decide, one video or multiple videos that you add a call to action at least once at the end of your video telling them to click the link in the description to go to your blog post.

Once your video or videos are recorded you need to upload them to a place to host your video. That Powerhouse I was referring to at the beginning of this (You Probably guessed it) is YouTube.

I'm not going to go into detail on certain things like how to do that exactly right here. There are a ton of tutorials on how to do that on YouTube.

But I will tell you this. You want to put a clickable link back to your blog post in the beginning or close to the top of the description of your video on YouTube. The easier you make it for someone to visit your blog, the more people will actually do it. You also want some content in here using the keywords you are using in your blog post as well.

This just like for your blog helps Google/YouTube know what this video is about and helps them place you in the YouTube search engine where you can

Then you will add tags. Same thing. Add the keywords you used for your blog too.

After your video or videos are finished and uploaded

Take advantage of the 13 fast share buttons under the “share” link under your video and share the video to all of them you can. You may also want to add the same description with your blog link from your YouTube description at each of these places when they allow you too.

This is a quick and easy way to help you get your video or videos working for you to drive more traffic to your blog and it gives you link juice not only to your videos but to your blog through your videos as well.

Don't forget you can embed your full video to your blog post if you want too.

I hope you found value in this and you utilize this simple yet effective tactic to drive more traffic to your website or blog.

Sue Price – WebsiteFacebook

Sue Price

Sue is about freedom, lifestyle and Law of Attraction. Passionate about helping others live life on their terms.

A tip for you as a blogger that'll help you learn how to promote your website is to comment on the blogs of influential bloggers.

There are many blog syndication groups on Facebook you can join to comment on other blogs. People will most times reciprocate.

Other people will read your comment and if it is a good one they may come and check your blog out.

What you need to remember is “comments are content”. The quality of the comments you leave is important.

Your comment should show you have read the post and it should add to the conversation.

By adding to the conversation, I mean if you have some value you can bring to the comment do so. Talk about your experience on the topic.

Be relevant and interested.

Ask questions – this shows you are truly interested.

Read some of the other comments and then you can say “I agree with what Joe said about xyz”. It is all about adding to the conversation.

One liners do not cut it as a blog comment. As bloggers we all get them. Those comments indicate the commenter has not read the post or is not at all interested.

Stay on topic – don’t go off on a different tangent.

It is okay to bring in a different point of view but don’t criticize the writer. That just looks plain unprofessional. Disagree without being disagreeable.

Don’t self-promote.

If the blog topic does not interest you I believe it is best not to comment.

There are different opinions on how long a blog comment should be. I believe it should be long enough to say something meaningful.

There are many successful bloggers that built large readerships by doing this. It is free and a great way to get noticed.

Valdez Johnson – Website – Facebook
Valdez Johnson
Best beaches, white sands. A secret kept from the world. Networking and helping people Generate Leads is my passion.
Tip to that'll help you learn how to promote your website is Mental Toughness!
Mental toughness has to be a factor in promoting yourself on social media.
Ways to get traffic to your website can also be determined by how tough you are mentally.
You must get stronger emotionally and psychologically do you realize how much thing you might have to deal with different from working on your online business or Networking business External Factors: Family you have to deal with the wife, kids, parent if you are lucky to have them. how can we concentrate on growing a business with all these distractions.
You have to sit your family down and let them know that your working on a project and you need to be laser focused.
Please give me this time to make our lives better and make that promise that your family life would be better. Write it and stick it up on the wall.
Money this is where you have to take away some of the things you don't need in life so that you can grow your business by investing in it. Saying you don't have any money is not a correct statement if you are serious enough and dedicated to growing a business online, money would not stop you, find a way and a way would present itself. Your job can slow your progress but you have to find time for your business because as Jim Rohn stated “Work hard on you job to make a living. Work hard on yourself to make a FORTUNE!!! . Internal Factors: Emotions , Health, Self-esteem and your Inner Voice all these factors you have to take care off on a daily basis. Exercise, reading a good book on Networking, listening to people who has already been there and done that to help you achieve your goals
Dave Trilles – WebsiteFacebook
Dave Trilles
My name is Dave, and I am an RNtrepreneur. It is my job to work with special teams to save lives as a Registered Nurse in an Intensive Care Unit for kids. It is my business to work with special teams to teach business owners and marketers how to generate more leads and create more sales by leveraging systems, utilizing automation, and stepping into their vision for themselves and for their business. I am happy to help!
So you need some tips on how to promote your business website? Here’s a 3-Step Approach to seriously consider:
1. Create a blog (unless your website is already a blog) and on a daily basis, post value-driven content-rich blog posts that provide evergreen evidence that you have a rooted presence on the internet. The kind of content you want to share on each blog post is a solution(s) to their customers’ problem(s). This creates trust in you and your product or service.
2. Utilize social media to promote your blog. With currently over 1 billion users on Facebook, it’s just smart business to have a Facebook fan page that promotes your blog. To give your customers a chance to know and like you, make sure you shoot a Welcome video that introduces both your face and your heart – then pin it to the top of your fan page.
3. If your website happens to be a generic landing page for a network marketing business, it’s imperative to stand out. In an age of reality TV, where more often than not the star’s claim to fame is being gratuitously rude and raucous, good manners and keeping your word is a rarity that is of high value these days. So let your prospect know (and do follow through!) that if they join you & your business, you will personally call them to welcome them aboard before revealing to them the first few simple action steps they need to take on their path to success in your business. If you leave them feel like a winner during that initial interaction, free advertising will flow freely, because good news travels fast and deep.
Leslie Lane Peabody – Website – Facebook
leslie peabody
 Coach, Blogger, SSocial Media Ninja and High Heel wearing Mompreneur.
The Best Single Tip to Help You Learn How To Promote Your Website
Yep. That's it. Start with a BAM!
Think Chef Emeril Lagasse slapping that table and yelling “BAM!”
Make people NOTICE youMake people REMEMBER you!You only have about 8 seconds —
let me say that again
— 8 short seconds —
whether you are on video or in a written format
to get people to notice you —
to pay attention to you.
If you start with “Hi, my name is BORING and I'm with BORING company.” your 8 seconds are up and you've already been tuned out. Think of Charlie Brown cartoons and the adults saying “Blah blah blah blah.”There are 152,000,0000 (that's million!) blogs on the internet the last time I checked. A new blog is created every HALF SECOND! How will you stand out!!!!
Ok. BAM! is easy to say, but how do I BAM! them in the first 8 seconds?
Don't start with your blah blah blah introduction. You can save that for later. Start with something exciting.
Slap the table and say BAM!
You NEED to know . . . Your DREAMS depend upon . . .
Knowing HOW to capture attention in the first 8 seconds
of your blog..
What does the life of a fruit fly have to do with blogging?
Think about actions movies that start with the cliffhanger scenes before the opening credits.
That's THE BEST SINGLE TIP to help you learn how to promote your website.
Christopher Norton – WebsiteFacebook
Christopher Norton
A 20-year Special Operations military veteran and NASA retiree looking to serve as a valuable resource for Veterans to find healing and prosperity following their honorable service to our nation.

I’ve found that in life and business being genuine will get you further than anything else.

The best “Action Tip” I can give you is to be yourself but be an ACTIVE SELF. Be genuine and transparent…….HONEST!

Being an ACTIVE SELF helps people get to know you through consistent Blog Post and Videos.

I have built incredible relationships with people that even today don’t know how or why they let me get so close so fast. Just as a animal can sense fear, people can sense “bs” and just as well who is genuine or not.

Don’t let the pressure of a sale let you be someone you’re not. Be true to yourself and SUCCESS will follow.

Start by telling your story. Most of us want to connect with people we resonate with.

I do this through video posts and blog posts…connecting with like minded people on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Don’t forget the power of back-linking and edifying others! All your content doesn’t have to be original. If you find someone else's info valuable put it back out there on your blog with your thoughts. ALWAYS give them credit!!! (example….Top 8 Bible Verses About Edification by CRYSTAL MCDOWELL)

Keep things positive and real and you’ll find that you are a MAGNET for those around you looking to be and accomplish more in life!!

 Jenni Leufstadius – Website – Facebook
Jenni Leufstadius
Mumpreneur, small business owner, Self Creating Success online with a blog, on a mission to claim my freedom and live Life like there is no tomorrow.

Why is it so important to have a Great Website for Your Business? And most importanly: How to promote it so that Your customers will find you!?

As one of my teams great mentors, Leslie, reminded; there are approximately 152,000,0000 blogs (websites) out there on the internet as we speak, and every half second, an new blog is created. So, you really must stand out with your content or otherwise your potential customers will continue to click further… and you might never see them returning to your pages again…

First of all creating a website that people will love to visit is not difficult when you know how…There are so many ways to do things that have never been done and seen Before. You can really just play with your webpage to make it so much more interesting and to make it really stand out from the crowd. One of the most important thigs to do Before you start to create your webpage – is not to go over to other peoples pages who are Active within the same niche, and see what they are doing, so that you know what to do too. That´s a big no-no!

What you can do instead is to go over to websites that are from completely different field and then bring the best ideas to your pages. Think of all the fabulous combinations of styles that can be created by doing that!

Music & Mathematichs, Marketing & Magick, Online Business & Off Shore Lifestyle…. Make up & The Mad Hatter´s Tea Party…

Oh, I got a bit lost in daydreaming here!

When your great, outstanding website is all set up, do not be afraid to add different types of valuable content to your pages that will keep people coming back for more. This includes videos and audios as well as new, fresh training material that´s always up to date. Shooting videos might feel a bit scary, but with some practice you will soon master that skill. And You being Your best Asset is really the key to Your Marketing! So, don´t be shy!

Short informative videos with Youtube can be worth so much more than you could ever imagine, in fact we have team members who have amazing success and have created tons of free traffic plainly from using this one single tool for marketing their business.

You should harness the Power of Social Media by connecting your website to all of your other accounts online; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Youtube. Every time you post or tweet something, link the Pictures & Pins back to Your pages to create a new flow of visitors to your content.

Always remember to stay authentic to your own unique Style, as well as keep a clear focus on the Subject and the audience you are “talking” to trough your site. This applies to all of your pages in The Social Media that are related to Your Business by the way ; )

Mike Paul – WebsiteTwitter
Mike Paul 
I blog, I teach, I dad, I husband, I biz, I awesome. Certified world changer. Watch as I build an online business and show you how to do the same.

“Golden Keys to Unlock A Flood of Twitter Traffic”

If you want to capitalize on Twitter’s 350 million users to generate some incredible traffic to your blog, be sure you’ve “pimped out” your Twitter account for maximum impact.

Start with your Twitter handle. For the newbies, your Twitter handle is your username on Twitter. Mine is @mikepaul. For maximum impact, make sure your Twitter handle is easy to remember, easy to type, and easy to spell. If you insist on a weird spelling for your Twitter account and lots of underscores, you can expect people to have a hard time finding you and your stuff. Keep it simple.

Next, make sure your Twitter profile pic is an actual pic of YOU. If you’re going to become the expert on your topic and you’re sharing links to your blog that’s jam packed with awesome info, people will want to know who you are.

They don’t want to see an avatar or a picture of your favorite old muscle car. And they sure as heck don’t want to see the Twitter “egg” which means you haven’t bothered to add a profile pic. You’re basically screaming at people who would like to follow you, “I don’t care!”

Next, make sure your header image on your Twitter profile is professional and reflects you and your business. For a quick fix, you can use Canva to create a Twitter header image; they’ve got the template ready to go.

Now, your profile is looking great. Those items may seem unimportant but trust me, if you want people to click on your Twitter links, they need to see you as a serious professional and an authority. If you look like somebody that just set up an account yesterday they’ll just think you’re spamming a bunch of nonsense and BLOCK you!

Up next is your bio. You’ve got a limited amount of space to make an impact, so take the time to craft a great bio. Your bio should reflect you, your business, and a bit of your personality. Here’s mine:

“I blog, I teach, I dad, I husband, I biz, I awesome. Certified world changer. Watch as I build an online business and show you how to do the same.”

Simple, straight-forward, and designed to get people to click on my website link once they read my bio.

Speaking of website links…

Yes, you should have a link to your website in your Twitter bio. I’d go so far as to say that you should have a link to a lead capture page that offers people something awesome for free when they visit your site. You’ll continue to establish yourself as an authority and you’ll be building your email list at the same time, which in turn can bring you more traffic.

You’re Twitter profile is now ready to help bring your traffic. Next up, use that brand new Twitter profile to attract followers and drive that traffic.

Use a tool like Crowdfire to find people to follow in your target market. Find “power users” in your market and see who is following them. Connect with these folks and, while you’re at it, go ahead and connect with the power users. You’d be surprised how often they’ll retweet awesome content when they see it. You’ve just got to deliver the goods!

Find the hashtags that are most relevant to your market and start using it in your tweets. Use a couple of hashtags per tweet to get your tweets seen by a larger audience. And whatever you do, don’t try to create a new hashtag from scratch and see if you can make it popular. Use existing popular hashtags to drive more traffic to your content and offers.

Get connected with people in your market. Don’t let your Twitter account be a place where you do nothing but broadcast links all the time. Find a “chat” in your market that you can join and listen to the problems people are having. Each one of these problems is a potential blog post, video, podcast, or presentation that you can create to expand your market and get more traffic. Get involved and become a valuable resource and grow your traffic.

Lastly, remember this: Twitter is an economy of short bursts of content. A tweet is sent and then, within seconds, it’s out of sight. Keeping that in mind, you should tweet VERY often. Of course, you don’t want to tweet the same link over and over again. And you don’t want to just tweet links that point to your stuff. Retweet others. Share great content that you find online that serves your market. You want to be seen as an authority in your market, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the only authority. Use Sniply in combination with Buffer to share links to other content yet still include a link to your own site/lead capture page/offer.

BONUS: You’ll never drive one ounce of traffic if you’re not willing to take some MASSIVE action, no matter what marketing channel you’re using. Get out there, create an awesome Twitter account that delivers value and amazing content and you’ll start seeing the traffic to your site FLOW!

Clinton Douglas IV – Facebook

Clinton Douglas IV
 A Former US Army Recruiter and Iraq Vet, who loves to travel and enjoy life with my family.

One great tip that I can say and some advice from an expert would be this. Master the art of storytelling, storytelling something every entrepreneur needs to master when it comes to marketing spreading the word about their business.

There's no other way to really get the word out about your business if people don't know your story. Let me explain what I mean by story sure you can give a story about yourself kind of like a mini biography of yourself. But the kind of story I am talking about be that of why is it that you like your widget. For example here recently I've purchased a Samsung washing machine for my family of 7 kids my wife and I.

We needed a washing machine that can accommodate shear value of dirty clothes compiled everyday as we just live as a normal family. So I talked to a friend of mine name Carrie about her recent washing machine purchase as she made a little while ago. After what brand did she buy and was she happy with him. She said she has had her Samsung washer machine for over 2 years now and could not be happier.

Now I told her the story that my Maytag which is supposed to be the lowest maintenance washer machine on the planet was a piece of junk right now. And that would bring me back in the space I'm looking for a new washing machine. So I took his advice about this Samsung and did my research. What I found out was this behemoth of a washing machine that can fit 5.7 cubic feet of dirty clothes. Now my poor little wife sometimes has to do a ton of laundry each week as we mentioned earlier.

I did not want to I did not want to get a washing machine that couldn't handle the amount of laundry that we do day in and day out of each week. I wanted something that was heavy duty something that you would find at the laundromat and get the job done. When I came across this Samsung machine and I watched the video of a 5x I was sold when I watch the video seeing how you can put two comforters inside the machine at the same time.

I was at a state of shock because my Maytag economy washer machine it barely fit a stack of dirty clothes that we are looking to wash. Needless to say when I heard the story of my friend Carrie and how her washer machine was performing very well after two and a half one of the three years of service I too was sold on the idea Samsung. We purchase the Samsung and it's with great pride I tell you that we can wash an enormous amount of laundry in the least amount of time my wife is a very happy person when it comes to effortlessly washing clothes person.

The story I just told was a true story of what happened in my experience of buying a new washing machine. The story tells the problem in the solution of what the Samsung washing machine solved for me and my family. If you could become and effective storyteller it should be very easy for you to market any business that your heart so desires.

Master storytelling and selling products will be easy for you and your business. One of the greatest storytellers of all time that I enjoy listening to God rest his soul was Zig Ziglar, the stories that he told while listening to his audio for priceless.

Daniel Ensing – WebsiteFacebook

Daniel Ensing

Create Traffic, Capture Leads, Convert Sales.  I use the internet, other people's products and/or services to make money from home in my spare time.

My tip to help for you learning how to promote your website on a budget. Keep in mind there is a little more leg work involved and takes some time if your serious about getting more exposure for your site or blog.

Engage with other relevant content. So seek out other platforms like news media sites, forums and even Facebook groups that are in the niche you are in or discussing your niche.

It’s got to be in your niche or be in the midst of a conversation regarding your niche or blog topic.

Engage in conversation by leaving a comment with your website and a call to action relevant to the conversation.

For example, I recently wrote a review of the walking dead mid-season six premiere. In addition to sharing across all of my social media profiles I am currently posting comments on YouTube reviews, inside fan pages and groups (all relevant to my topic this is important) with thoughtful engage conversation and a request for feedback.

Why do you want this to be relevant to your topic or niche? Because otherwise it’s just viewed as spam and will get you kicked out of groups, blocked from certain sites and over all you will be ignored.

You can reverse engineer this idea as well if you have a blog. Go find a video, topic or news story that’s getting some attention, write a bog post about it giving the facts and your opinion.

Then go and be a part of the conversations happening across the net and ask people to read, give you feedback and see if you can’t move the conversation over to your site.

J Richard Hogate – WebsiteFacebook

J Richard Hogate Dedicated husband.Dedicated father of 2. Passionate about building a business online & raising awareness about M.S.

Have you heard how many people fail in business? The number is staggering! Why is that you think…? Most people don’t have no clue, and that’s why we do what we do…

Denise and I are here to find and serve the real entrepreneurs out there, not want-trepreneurs thinking that everything is going to be given to them. We teach, coach and inspire other entrepreneurs who have a serious interest in building a business and we do this by adding value to our market. Doing this helps us attract qualified business owners to your website so you can start to build your own brand and start to make sales daily…

This time-tested and proven method is always achieved by adding value and solving peoples problems and pains in life. The synergistic energy created by this 8-Figure Mastermind Group knows no limitations…

We teach all social media platforms including tying them altogether, providing business owners increased exposure bringing interested, qualified business owners and customers to your websites who are ready, willing and able to buy from you!

We utilize a 3-Step Approach to all project activities, which includes continuous learning, application and teaching simultaneously. Everything we do is tracked and measured. We always look for the smartest way to attack a problem, which makes our results incredible!

We believe in leading by example. We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we're going to do it. We travel together. We stay healthy together and best of all We spend time together, like a huge close-knit community. We celebrate results, not intentions…

Everything we do is engineered for success building long term generational wealth for all involved business owners by developing their ability to build a business, while still having a life. We are innovative, always enhancing product experiences and developing our personal skills, rather than relying on the past…

Come join Denise and I with the Expert Roundup Project as an active member of Team Mayhem. We are a giving culture. We’re always building 4 your successes!

Shawn & Tracey Lewter – WebsiteFacebook


Our goal is to promote restoration in ALL areas of life: physically, mentally and financially.  “And in Thee Shall ALL families of the earth be BLESSED!”

Before ever beginning to promote your website, be sure to be clear on a few important things.

What are you wanting to achieve by getting people to your blog and/or website? Are you looking for sales? Are you looking for business partners? Or both?

Like most of us, you are more than likely looking for both sales and business partners. In order to do so, there are a few things you must MASTER first.

1) Telling Your Story and Painting a Visual Picture

2) People and the 4 Main Personality Types and

3) Consistency.

How Do You Master?

1) Telling Your Story and Painting a Visual Picture.

Those of us that have been in Network Marketing in some way, shape, form or fashion, have heard at least once, Facts Tell, Stories Sell. Be open and share real life experiences. When you master telling your story, people can and will begin to visualize what you are sharing and trying to get across to them and begin to engage them and inspire ACTION!

Mastering telling stories inspire people to “change” their world, motivate them and from there, people begin to MAKE choices rather than remaining stuck in a dead-end situation, When telling your story, it is MOST important to be open and truthful.

I've often said, “It is best to be you ALL THE TIME because the REAL you will show up one day! Be you even when blogging. Think your story out and write it down. Memorize even the smallest of details. Remember to paint a visual that people can “see” and “relate” to. Tell your struggle and close with your success! Where are you now because of this business? In short, your story is your “why” in detail.

2) People and the 4 Main Personality Types.

There are 4 main personality types that the majority of people fall under. We have heard them described as colors or animals.

A) Red – Shark B) Yellow – Whale C) Blue – Dolphin and D) Green – Urchin.

When you are blogging, it is IMPORTANT to learn to hit on ALL 4 personality types.

Think of it this way…there can and will be hundreds of thousands that will begin to visit your blog and/or website. Out of these people that visit your site, understand that not ALL will be the same or have just 1 of the 4 personality traits. When you understand and master what motivates people, you are more likely to “pique” their interest.

Here is how each personality type breaks down or what motivates each…

Red Sharks are motivated by MONEY AND SUCCESS.

Yellow Whales are motivated by HELPING PEOPLE AND SAVING THE WORLD.

Blue Dolphins are motivated by FUN AND EXCITEMENT.

Green Urchins are motivated by FACTS, NUMBERS AND DOCUMENTATION.

When you are speaking with someone face to face or by telephone, LISTEN! People will tell you (without saying so) what personality type they are.

IMPORTANT FACT: If you are speaking to a YELLOW WHALE that wants to SAVE THE WORLD, DO NOT speak to them about MONEY as you would if you were speaking with a RED SHARK. Yellow Whales just want to know what they can do to help people, no matter how much money can be made. Another example: When you are speaking with a BLUE DOLPHIN, talk about the “FUN” you all will have at the upcoming event or conference. Money is NOT their motivator.

They just want to know “Where's the party at?” and “Where is it “going down” tonight?” Now when you are blogging, you have to be like Paul of Tarsus. Learn to be ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE! ‘Nuff said. Lastly,

3) Consistency.

Not only should you be consistent in blogging daily, listening to motivational and empowering audios and reading self-help books but, you MUST be consistent in who you are and how you portray yourself on your blog, website and social media.

In short, if you are blogging about Love and Happiness and living a life of serenity and peace but are posting on Facebook and Twitter how you hate your spouse or significant other, that is NOT being consistent. Better yet, how about this one… if you blog about getting fit and eating healthy, you should NOT be posting pictures all day long with 10,000 calorie pieces of chocolate cake, piled high with mountains of ice cream, dripping with chocolate syrup and topped with nuts and Reeces Pieces! Make sense?


Stay consistent in your business where ever you have a presence. Remember, you too can be “GOOGLED” and staying true to your story and niche is key! People Like YOU! NOBODY CAN BE YOU BETTER THAN YOU! Repetition is the Mother of ALL Skill!

Keethan Nadarajah – WebsiteFacebook


I help business owners who have products or services and market through webinars to reach wide audience who require that product or services.  This way our customer gets the best products and services…

Action Tips to help someone learn how to promote your website
So, you want to promote your website to promote your products or services right?

First ask yourself these questions
1. Why should someone need to visit my website? – What is in for them
2. Even if they come, why they should spend time read or watch to see what you have to offer?
3. Do I offer something that can be easily shared with everyone?
4. Is my website offer someone some tips to solve their problems or challenges that they have?
5. Who is my ideal audience?

If you can’t answer these question clearly in details then, dig deeper and get clear for yourself.
Unless you are clear about this, even if people come to the website you won’t be having any results.

So, setting CLEAR INTENTION is vital.
Then next step is to focus on providing huge values.

I am totally aware I have not shared any technical aspects of promoting your site.
I understand you are very keen to promote your website and like to learn the tips of promoting. If you follow above mentioned exercise on your website or each post you do for your blogs, then it will be promoted many more times by the visitors who visits your site. Why? He or she saw great value in your post and he or she can’t stay without sharing with others. Then your post goes very viral.

In these days with social media this spreads even faster.

How Can You Provide Value?

Everyone has needs and wants, has challenges and looking for solutions.

If already established the solution like mentioned above then you can talk about that in your blog or site. When you speaks above it, either from your experience or from what your learned you will be seen as an expert.

If you do this consistently, then you will create like and trust with people. People do business with those who believe, like and trust.

What is the best method to share?

Video is best – So that they can see you and get connected with you even more.

I bought so many program from people whom I never met because of the video and value I received from them.

But the if you are a camera shy then it won’t help. My best suggestion is get over it and do it.

Why? I was like that. But when started to do that and I wanted to do more. Its feels so good.

Next best step is blogging – simple and easy. People can easy read even during their lunch breaks.

How to Promote?

Ok, now we can talk about promoting. There are two ways Paid method and free method

Let’s talks about free methods.

Tell everyone.

I mean, if you have email database, send to all.

Share it in social media, Facebook, twitter, Google plus and many more.

Spend 80% of your time doing this and 20% time creating it.

You can learn this, Practice and do it and share the results and keep repeating it.

Hope this helps. Let’s do it. Yes you can.

Don Schmidt – Website – LinkedIn


Speaker-Publishing Coach-Digital Workflow Consultant Extraordinaire!

Recently I was asked the following question: How can someone help you (me) get leads directed to your website?


The new “Publishing” paradigm has everyone who blogs or produces digital content becoming a “Publisher” in and of themselves. With this in mind, I bring my 30-years of overseeing the process to bear in a completely new genre of content dissemination.

My website is all about books. I focus on how to make them, how to market them, and how to sell them. We all have a story within us that is yearning to come out. The process of putting that story into a format is one that requires someone who knows the book publishing field as an expert. It’s all about the story and the story is YOUR story.

I met a guy named Tom. Now Tom had an idea to write a book about sailing. It was going to be the great sailing epic of our time; and Tom knew that he had all the essentials to write a classic tome. The one thing he didn’t have was the knowledge and expertise to do all the production work, manufacturing work or the sales and marketing that would make his book the number one selling book in his field.

Tom asked me what I could do to help him get his book out into the field. I, in turn, asked him how many books did he foresee in the series, and he looked at me blankly and said, “just the one.” It was at this point that I made it clear to Tom that the only way he was going to make money would be by serializing and selling his book as a five-part series. Think of The Lord of the Rings series, think of Harry Potter, think of The Hunger Games. A one-off does not make you any money, but serializing and blogging will make you a whole lot more $$.

Joe Chance – WebsiteFacebook

Former Marine and Lawyer teaching others about working online.

When you've decided to improve your life through entrepreneurship you must 1st “understand”…. the business model. In my observations after being a trial attorney and a business leader that's lead $400 million dollar and Billion Dollar operations have sifted out the very simple path that you must know.

1st.. understand that we live in a plug and play world. Information is now the largest consumed purchase on the planet. As such you have rightly considered this business opportunity to be the most likely source of your future dreams becoming reality like I have.

2nd.. as you get all in with this business system recognize that you are becoming and like me. You are using a content management system and selling the very best system for success. You will both consume the Information by buying it and learning it… then you will be using is and selling from it…

As a leading entrepreneur and Informationalist that has enthusiasm for enjoying your life by reducing your timeline to activities that produce income while increasing your income and actually enjoying it in the process you will be improving the lives that matter to you and those that eventually learn from you…

Feel free to reach out to me…. find my blog and get how I use it. As well I am proud to welcome you to this community and I urge you to make a decision to get all in with the person that shared this information with you and to connect and share all of the tips that you find valuable to you in my army of informationalist entrepreneurs.

Empowering you in any way I can…

Joe Chancellor, J.D., M.B.A.
“The Informationalist”

Samira Khan – WebsiteFacebook


Inspiring people to be free and live their dreams.

How to promote your website…

Attracting customers to your business is the most important objective in marketing. Driving more traffic to your website is the most likely the second most important goal. There are many ways to generate traffic to your website, today I am going to share three very basic tips with you.

1) Use Catchy Titles for your posts
The most important part of writing is the headlines. This applies to books, blogposts, magazine articles or any written material. It takes more than good content or great design to captivate your audience in a world full of noise and distraction. Your title is the cherry on the top, on average five time more people read the headline that the body of the post.

People want to be drawn into something exciting and with while rather than be tricked into something boring. Use interesting adjectives, unique rationales, solutions and promises to give your work a compelling title.

Here is a good formula: Trigger word+Adjective+Keyword+Promise
For example, “How you can make money online in less than 24 hours.”

2) Social Media

Social media is an inexpensive way to promote your website and a good way to keep new and existing customers chatting and commenting about your products. Use some of the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram to post pictures, videos, blog posts and even demos of your products to drive them to your website.

3) Advertise
There are several ways to do this, paid search, display advertising and social media advertising are great ways to build your brand and get more visitors to your site. If you are looking to increase sales you will need to target high intent commercial keywords as part of your strategy. It may be costly but worth it.

Depending on your desired outcome, whether it’s more traffic or higher conversion rates, each advertising channel has is pros and cons.

4) Use Email Marketing to attract new and repeat customers.
There’s no point in getting traffic to your site if you are not going to gather contact information of your clients., i.e, names and email addresses. Many people may visit your site but not buy anything right away, you need to keep in contact with them constantly through follow up emails and keep them thinking about your products and website.

Collecting visitors’ information can be done using an opt in page on your home page or landing page, and follow up emails are easier done using an autoresponder. As soon as your customers enter their opt in information, they can start receiving emails from you automatically on a regular basis.

You may also consider sending personalized emails manually to your contacts list every now and then. For example, weekly newsletters, free reports or advice, specials offers, etc

There are ton's of ways to attract traffic on the internet, obviously these are the very basic methods of getting traffic to your site. However, it is important to focus your efforts on one or two key strategies for attracting traffic to a high degree of proficiency.

This is more likely to bring about remarkable results as opposed to having a finger in every pie.

Susy Simc-Geissinger – WebsiteFacebook

Susy Simc

Susy is The Digital Marketing Gal.  With an MBA in Marketing, a successful career as a Corporate VP of Sales, an Entrepreneur, Business Coach and a Practicing Online Marketer, she now thrives in coaching new, as well as existing businesses,  to grow their business leveraging the power of the internet.

Looking for the best action tip on learning how to promote your website?

As blogging takes the world by storm, with millions of blogs floating out in cyber space, this is a question that gets asked quite often. People generally look for a social media strategy that’ll explode their readership. And yes, while social media can and does play a large role in syndication, I believe there is a need for some fundamentals to be understood and carried out before you can successfully promote your website online.

What do I mean fundamentals?

Trust me I won’t spend too much time on his, but I believe everyone that embarks in an online business (blogging) needs to understand the basics. Knowing these will make the traffic question more clear. That clarity begins when you start by identifying the purpose of your blog. It’s a no brainer but the information you share should be congruent with your subject matter. For example, if your niche covers parenting skills, giving tips on improving a golf swing would most likely fall on deaf ear.

You’ll also need to do is identify your audience; know your avatar inside and out. A successful blogger will understand their Readers’ demographics, likes, dislikes, challenges, even know the books they’re reading. One of my Mentors once said to get a clearer picture of your audience, type their characteristics in Google search, even give them a name. This will give you an image that represents the person that the message is intended to reach. After all, market to everyone and you’ll ultimately market to no one.

One last fundamental, and probably by far the most important for organic traffic, is conducting your keyword research. Once you’ve identified “who” you’ll need to find out “what” they’re actually searching for. Properly using keywords in your blogs will enhance search engine optimization, letting you get found by people looking for your solution.

Alright, you’re now ready to promote your site. The social media options seem endless, though my personal favorite is You Tube videos. Videos let your audience get to know you and your business. For maximum benefit, embed them in a blog and increase your search results.

Why does You tube beat out Facebook? No brainer. Facebook posts can easily get lost in a newsfeed, while videos live on and continue to get found by keywords. It’s not that you shouldn’t use social syndication, my first choice will be videos.

Rosa Lindsey – WebsiteFacebook

rosa lindsey


My Passion is to help others solve their insurance needs. My specialty is in Medicare and Senior Products, however I am also an accredited ACA agent.

My word of wisdom as a beginner blogger is being patient with yourself. Rome was not built in a day. Just don’t wait too long because then you will lose momentum. Keeping up with the momentum and be patient is the most single tip I can give. It is easy to get discouraged, if you wait too long.

Trying to do too many things at once can be overwhelming and totally immobilize you to do nothing at all. If you lose that momentum it is hard to regain it sometimes.

Therefore, find the one strategy that works for you. Master it before you move on to something else.

Once you get started make sure that you follow the usual rules such as the ones below.

Make sure you are targeting your audience. If the audience does not connect with your message, it is less likely to get shared. The more shares you get of course you have a better chance for more exposure.

Hanging out in the communities where your audience happens to be is a no brainer. At least it is now. I did not know that before I start learning about blogging. It is easy to do, if you know to do it. Build relationships in these groups. You know the old cache “People do business with people they know, like and trust.” Participate in others blogs. Do not just like a post. Make valuable comments. They will reciprocate.

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+ are great social sources to share your content. Stay Home Moms, Single Moms and ladies that sell Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware and such are great target audiences because they need a site and blog of their own instead of for the company. Those are not the only ones you can target using these sources, those are just suggestions. Twitter, LinkedIn are sources you can join especially if you are targeting business and professional people. Again these are just suggestions to get started.

The use of your own graphics, photos and illustrations can be leveraged by back linking. Allowing others to use your graphics etc. and back linking back to your site will give you extra exposure.

Researching for the right keywords is critical. Using keywords will help the search engines find you and therefore send you to your connecting audience.

Another tip that is helpful for a newbie is that you blog about what you are learning. It has a tendency to make more sense when you are actually doing the work instead of just reading about it. It is important that you be consistent in what you do. People will be watching to see if you are consistent or just a fly by night.

These are simple tips that can go a long way if you’re are just getting started. Happy Blogging!

Kami Bee – Website – Facebook


Kami Bee

I'm just a girl who decided she wanted a different life. I found something that I love and am learning how to make a fantastic living doing it!

Hello new internet marketers!! It's so exciting when someone decides to take control of their personal and financial future. Here are some tips to get people reading your stuff and to keep them coming back for more!

1. Blog consistently. I know this should go without saying, but without a boss looking over your shoulder, it can be tough to keep it up. In the beginning, focus on filling up your blog with helpful and creative content that keep readers engaged and wanting more.

2. Share your posts on social media, at the optimal times! Did you know that you're more likely to get clicks on Facebook at certain times of the day? The same goes for Instagram. Whatever platform you use, make sure you know when to use it. Do a simple google search of “Best times to post on….” and see when you will get the best results. THEN DO IT!

3. Trust your authority. There are people out there who are looking for information from you. New bloggers are always concerned that no one will read their stuff or are fearful that they aren't an authority on a topic. You are an authority on something. Figure out what it is and start writing about it.

4. Type how you talk. This isn't grad school and there is no APA (do they still use APA?) style. Write how you talk and people will feel as though you're right in the room with them.

5. Engage with people who start liking and sharing your content. People love to be thanked and acknowledged for those kinds of things. Strike up a conversation, get to know your readers. They'll remember and continue to give you love on your posts.

Meylysa Duldulao – BlogTwitter

Mey Duldulao

I live in Hawaii with my husband Jomel, my son Jordan and my Mom Theresa. We help parents spend more time with their family and live financially free.

Want people to actually visit, read and engage in the wonderful content of your website?

Want to provide your value to those who are on the web right now hunting for solutions to their problems?

Read on for the number 1 tip to getting the right people to and how to promote your website!

Use Trending Tags and Share Your Content On Social Media

I get instant eyeballs to my website through my Twitter account by using Tweetdeck (tweet

You can upload a pic with the title of your blog or page, and then tweet it, a link to your webpage, and trending tags. Just putting in the # and some related words will show you what is trending. Be sure to pick tags that are relevant to what you are sharing!

I get people instantly getting on my site and they are happy as well to find valuable information.

Terri Nicholson – WebsiteFacebook


Terri Nicholson

BLOGGER mum of 3, singer/songwriter, healer, environmental activist and online entrepreneur/mentor will lift you up!

Here’s a crucial action tip to help you learn how to promote your website.

One of the keys is to avoid overwhelm. There are SO many ways to promote your website that often people jump around to different strategies without implementing one consistently enough to see actual results. I know ‘cause I’ve done it too!

So my biggest advice is to select one core strategy/platform to use and stick with it for 90 days absolutely consistently to drive traffic to your website.

So whether it’s Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform… choose ONE main one to focus on. Master it, then branch out.

For me I chose Instagram. In just 6 weeks of daily actions I am already having a steady flow of traffic to my website just from Instagram, resulting in 10-20 leads every day (people opting in to my email list and seeing my offer). And this is simply growing and will continue to increase.

Instagram is simple. It is free.

Just make sure of these things:
– be clear on your target audience – use to do your research on hashtags and users to follow.
– fill out your profile bio using relevant keywords and use emojis to make it stand out.
– use the one clickable link for your website.
– provide value so use this ratio for posting – 3:2:1 = 3 value posts, 2 personal posts, 1 business post. Post daily.
– Send direct messages with in Instagram to new followers saying “thanks for the follow” and also directing them to your website.

There is a whole other level to Instagram which is where you can scale up, automate and outsource this as a traffic source for promoting your website.

The main thing is just stay focused on one platform long enough to master it….

Rhonda Pfeil – Twitter

Rhonda Pfeil

Former business analyst that Studied Political Science at Northeastern University.

.Blog Post Published Now What?

You created a valuable content rich blog post, hit publish, and your blog is now live on the internet. Now the real work begins – promoting your blog post because although your blog is live it isn't alive until others begin to see the content.

There are many free and paid methods for promoting your blog that will continue to work for you over time – that is bringing people to your blog post long after you have written it.

One of the biggest challenges I had was creating a plan to promote my content online because everything looks interesting and my thinking was I needed to be everywhere. In the beginning being everywhere is the same as being nowhere. The key to promoting your blog is to find one or two methods you like to do and be consistent with doing them regularly before you add other ways to promote.

One way to promote your blog is by using video. Creating a video about your blog post is a fun and effective way to promote your content because it is easy to do and it's free!  YouTube is the best free method for hosting your video.

The purpose of creating a video is to let people see and hear you. The ‘know like and trust' within your content now has a personal touch and you go beyond the words in your blog. Making a video is easy on most devices and the video technology is a standard feature with good sound and picture quality. Once you have finished recording most devices have direct access to upload your video to Youtube.

There are three basic advantages to using Youtube to promote your blog post:

1 – Youtube has features to directly add your social media accounts and a link to your blog or website. There is also a profile to add short text description about yourself and what you do.

2 – Each video you upload to your Youtube channel has a description box for that video. Inside the description box you can leave a text about your video with a brief introduction to the blog post you are going to be introducing and this is where you would leave a link to that blog post.

3 – Once you have hosted your video to Youtube a link is generated for that video to share it online. You can share your video across other social media platforms and also share the video link directly inside your blog post. If you are using the Kalatu Blogging System it is very simple to copy the link from Youtube and paste it inside your blog post with no special formatting required. You can also set up your Youtube channel to automatically share each video you upload to other social media accounts extending your reach online with no extra effort.

Keep the process of promoting your blog with video very simple in the beginning.

Starting out it is best to make short videos to introduce your blog post and to make the video as soon as you finish the blog post when the content is still fresh in your mind.

You should aim to keep your video less than one minute because the video is being used to direct people to your blog. Think of your video as an introduction. It is an introduction to you and the valuable content you have created on that blog post. You can create a video each time you have a new blog post and continue to leverage the Youtube platform and its tools for automation.

Get past the over-thinking stage in making your video. I know for me when I shot my first video it took a long time and so many ‘takes'. I obsessed about every little pause I had in my 60 second narrative. It was not a simple ‘ready – set – action' the first few times but it does get easier. It may take a few takes to be comfortable with being in front of the camera but once you are the first take will be the one you upload. If you keep the process simple the best advice is to be real and forget about small hiccups and tripping over a word or two. Rather than doing a retake, or edit, keep the word fumbles there. The lens for your camera is where the red dot is located. Think of that red dot on your phone or laptop as your friend and talk to that red dot. All you are doing is letting your friend know you wrote a blog post and what it is about.

Using Youtube to promote your blog post is not about knowing all of the in's and out's of shooting a video or using Youtube as a marketing strategy and knowing how to effectively market on Youtube. Keep it simple and use the free platform to host your video and use the tools to share the video about your blog and other strategies can be added later.

As part of the 8 Figure Mastermind I have learned how to create videos and used some of the basic video techniques we teach to build a live audience on Periscope too. Our team teaches everything you need to know about how to market your blog or website online and we have more creative and advanced techniques for promoting your blog with video too.

Annette Procanick – WebsiteFacebook


Annette Procanick


Teacher and Online Marketer helping you create a life working online.

From Metro:
Blogging is a great way to personalize yourself to potential customers so that they are more inclined to visit your main website. Many ecommerce websites and small business websites also have a blog. There is a good reason the website designer included this with the web package.

An experience that I had that illustrates the power of a good blog to increase traffic to your business or sales site. I ran across a great blog awhile back on an ecommerce site. It was attached to an online store that caters to owners of Boston Terriers. The site owner actually posted her blog on the store front so that potential customers would see the blog before they saw any merchandise. She also linked her blog onto social media so that people saw her blog first and then came to her ecommerce site.

The interesting thing is this ecommerce marketer deftly uses a blog to personalize her business to her customers. When I got done reading a few posts, I felt like I knew the owner! She told cute stories about her and her dog, and if I was in the market for Boston Terrier stuff, I would be definitely buying from this person!

Blogs written with passion communicate on a personal level. Blogs that use stories, pictures, and videos along with written articles bring something special to the communication process that is beyond simply cognitive information. Blogs give business owners a powerful edge. The problem is, most small business websites don’t use or update their blogs.

Blogging also creates a more targeted audience. Think about a tv series, like “Walking Dead.” They keep their loyal audience spell-bound and glued to the tv every Sunday night during their short season. The millions who tune in become an audience, not only for the show, but for advertisers. The whole purpose of the show–economically speaking–is to create a platform to sell advertising.

Blogs do the same thing. Quality content attracts loyal readers who keep coming back to your new posts. But blogging can create a more highly targeted audience than tv. So that means you don’t need to have as large a viewership as “The Walking Dead” to have effective advertising. Blogs audiences are created selectively by what you write and where you promote your blog.

When you have a loyal, targeted audience regularly visiting your blog they will become the warm market for your business site. It's on the same order as a brick-and-mortar business owner going around town and introducing himself to new people, but even more effective. Prospects that are warmed up to the business owner become better customers!

Brandon Mouton – Website – Facebook



Husband and father of 2 little girls. Online affiliate marketer, helping other families go after their dreams and escape the 9 to 5 rat race.

When you combine the growing demand for relevant information with highly sought after “how to” knowledge that every entrepreneur and small business owner desperately needs to massively grow their business, you have a vehicle that can create the replacement income while allowing you to actually have a life.

So what do I need to get started? It’s actually pretty simple, here’s the three key pieces.

Products That Work – When you think about information and products, there’s tons of “free” information online that people can’t giveaway, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about products and information that actually work and deliver on what they say that they do. Now, you can create your own products, but the key to getting started quickly is leveraging products that are available and have a proven track record and sell. Most people will look for one or two products to sell when they get started, and that can work if you know exactly who your potential client or buyer is. The better way to select a product is to search for products that are sold in a suite where each of the products compliment one another. If you use a product suite you also have the ability to have entry level products to sell on one end and higher level and more comprehensive products on the other end. If you find the right product suite, this can create massive results.

Systems That Create Leverage – Once you’ve got a product or suite of products to sell, you need a way to sell them, without you having to present. This is key, in order to create the income you want while having a life you love, you have to systems in place that allow you to focus on the key fundamentals of business. Those fundamentals are generating leads and creating new clients from those leads. Creating systems that generate leads and sales is an art and has a pretty steep learning curve. It’s not that you can’t create a system, it’s just best to find a system that's working right now, learn how to use that system and then in the future, model the things that are working in your own system.

A Business Blog – No matter what business you are in, you can have great products and systems in place to sell them, but if you aren’t communicating with your potential and current customers your sales will flatline over time. One of the best ways to attract new customers and increase existing sales from current customers is to blog about your business and products. When you create new blog posts on a consistent and regular basis, your repeatedly getting in front of your potential and current customers and demonstrating how your product can solve their problem. Additionally, blogging and connecting with your customers is one of the fastest way to create a customer base that will be loyal to you and your products.

You can spend the next three months searching for the right products and systems to achieve your goals.

If your goal is to create a real online business that has the ability create financial freedom, having one business model that includes all three keys into one integrated system is the shortcut to success. If you’re interested, there's only one system that I recommend.

Nate Falconer – WebsiteFacebook



Internet entrepreneur and ordinary guy with a HUGE vision and heart to see people use their God-given potential to the fullest

If I were you Give 1 Action Tip help someone learn how to promote your website, I would say that you should focus on providing content that gets the reader to know you, like you and trust you. Miss this and may very well join the masses of online marketers struggling to sell their products online.

The internet can be a cold world. Nowadays, it is super easy to throw a website up. And now that everybody and their mom easily promote their own thing on the internet, it is becoming more and more difficult to know who to trust. And if you can be amongst of trusted people in the mind of your prospect, you are more likely to get the sale.

Providing valuable content will help you get there. The more valuable information you can give, the more trust you can build. You want to give information that people can use and get results with. You want to make it easy for people to associate the information you have given then with successes on their part. That builds trust. And don’t be afraid to share some secrets in addition to simple tips and strategies. People will love you for it.

It also helps to produce content in various forms. Try to be seen “everywhere”. Post you content in emails, on your blog, as downloadable documents, audio, and videos. The more people see you, the more they perceive you as being an expert. And people trust experts.

But in everything, be genuine. Add your personality into everything that you do. Don’t try to please everyone…because you can’t. Just focus on really pleasing those that you can actually please.

Know, like, and trust. That’s the name of the game. And then you can get paid!

promote your website
Myra Beck – WebsiteFacebook


Myra Beck

Homeschooling, blogging mompreneur inspiring parents to activate their God-given potential.

As a super-busy stay-at-home mom of 4 who homeschools, I needed simple methods to get my website noticed.

We now live in a time where most people no longer go to the end of their driveway to pick up the news. Today, most people go to the Internet to read about the things that matter most to them.

Today I am going to share one simple action step that will help you promote your website online.

Get crystal clear about who your target market is. When you know exactly who you want visiting your website, it makes all the difference. I've heard it said, and it's true, ‘when you market to everyone, you market to no one'.

Find out what your audience likes, dislikes, struggles with, and where they like to hang out. Think about the things that they see, taste, touch & smell on a day to day basis. It is essential to know exactly who your target market is.

After you've chosen your audience, target that specific niche with proven marketing techniques that will attract your target market to you. Use laser-targeted keywords that will attract your audience to your website, speak to your specific audience in your social media posts, and in your blog posts.

Remember, whatever method you choose to get people to your website, when you see a positive result, stay consistent with your actions.


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  1. I am so exciting for this promoting Your Website… <3 This is a Resource Component of Transformational Leadership

    Intellectual Stimulation – Transformational leaders not only challenge the status quo; they also encourage creativity among followers. The leader encourages followers to explore new ways of doing things and new opportunities to learn.
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    In their classic text, Transformational Leadership, authors Bass and Riggio explained:
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  2. I am so grateful to be featured here in this expert roundup. This is such an incredible resource for someone who wants to learn how to promote and drive traffic to your website! Thanks for putting this all together LT, Tom, and Joshua! 🙂

  3. I believe it was Tracey Lewter and Rick Begley talking about Consistency. Getting any kind of traffic (even paid traffic as you gotta keep buying it over and over again) requires a level of commitment that you will keep building it up.

    No matter free, social, paid, organic, SEO, viral…. it comes down to focusing on getting it…

    If you can get ONE visitor. you can get TWO… just keep refining what is working and scale it out as much as possible.

  4. Lawrence,

    First off…WOW! I mean holly smokes…this is a BEAST of a post. Thank you so much for pulling everyone together and getting the real skinny on what it takes to drive traffic. The tips and tactics come from a tons of trial and error. And to secure this kind of information is priceless!

    Secondly…thank you so much for allowing me to add my traffic tips on content syndication and second level syndication. I know some people will get it and run with it. Sometimes SEO can be such a bore…but with the recent shifts to more social triggers and shares…it’s just more fun!

    I’ve also taken some notes for myself…I mean come on. There’s so much gold here Fort Knox should be jealous!

    First off I bookmarked this post as I plan on drilling down to more nuggets and reverse engineering these tips to help me drive more traffic to my websites. I’ve also highlighted about a dozen steps I can use now in all my marketing.

    Things like…being consistent, knowing your reader and giving them what they want, setting up the right blog platform for maximum leverage and monetizing while delivering value, Creating videos that lead back to your posts, and then your tip on making sure you have a way to capture leads BEFORE you plan on driving any kind of traffic.

    Fantastic post…thanks again for putting this together!

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

    • Rayvin,

      So glad you liked the post. Do make sure and take the strategy and implement right away. Come back and pick another. By the way…what is your favorite form or marketing?

  5. I love Rick’s advice about focusing. I, too, took the shotgun approach and had my fingers into everything. The old “Jack of all trades but Master of none.” I can really see the benefit of taking one channel and really learning it inside and out before moving on to the next.

  6. Wow, there is so much information here I don’t even know where to begin. 🙂 This is great. There are so many experts giving great advice. I’ve bookmarked this so I can come back and try to apply what they are saying!

  7. I do a lot of my marketing the way that Ken Pickard  has described. I love setting my content up to go to social media often after it is published! Great advice all around on marketing!

    • Tammilee,

      Nothing better than to market that what you made huh? Social moves fast…our initial views are usually at a small percentage. Just makes sense to keep fishing with the same net…at least a for a few times.

  8. Thank you Lawrence for pulling us all together and thank you to everyone who contributed. I am honored to have been included. This is a post everyone should bookmark and refer to often.

    • Kelly,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I love the tribe concept…and this post is a perfect example of collaboration vs competition. I’ve been speaking tribe since 2009 and it’s served my community well. I can tell you get it. Best thing for bloggers especially new bloggers.

  9. wow..what can I say.. HUGE amount of value here… as Cheree said bookmarketing this to refer to a ‘go to guide’ thank you so much 🙂 All of you 🙂

  10. This is a massive post, full of info! My marketing strategy is honestly “throw it at the wall and hope it sticks” and that hasn’t been working very well lately. I need to get a good solid plan in place, and I know it. I’ll be coming back to reference this post for sure!

  11. I’m so excited that you guys decided to use my opinion in your post! I really hope people take it seriously because big results can start to happen when you do!

    As for the others that added content… I am still reading through!!! so much content on here about promoting and marketing your website. Thanks for all the great content

  12. Theses are awesome tips! SO much information in one place! I have been tweaking my own blog promotion strategies and hoping I can find something that really works! I am going to go back through this post and find some other things to try!

  13. It’s only when you step back and take a look at the length and breadth of the expertise contained here do you realize what we have in the 8 FM. There are so many gifted people that we really are the “Unstoppable” Team. Thanks go to LT, Tom, and the whole production squad for making this happen in an incredible way. I’m humbled to be part of this assemblage on a very small scale. Thanks again…

  14. Thanks for this blog…So Detailed and full of value- doing what has been advised will surely improve my website traffic.. I’ll surely be coming back -there is so much to learn.Thanks again.

    • Aileen,

      Glad you liked it. The props really go to all the people who shared their tip traffic tip. Come back anytime…pick up a new tip and share your results.

  15. Ken, these are great tips. I wish I had a product to sell so I could go and implement this right now. 🙂 Hopefully someday I will get into that side of the business, and then I will come back to this article for sure.

  16. I honored to be included in this FABULOUS resource! Right now I’m #18 but that might change because this is a LIVE document that will be updated as necessary.

    I am going to keep it bookmarked and refer to it OFTEN!

    But WHAT do you do with such an EPIC piece of information! It feels overwhelming! This isn’t a novel that you read once and throw away, it’s more like the Wikipedia of great marketing information. Read it through once, then implement a plan. Let me share what I plan to do . . .

    My plan is to

    1) Record my baseline – Record what my website traffic and engagement is TODAY.
    2) Pick 1 – 3 tips and use them CONSISTENTLY for the next 30 days.
    3) TRACK my results. Decide if these tips are helping with YOUR audience or if you should try a different tip.

    And hey – if you use someone’s tip – Give them a comment here so everyone knows!

    Of course EVERYONE should use MY TIP!

    Happy Marketing!

  17. Wow! This blog post is packed with lots of great information. I learned a lot by reading all of the bloggers advice on how to get more traffic. Getting traffic to our blogs continually can be a struggle sometimes, for the newbies as well as the novice. I’m not ashamed to say that I am still working on this myself. I found a lot of these tips helpful and I will be utilizing them accordingly.

    I try to be everywhere because you don’t know where someone will see you. As many of the featured bloggers here have said consistency is very important. You just have to keep going no matter what. I have shared this on my social media accounts and also have put it in my pocket for future reference. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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