Make Money Writing Online. Two Ways to Make Money Online Now.

Make Money Writing Online.  TWO  Ways to Make Money Online Now.

When I speak to people who want to quit their jobs and work from home, I often will be asked How to make money writing online.  I know a LOT of people who are self-employed and I can give you DOZENS of ways I have verified and legitimate work from home opportunities.  There are so many that I won’t be able to list all of them.

I will simply, below, list several ways of making money from written content which you own, and several ways to sell written content and make money writing online.

Here are a few websites you can make money writing online.  Most of them, you can work when you want and take time as you please to do what is really important in your life.

1.)  Own your content: Make Money Writing Online with a Blog.

How to make money writing online with a Blog:

This example will focus upon Empower Network because this is how I make money online.  I simply Blog about what is important to me and talk about topics which are interesting to others.  In searching for solutions to their problems, people click on my pages, read content, watch videos and learn.

In this way, I establish myself as a leader and gain credibility.  With this approach, people looking for a solution to a problem or a question will also click on my banner ads and join my team.  I earn immediate commissions of various sizes AND I also get residual income.

I make money writing online in the form of Residual income: money

that comes in repeatedly after I earn it initially.  ( It’s pretty sweet…! )

2.) Make money writing online by selling your content:  Become a Ghost writer.

When you look at the other ideas about how to make money writing online by selling your original content, you will find several websites where you can sell your writings.

The only drawback on this approach is that you no longer own the content once you sell it to someone else.  That’s not a bad thing, it’s just important to be aware that, in this approach you make money writing online and you get NO RESIDUAL income.

Here are only a few sites where you can find more information on how to make money writing online:

2.1 How to make money writing online with Ehow:

People ask for solutions to problems asking the question “How do i…? “ and you write articles addressing their questions.  You get paid for the number of people who spend time on your page.  It takes a while to generate income.  You will need to write HUNDREDS of high quality articles to get money flowing.

2.2 How to make money writing online with Upwork. ( Formerly O-desk )

Ghost writing on upwork is a very popular option.  People look for shortcuts to their needs for original content.  You can provide them custom tailored, original writings and charge whatever you can agree in advance.  It is very important to deliver what you promise on time and within the budget you agreed.

People who solicit your writing here are more likely to have a very niche specific needs and you don’t need to be an expert in their niche, but you will need to research a lot.

2.3 How to make money writing online with Text Broker.

This is the same concept as, except the fees you are paid will be based upon the length of the article.  A buyer for your writing will join and post a project they need done.  Any qualified member of the writing community can pick up the assignment and earn the fee. Again, you are paid by the length of the work.  Once you gain a few people who prefer your style and service level, the can hire you for specific projects as they find need for your skills.

2.4 How to make money writing online with

With you can join the site, post your article writing skills based upon what you will do for $5.00 (USD)  Authors make money writing online by posting incremental portions they are willing to sell at that rate.  It can be used as Ala-carte services. For instance, you might offer keyword research for $5.00 and then incremental portions of the article for $5.00 per 250 words. Parsing out the services sometimes is preferred by people who want to finish and edit the content to their liking.

This is a competitive site based upon production levels and skill levels, so you will need to offer your skill sets accordingly.

These are only a few ways you can make money writing online.  There are many, many more.  Do some research and really look for a strategy that works for you.  Once you begin, you will find yourself happily making money writing online in your spare time.  Maybe it will even set you free and allow you to work from home full time.


Clint Maki

Clint Maki specializes in DIGITAL MARKETING of Real Estate. He is a Social Media Marketing Professional focusing on Real Estate, but branching into Coaching and Consultant. He has 24 years of business experience in Marketing, Business Development and Leadership Training.

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16 thoughts on “Make Money Writing Online. Two Ways to Make Money Online Now.

  1. I love this post Clint. There are many ways people can make money from home as you say. For me it is important to choose an option that has a residual income like the first option. This is also the choice I made.

  2. Thanks for the awesome post. There are so many ways that people can leverage the internet making money. For me it was most important to partner myself with a company that is established and is going to be around forever. Also very important to have residual income. Thanks again for the awesome post 🙂

  3. Everyday there are people out there looking for some type of content on the internet. basically solution or valued type of content to solve there problems…all are great ideas..

  4. This is fantastic, Clint! I love to write both on and offline. The possibilities are really endless if writing is your passion- but it’s true, if you are a writer without a blog, you won’t be a writer who gets read. Blogging is the fastest and easiest way to get your work out there in front of your audience. Great article!

  5. Great ideas here. Using your writing skills to make money online is such an amazing idea. Its an incredible thought to know that we can be paid for writing our thoughts and ideas down. Whats most impressive to me is the fact that with Empower Network you make a commission and also a residual income after the fact. That sounds like a very profitable concept.

  6. Clint – This is a FABULOUS article helping people understand way to make money with their PASSION for writing! I really appreciate you sharing your insights on this and two REAL ways to make money with your writing in a very quick amount of time. Excelling information! If people are interested in learning more, they can simply CLICK ON THE LINKS TO THE RIGHT and find out how to start their own writing business!

    Leslie Lane Peabody
    Ninjas in High Heels

  7. I talk to people all the time who are trying to figure out ways to make money online. I talk to a lot of people who don’t have any resources to buy into a system, or to purchase paid traffic. This is a great resource for the bootstrappers who need to start small. Thanks for the tips Clint!

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