Brian Babu

Brian is a Web Application Developer, a Computer Science Engineer turned Internet Marketer. He earned his degree from Birla Institute of Technology in the year 2012. Wasn’t quite easy to multi-task but he managed. Unlike most profiles, Brian was born and raised in the Middle East (Oman) to parents who immigrated from Kerala, India in … Read more

Make Money Online . . . Yeah Right

W Make Money Online . . . Yeah Right If you spend any time online (and if you’re reading this, you do), whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or just browsing around on Google, you’ve more than likely been assaulted by countless “opportunities” about how to make money online. And when I say countless, I mean that. There … Read more

How “Low” Can Jobs for Fresh Graduates Go? The Educated Minimum Wage Worker

This graph represents the number of graduates with minimum wage jobs. In 2013, there were 260,000 grads with minimum wage occupations. Though the trend in minimum wage work seems to be going down for people with degree over the years, jobs for fresh graduates do not offer a lot of promise in 2014 either. That is about … Read more

How Business Administration Jobs Can Get You Your Heart’s Desire

By definition, business administration jobs are the “establishment and maintenance of procedures, records, and regulations, in the pursuit of a commercial activity.” In layman’s terms, Business Administration consists of the planning, organizing, leading, and executing the various aspects of running a company. Running a company. Running. A. Company. Do you see how learning how to run … Read more

Priority Management System – More Than Managing Your Time

I looked up at the clock and 45 minutes had already gone by, those minutes certainly were not in line with the priority management system I had put in place for myself. Like so many other people, I had donated 45 minutes of my time to a Facebook news feed that was blowing up with … Read more

Michelle Thompson

Who is Michelle Thompson? Nicknames the practically passive professor, Michelle loves to help people and find simpler ways to accomplish things. She loves photography, painting, technology, and curling up with a good book.Michelle was born in Richland, WA, but was raised in Bloomsburg, PA. Throughout high school, Michelle was very involved in sports: basketball, soccer, … Read more

Meet Carl Willis

Carl Willis

Carl Willis is the creator of Create Your Blog Now, The Marketing Classroom and the author of The Troubles Of A Righteous Man and Lessons From The Storm.  He is an industry leader and featured speaker in the internet marketing/network marketing space.  He is also a featured contributor to Me Inc. magazine. Carl grew up in Wichita, Kansas and always had a love for entrepreneurship. … Read more

Reasons To Go To College – How Hollywood Got It All Wrong

The reasons to go to college that your average person has and the reasons to go to college that characters on the silver screen have are two totally different animals. We’ve seen it over and over again. The young prodigy, gifted, but broke, goes to college and comes out an all-star. The new grad then has high-paying firms … Read more