3 Ways to Become Savvy on Snapchat That You Didn’t Know About

Where is the attention of your audience? Better yet, where is the attention of your audience going? The answer to both questions is the same: Snapchat. The disappearing photo and video app is no longer just something used by your teenage daughter. With brands like Taco Bell, WWE, and even the White House on board, it’s … Read more

Why Your Social Media Strategy is Failing

Did you know that 65% of adults use a social networking site? Of course you do. Everyone is on some sort of social media channel – even your non-tech savvy Grandma. Simply put, if you’re not using social media to promote your brand, then you’re already at a major competitive disadvantage. Even worse? You’ve already … Read more

How To Promote Your Website: The 39 Experts Speak!

How To Promote Your Website

So you've gotten your website up and running but what's your strategy to get qualified buyers to your site?

If you want to have a successful website that brings you profit, then you need a proven strategy.

A recent study conducted by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs show only 27% of all marketers have a documented strategy for their content (or website).

b2c marketing strategy how to promote your website

That's why we've created this roundup post-to give you a marketing strategy.

By the end of this post, you will have a clear plan that you can implement that will make promoting your website a success!

And we've carefully picked experts whose businesses live and die off traffic!

But one thing that separates them from beginning marketers is their clear, content marketing strategy.

They were asked one question:

Give 1 action tip to help someone learn how to promote your website

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Best Entrepreneurial Advice I Was Ever Given

The best entrepreneurial advice I was ever given came from Dr. Stephen Graves, executive coach and best-selling author, while sitting in his conference room in 2001. The advice: “You are only as good as you invoice” His words, while simple, hit me like a ton of outdated flip phones. At the risk of sounding like … Read more

Three Things The Non-Techie Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Building A Business Today

Here are two things Millennials are known for: their passion for everything tech, and their multi-tasking spirit. You would think that this combination would lead to a dangerous combination when it comes to building new businesses—and it does—but one thing that might surprise you is that, as of 2013, only 3.6% of all businesses were … Read more

How to Blog as a Business: 6 Steps For Structuring a Team

If you want to set your company apart from the competition, creating a corporate blog is definitely one way to do it.   Providing valuable, fresh content on a consistent basis is one of the best ways to build a loyal and engaged audience online and become a thought leader.   Blogging helps drive credibility … Read more

7 Keys to Finding the Right Business Lawyer

7 Keys to Finding the Right Business Lawyer

Sooner or later, every entrepreneur is going to need a business lawyer. This is true whether you have an office-based business with employees or are making extra money online from home. A lawyer can either be an expensive line item or a huge asset for your business. As an entrepreneur, it’s up to you to … Read more

What Every Marketer Should Know about Blog Writing

Here at Team Project Mayhem, we know the importance of marketing for every business, so we claim that 80% of your business time is marketing. However, successful marketing is like a puzzle, and it has its own elements. One of such elements is blog writing.


If you want to drive traffic to your site, you need to provide your audience with interesting and useful information only. Thus, blog writing is a key to success.

Being inspired by OmniPapers infographic about writing a blog post, we've decided to share useful information with you. In fact, you can use this infographic as a step-by-step guide to blog writing, but don't stop reading this article as you're going to find some useful insights.

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