5 Key Takeaways from Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Summit

I’ve never run a marathon, but after attending Hubspot’s Inbound Summit last month, I can say that I’m creatively winded. This year’s summit in Boston consisted of four days packed with 170+ educational sessions, five inspiring keynotes, over 14,000 attendees and countless networking opportunities. As a new customer and the Hubspot lead at my company, … Read more

How To Use Social Media For Lead Generation

Small-business owners should approach social media with care. Without a marketing plan, social media activity can turn into a gargantuan time suck, drawing your attention away from critical business functions, like selling more of your products and/or services. Perhaps the best small-business social media objective is lead generation, and here are tips for how to do it:

Have Good Offers to Market on Social Media

Social media is loud and crowded. If you’re going to promote your business on social media, have something to promote that turns heads. A good offer has several characteristics:

  • It is easy to understand
  • It offers something of significant value
  • It has limited availability
  • It is easy for people to get more information or order

If your social media message is, “Buy from us, we’re great!” you’ll get sneers, not cheers. However, if your message is, “Try our new product during the month of May for no charge,” you’ll get plenty of interest.

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Generate Leads Effectively: Why and How to Generate Leads

Lead Generation is a major skill to be mastered for any marketer today. If you don’t generate leads its really hard to build relationship with your readers and make money online. We live in a very complex world with technology advancements going on every single day and most newbie entrepreneurs or “aspiring” entrepreneurs tend to think that … Read more