Is Your Marketing Plan Helping You or Hurting You?

6 questions to find out if your marketing plan is working for you

We have been told we should have a “marketing plan.” Many of us do, but the way we go about it might have done more harm than good. The bottom line is, a plan needs to help us cut the extraneous activities, so we can focus our time, energy and resources on strategies that help us … Read more

5 Key Takeaways from Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Summit

I’ve never run a marathon, but after attending Hubspot’s Inbound Summit last month, I can say that I’m creatively winded. This year’s summit in Boston consisted of four days packed with 170+ educational sessions, five inspiring keynotes, over 14,000 attendees and countless networking opportunities. As a new customer and the Hubspot lead at my company, … Read more

How to Increase the Persuasive Power of Your Communications

Do you have a sales page that covers all facts to show your prospects why your product or service is the most logical choice for them… with 20 bullet points of benefits that is impeccable from the “copywriting best practice” perspective, yet fails to generate that “hell yeah!” gut motivation that makes them hit the “buy” button?


Maybe you are great at connecting with your potential clients at the personal and emotional level… they scream YES! on the phone but hem and hew when it comes time to whip out the credit card – they have to work the numbers, talk to their spouse, wait for the paycheck, wait till after their mother-in-law’s birthday… then a few days later, POOF!

… leaving you wondering what you have done wrong…

Good news is… nothing! You just need to complete the picture…

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Automated Systems: Putting Your Sales On Autopilot

Automated Systems

I love systems!  If I can create an automated system, I get to just sit back and watch the work happen automatically for me (A little like Tom Sawyer getting his buddies to paint the fence for him). Systems and processes make my life so much easier! I want to work smarter, not harder and an automated … Read more